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How you found Fod
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How you found Fod
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How you found Fod
I was just wonderin how everyone found fod...

I simply typed free 3d pool games into google and this was the 1st choice :)

Tell me how ye found it ;)
I was on MSN game zone. They had it there.
I was very bored and i write on google 3d billiard. Then it was FoD and i choose it. Sorry for the lenguage but im italian :D !
3 years ago, lol long time ago :S
 I found FOD on Real games (Real player) 
Yup, Real Arcade here too. Much more unstable version of the game though.. It was much, much better. Random elect-a-pocket for 8ball, no points, people who were actually good at 9ball.. Ahhhh, those were the times!
some years ago  i wass on the eurosport.com site and just had a visit to the gameszone :p  
 i started as playn chess :( im not a geek 

hi from ROMANIA

  - vlad - 
I found FlyOrDie games through a google search (looking for "3D pool") and found a site called www.onthecheese.com
It also has fod games (pool only .... as far as i know :p)
i was looking for a 2d crap pool game to amuse me for a few mins before i went out

and i found this wonderful site:p
(not calling it 2d and crap) i mean that i was like a piece of gold among all the coppers
Nice save hara, very philosophical :p
 - There was an advertising banner at the top. I don't know why I clicked it because I 
 click on ad's but good job I did, eh? :D

lol jamez :D:D:D:D good job but i want to ask you how do you make the link.