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There's no point in storing nubs
There's no point in storing nubs
There's no point in storing nubs
People keep complaining that they put nubs for high prices because they are storing them.

This is not at all necessary.

Suppose you put your nubs at 100% and somebody buys them. You get MONEY, which you can use to BUY someone else's nubs later, when you need them. So it's exactly the same as using your own nubs.

The reason I'm bumping is because I want prices to remain under control, so everyone can buy nubs at the same price. This is a far better way then trying to "store" nubs on the market.

Also if you put your nubs below 2500, they CANNOT be bumped, so don't be afraid of putting them up.
not sure if I agree to the 'strong arm' tactic of bumping them to control the market.

I am not an economist, but it seems apparent to me that if nubs are on the market (above 2500) and no one buys them, the price will have to drop. If no one buys at high prices, supply would exceed demand (no one buys - demand =0)

just a thought

Unfortunately, there are too few people in larkinor for the assumptions of regular economics to work correctly.

The actual result is people being afraid to put up their nubs for fear that they will be resold at higher prices, so nobody sells nubs, and construction on TA come to a standstill.
Case in point: I listed about 400 oreputty a few hours ago and it's all been bought.  I could have been a legit purchase, but there's a whole bunch for sale at 1000% which I don't remember seeing when I listed mine (although I could have just missed them).

If we could all just agree never to buy these three items for more than 50%, this problem would go away within a few days.

Keep listing your extras for 50%, and let the hoarders go right ahead and buy them and relist them for more.  They will quickly either run out of money, or they will realize that they're not making a profit anymore and will drop the whole idea.

As is the case with many characters, I only need as many diamond nails and oreputty as the number of magic nubs I can get.  My robber and digger can easily collect more diamond nails and oreputty than my figher can collect magic nubs.  The rest of my diamond nails and oreputty will continue to go onto the market at 50% from now on.

If we all band together and flood the market with 50% items, this whole issue will clear itself right up.

i disagree that that are too few for this approach to work. as the game progresses, more and more people are able to go to TA and get nubs. 

I witnessed the exact situation with hyperium, kithrill, and the others. I was making a killing with these items, but now they're all around 50%. I have even stopped putting these items on the market to try and effect supply (reverse of nub issue), so I think refusing to pay inflated prices for nubs will work and I am going to continue to try.

I know for a fact that my houses will not handle all the nubs that I put there, so if they are bumped, they will be lost. I don't know if DMcD had the room to protect his nubs. If not, they were lost too. This impacts supply which undermines my plan.

All I'm asking for is patience. It seemed to take forever to get the new island, and I understand everyones excitement to clear the island, build the new buildings, etc. But I think if we simply ignore the overpriced items, the prices will ahve to come down.

I would like to get some more veteran players feedback.


Look my personal opinion on this is "stop trying to do whatever it is you
are doing Fan"......the price will come down eventually and players
will have there nubs bumped anyway,

theres no need for you to do it!!!!!
 Players will also realize that the nubs will
 sell quicker at 
 rather then at
 3000 silvers

Fair enough Fan you have a point but its costing players that play
 including you and me.....reasons are, u bump them off an the players
 characters have a full house of nubs, 
where do they go after they are bumped????
an also nubs are worth alot of experiance points to the higher level characters!!

Also Fan this costs the use of building materials that you are all trying to get your
 hands on.....So fan in actual fact you are 
hindering the Constrution project!!!

.......Nice idea mate