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Vote Pub or Tent here
Vote Pub or Tent here
Vote Pub or Tent here
Ok, unfortunately some people are not getting the message. About 550 stones have been placed for the tent, and 450 for the pub. We need to decide now how we what we want to build first. Cast your votes here.

Do not discuss reasons here, just say pub or tent.

My vote:

Pub is more important to the overall goal of conquest.
the tent can wait for a little while.
Are you lot SURE you're not all Irish???? :p
LOL...I vote for the PUB  ( Irish/Scott )
Bump, it's unanimous so far, so i'm gonna start working on pub. If for some reason 20 votes come in for tent, i'll stop :p
Okay, since that is decided, what about those of us who are still killing monsters for XP?  Shall we go North, East, or hit a completely different port?  I killed about 50 of the East direction monsters today in order to get myself to level 35 (yay me).  I hope I guessed right!


Ooops.  Disregard my post.  I just noticed the other thread where people have said go North!  My bad.

Actually, east block has a building, north block doesn't
Okay, just to make sure everyone is confused, you say that we're not not not building to the north because there is not not a building to the east?  So we'll all be much better of building to the north... but not until later.

Anywho, I don't know how different this version is from the Hungarian one, but my map shows a casino to the immediate north, and a market two squares to the East.


If there is a market, will it be "connected" to the one on larki? If so, fighters and diggers don't even have to go back to sell putty and nubs.