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Tent or Pub?
Tent or Pub?
Tent or Pub?
Questionarre, support reasons for which we should work on first, then lets make it a group effort.

Tent: 75,000        Cool stuff

Pub:  150,000       Help out fighters

Pub should be our first priority, so it's easier to clear more squares and get more nubs. (we only have 15000 nub on the market, and we need WAY more than that)
In regards to this, PLEASE EVERYONE SAVE NUBS!!!!!

Nails and putty are easily acquired. 

As for only 15k, didnt we need to kill like 60k monsters to clear this square????  So whose hoarding ;).

I know I lost about 1000 when the market got flooded...
Pub will save clicks for fighters and mages who are collecting the nubs required to build the pub and tent. Making conquering the new world faster in the long run.

Side note: Anyone who starts bring over monsters who will interupt construction should be killed on site. Watch anyone who starts advancing in Monstrology.
Oh, and on the tent vs. pub discussion:

I tentatively vote for the tent.  Here's why:

The pub will accelerate things, true.  But, the drinks from monsters are good enough for a while.  We have two choices (pardon the little bit of math):
Let 75000 stones take 1 unit of time to aqcuire
1)  Build the pub first:  We get the pub after 2 units of time, then the tent after an additional 1, or a total of 3.
2)  Build the tent first:  We get the tent after 1 unit of time, then the pub after an additional 2, or a total of 3.

In other words, we don't get anything at all until much later if we start with the pub.
Plus, the subtatoo will benefit mages, and satchels do come into effect when stepping out of the monster's square.
I agree, as usual, with Arlo. Pub, and kill all Monstologists

Yes, but what good will one step do with a subtatoo? With a pub, it takes 3 clicks to regenerate, whereas regular regenerating takes many more. True, mobile drinks take 1 click, but you don't get them as often. 

And besides, people who get the subtatoo will more likely use them on larki.

I guess my point is that with a pub, your chances of surviving on TA is greatly increased, and you save clicks. Those are the reasons why I think pub should be first.
I know the pub will probably be more useful than subtatoo for healing - but it will also come much later.  My point was that maybe it's better to get the first building as early as possible and then work on the bigger project.

I can see that I'm likely to be in the minority here - that's OK.  Whatever the consensus is, I will follow.  One thing is certain - we SHOULD all work together.
I am not level 22, but I would like to help if I could...
How do you get nubs? If I manage to get any, I'll put em on the market for 50%

Thousands of nubs were lost when the market was flooded.  They didn't even attempt to return mine to my house and since then I have hoarded all my house could carry.  Anyone know how much luck is needed to dig ore putty?  And I vote for a Pub.
Heeellloooo? Trying to help?!? Anybody got any info?
I only have fighters and mages, so I'm gonna have to buy my oreputties and diamond nails.  At the marketplace Diamond Nails are at 50% but Oreputty is 100. Any chance of putting these on at 50%?  You know, team effort and all that...
...and no sooner had I posted the previous message, went back into the market and 117 odd oreputties are there at 50%! :-)
gen, if you don't have a boat, ur can't do anything for TA
I have no clicks for 2 more hours :(

But thanks for filing up Mr. AJ's cash !!

I will be robbing again so fill up your houses B-) 

that way I get 4 daimond nails instead of one at a time.

Get all your useless chars and put rations in their houses. It will save a lot of time and clicks ..