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How can i become a moderator ?

you cant#

you need a perfect record and to have played this game for along time, then you send of an application
If i have a perfect score in 8 ball, snooker, and 9 ball can i become a mod ?

Raven :D
Unfortunately how good you are is not one of the requirements for being a moderator. I would imagine fairness, maturity and availability would be more important.
How can i prove this qualities in me ?
Search the forum for similar subjects, at least one of them has an application link on it. Email that to the address given then wait. FoD will put you on file and watch you over a period of time if they are interested. I don't know how long that would be, but I have heard rumours of having to wait up to or over a year. Also bear in mind that FoD do not employ mods just because an application is successful, they'll wait until they actually have a position for one.
I have a question about mods. I was playing a person and the first thing this person said to me was the following:

"A ban would serve you nicely." or well something like that. 

I was pretty lost considering I didn't speak a word and never get upset with people here to start anything to begin with.

So, I pose the obvious question..what do you mean?

They said something like they traced my IP address and that I was cheating. Well this is funny, because if you look at my ratings in all my games, you will be able to tell that with my lousy scores and soo many games...it would be impossible to be cheating. And I thought this is what he meant. I chuckled some because he was a 100+ rating and I am a 0 rating in lite snooker :)

But then he went on to explain to me, no, cheating for ban evasion.

So, he kept using the SS symbol of that camera when there was nothing going on in the room, which puzzled me quite a bit. I don't know what his point was.

Then I said, well, that's ok. And he told me he was a moderator.

Now, my quesion is, are moderators allowed to pose as regular players and attempt to provoke players? 

Luckly for me, I don't get provoked very easily, unless you mess with my family, lol. So, it meant nothing to me really. 

I am not looking to rip on this person either, whether he is a mod or not..was just curious is all.
You should take a SS. Players posing as moderators is against the T&C, and they'll get banned for it. You know that you are not guilty of anything, so you know this person is a fake...

I don't know if all the mods have all the tools, but I do find it unlikely that a player would be able to get your IP address. They are just trying to put you off, so laugh at them or mute them.
Hey Beppe. 

Was looking for ya, can't ever find ya.

So he was yanking my chain.

I was looking in the rules for it, but must of missed it, so thanks for the clarification. Will help in case I ever run into him again.
Sorry, I've not been around much to play recently. Here's some info...


3.13 Attempting to mislead users by indicating that you represent FlyOrDie.com.

Also note the bit at the end (not so much for you SRS, but for others who think abuse is the biggest sin in the world)...


Lol, not taken personally Beppe. I actually use that mute button. It's the first thing I do when I enter a room. I have a list of players that I mute :)
          NO BANES, NO PLANS (lol) 

if u can make it on this site at least a year without getting angry @ someone, that's a start  ;)

Thankyuo beppe and the other boys. ;)
i have heard from a moderator (not mentioning name) that there are players that are moderators but don't have the little exclamation mark (!) on there name. i dunno if this is true or not, i'm just giving you the information i know :)

As far as I know Moderators are know by the ! icon

application for Moderators:

Moderators are like anyone else, they can have multiple ids if they choose. They will only have one mod account, but they may still play or watch as an unknown or guest. See its as "unmarked police" ;)

It is also true that a mod gets a fair amount of chat in the lobby and games, so it's one way in which they can be left alone.
so Beppe i'm technically right on my assumption? :)

You are 100% correct in making this assumption. "Technically" the id is not a mod, but in reality the owner is - therefore they can still use their other id to punish you if they thought necessary.