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Do not steal list
Do not steal list
Do not steal list
I know it's very fun and profitable to steal oreputty, nubs, and nails from people making building stones, but it's only disrupting the progress of TA.

So, I'm making a list of people who wish to not be stolen from.

This is going by honor system from both sides. People should only list their character name(s) here if those characters are 
100% dedicated
 to progress TA (e.g. not using their clicks for anything else).

I hope that theives will respect this and help those who are working for the benefit of all.

My characters for the list:

The Archive
Atrix D
Zero Clutter

Also, as a tip, do not use the mage tower at CC to make building stones. Use the one in the magician's district or dark district.
Seems unlikely, but it's worth a try:

Callum3 (building & killing on TA)
Prospector (digging on TA)