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i need help. i have two sickness and i do not know how to get them to be gone. how do i do that?
Use the search option in the forum.
Although you might want to search for "disease", not "sickness"...

Just go to a temple and there should be a symbol that matches your malady.  Press the symbol until its gone.  Also while you are there, pick up a prayer wheel and then you can cure yourself while out in the field or in a dungeon.  Just go to the drop-down menu while playing and press pray.
Way to go arcadius.  The other guys are trying to teach this newbie how to fish and you just hand him some fresh fillets for nothing--how is he to fend for himself later?  Don't be an enabler.  Actually, I don't care--just think it is all very amusing.
 "Give a man a fish he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime."
Give a man a blue whale, he can eat for a lifetime. :p
Ta :D have fun catching one ;) :p
haha, u guys always have a way to make forums more entertaining
look at it this way, now the next newbie can use the search option in the forum and find my response. 
Either that or just post his question (ala most newbies) and be rewarded by the next helpful newbie that comes along!

I used to be helpful newbie like you.  Those were the days... answering the same questions over and over.  I sure don't miss 'em.  It was like shouting into a giant chasm... everything was repeated a dozen times.  And at the end of it, the chasm hadn't gotten any smaller...


"Give a man a blue whale, he can eat for a lifetime."

It would probably begin to rot after only a few days...  You could freeze the meat but it still wouldn't last forever.

Conclusion - You still have to learn how to fish.
Or have the blue whale eat the man. Problem solved.
Unless the man somehow finds his way back out again...
lol Bulemunchkin wants to know the answer and all he gets is a deep but entertaining story about fish and blue whales lol, had fun reading this post:D
I think there is a alterer meaning behind the fishs(or is it fishes)an whales.

Can u work it out Nodle :p


lol I understand it lol, I aint that dumb but I bet it isn't the answer he was expecting......
stop picking on me:(
lol, I'm not offended.:D
Aww nodle i am sry! i was only playing :p
......so is it fishes fishs or fish???

Which one sounds better,
Fishes in the sea,
Fishs in the sea 
Fish in the sea....

3rd one is the right one, it's like sheep, sheeps:D