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Alright, now, I've asked about this before, and now I'm gonna ask again. Last time I asked someone told me monstolagy wasn't gonna play a purpose until 1 square of TA was cleared. So, here I am Pondering, weak and weary, upon an evening dark andeary. I heard a tapping at my chamber door.It was a net asking if it could catch monsters, evermore.
U've been watching the simpsons lol;)
Yes, I do love the simpsons... I have seen every episode at least once. But seriously, anyone know whats going on with Monstolagy?
You get monstolagy by catching monsters.


It's useless to you if you don't have a boat. 
It's useless for now even of you do have a boat.
Also we have agreed to kill anyone with monstolagy on TA.

So don't even try.
You KILL people on TA if they know monstolagy? .... Excuse me while I throw away my nets.
might there be a reason why you kill people w/ monstolagy?
it would disrupt the building process
To elaborate on this, there are 
way more than enough
 monsters on TA (each square having at least 60K, and goes up to 120K). 

So for now, there's no reason to bring monsters to TA just to fight it.
Yes, I know it was in an episide, I too am a fan.  But it's just a little sad when a classic like Edgar Allan Poe gets mistaken for original Simpsons material.


I knew that the simpsons wern't the originals of that but I assumed that Gen 3 hadn't read that and it had come from the Simpsons;) ....couldn't remember off hand at the time who wrote it?
Nothing personal... I guess I was just showing off!

I enjoyed very little of Poe, but I did enjoy that one.

Enjoyed very little of Poe?  I loved Poe!  Especially that one, though.
You know this wasn't really what the post was about. I really don't want to be mean, but why does this always happen to me? I post a topic and people start talking about something completely different!


Because you always include references to literary works that you learn in school!!!
all good conversations evolve from point to point--be flattered not disappointed
I think people are actively trying to deflect attention away from this topic in the hopes that others won't get the idea to try bringing a Larkinorian monster to TA.  In spite of this optimism, people will still bring monsters to TA as soon as it becomes possible since there is apparently an XP benefit to doing so.

At the risk of being lynched, I'll volunteer a little information.  You can't release monsters on TA yet.  If you manage to bring a captured monster to TA, you get the following message: "You cannot release your monster on the front line."