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Hi, Im back! (hopefully)
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Hi, Im back! (hopefully)
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Hi, Im back! (hopefully)
Hey every1! Long time no see(3 weeks, 2 days)! But hopefully i'll be staying because the main reason i left was viruses. Flyordie is not a very safe place(no offense mods), but i got 3 trojans when i logged on to tanx! Just logging on gave u a virus. Took me a while to find protection though...So this is a virus warning too.

 See ya later and be careful!        -USA STRIKER
you gotta keep using that protection m8:p 
Welcome back even though I don't kno u! :D
Don't listen to this guy he stinks:@ :@ :@ >:) :(
i get my pretection from my local garage or pub for $1.O wait your talking about computer pretection i could do with an antivirus myself.only think i get from this site is spyware and cookies.
No anti-virus? With the net these days, that's like jumping from a plane at 10,000 feet without a parachute - it may take while, but eventually something is going to hit you very hard.
HEy! hows it goin? i was wonderin where u went. well ur back so its all good. lol. we still have to finish our little battle. right now ive just called all nuclear weapons countires along with the dark side and were ready wen u r. hope to ttyl. luv lots, bloodywatergrl
Did you look at the date of the post ;)
omg no i didnt i fell kinda stupid now. :)

Well USA Striker did show up recently. :p

yeah i kno. i missed the wars we used to have. lol
ive called my armies against striker rain. r u with or against me?
I have a strange problem with tanx..it's like when I try to log in, it takes a REALLY long time to enter...it's weird, and irritating 
well yeah sure if u wanna. me and striker are buds but we have tis play war were doin verbally and tanx wise. if u want u can join him, me, or just be against us both.lol. every man for himself.
Well I finally got it to work, except my current nick is RAIN17, not RAIN9 (someone else took that one).
ok itll be a while before i play tanx with u guys. my reprt card is comin in friday and i need to get my grades up sum more. ive already got 4 b's and 2 a's. 
You’ve only got 6 classes?