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happy birthday
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happy birthday
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happy birthday
july 5th 2005 I would like to wish ewannie a happy birthday...

And a happy birthday to henry 14 as well.

hope you enjoy(ed)your day

And happy birthday to all other FlyOrDie users that are celbrating it today ;)

thanks alexsai its sweet 16 today :D

me and are leaving for alton towers tomorrow morning for 3 days and trust me we will get hammered :D

Ive just been to Alton Towers, last thursday with my school, last day of term, it was amazing (H)
waited 2 and a half hours on oblivion, and it broke down when we where on it, then 30 mins later we were off.

ps. Id advise you to run to Rita straight away, everyonne tends to go for it :p

have a good time
wow gary being nice for a change? 

happy birthday andre:p hope you enjoy alton towers, i went there too a week ago, it was class:) when we went to rita it was closed tho:(
both rita and oblivion are open :D just checked the site :D p.s im on the road to win a second snooker trny in a row im top by 10 points with just under half an hour to go
Way to go, your highness.

Thankyou Alexsai you so sweet.  :)
dont think its gna be a happy birthday after all.
my m8's mum broke her ankle 
we have to reschedule the tickets to alton towers
because the deal is if 1 of our "crew" cant go then we all cant go. its something to do with loyalty i guess. so until his mum gets better im still stuck here :p but im gettin a scrambler from my dad :D 110cc £250 :D