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Need help getting a boat?
Need help getting a boat?
Need help getting a boat?
There are surprisingly low number of characters fighting on TA, compared to the number of characters above level 28. I'm sure one if the issues is money needed to buy a boat, so here's my thing:

I will give a selected few characters who need it up to 2 million, given the following conditions:

1. I've seen u in chat, and I have never muted you

2. the character currently is a level 31 or higher, and is capable of defeating TA monsters

3. you already have an antiballast and at least 3 million in the bank, (you must buy the boat immediately after the transfer)

4. you actually fight on TA after you get the boat, at least until the first square is clear

Please post your character stats, and a way for me to contact you. (I appear on chat usually between 0 to 7 GMT, 4pm to 12 pst)
One more thing, I will stop when there are less than 10K monsters on the first square.
What if we want a level two boat ? :p
5. You don't already have a boat

do you need the antiballest for the boat?
No, but you must have previously purchased one to be a free citizen and get off the island.
Hey Fan, I have over $3 MM bank and market combined and a lvl 30 fighter. If you are willing to help I will give it a shot (not sure if my guy is strong enough, has done 41 missions and all of the pub missions). I will lvl in 1 MM exp so if you want me to wait that is cool to. I am on AOL IM when I play so you can reach me that way (my AOL name is zhangfi .. what a shock).

Stats to follow
Great idea FoL when do you think you will be able to help with the lvl2 boats :D......:p

lets hope theres not to many lvl 30+ that arent there yet;)

Now there's a good idea.

Fan, if you don't mind I would like to add my support this initiative.  I'll chip in up to 2 million for up to 5 characters.


Can non-subscribers go on the island or not? 
Things required for getting to the second island:

1. u paid 1 million to king
2. you have a boat (starts at 5 million)

So qwert, yes non-subs can get to TA
The old adage, personified in FOL & Callum:

"'Tis better to give than to receive."

I like it.  I like it alot.
wow...just lettin u kno, that's really nice of you Fan!
i will also contribute to getting boats
ooh, I'd better hurry up.   Have you ever muted me?  Sometimes I blab on and on ;)  Yes and this is a very nice gesture. 
So far, only one person has asked for help with a boat. I've got diggers with way too many clicks, and I don't really care for a level 2 boat, ask nicely and the money could be yours. I don't want any repayment, and you don't owe me anything afterwards, I just want to get the first square cleared out asap.

If you don't want to post here about it, u can email me, starshark0@hotmail.com
I do like the kind gesture but im not lvl 31, nor am i close to three million.Ill get there on my own, but if it comes down to it, i will ask. (Would you give 2 million if i asked you.)

I'd really like to get to the new island, but I don't have 3 million yet.  As soon as I get it, I'll let you know, (should be late this week.)
Send me your cashola, I will send more of my players to TA!
u already got enough cashola for 2 more boats arlo :p
Judging from the lack of response, it would appear that money is not the problem.  Hopefully people will stop whining about that now.

So what's the problem?  Too tedious?  Hoping someone else will do all the grunt work for you?  Honestly now... what is the hold up people?!

I would like to thank Fan. I took him up on the offer and went to TA on Saturday. Defeated two and died. I am suprisied more people are not there based on all the complaining for the new island?
Callum i can assure you that in my case there is nothing more important to me atm then getting to TA ASAP. Only prob is im only lv 24 meaning i need 6 levels before i consider askin you genorous guys for any aid. Its not money its XP. Its hard to come by. We need more daily clicks to make a noticable efect on the xp per day we recieve. 800 may seem a lot but its not. 
Kindly consider my recent remarks as directed at the 200 or so players of level 32 or more who don't yet appear (or don't appear more prominently) on the conquest toplist.  Furthermore, those people should kindly consider my remarks as honest questioning rather than pointed sarcasm.

I understand why levels 31 or less aren't going.  But at level 32 (maybe 33), a switch gets thown in the game mechanics making Thord Artin monsters beatable and profitable (XP, not silver).  It has been my experience as a level 33/34 character that the TA monsters are providing a fairly safe and reliable method of gaining 2 million XP per day.  I can only match that rate by ballooning around Larkinor... assuming I don't spend too many clicks chasing the balloon about.

I've heard that the balance later tips back the other way, with higher level characters finding Larkinor monsters more profitable.  Is this the problem, or merely a minor contributing factor?

Is anyone out there holding back their level 32+ character on purpose?  Would you mind telling us why so we can at least get a consensis and stop wondering about it?


no i dont need help getting a boat i need help with the whole game!  sincerley tinkybella aka tink
Why my character isn't on TA (an hypothesis based on factual information).

   I have four characters, one is a pure fighter(level 42) and is currently battling on TA as often as possible but continues to fight on Larki for the money.  He can't make his own weapons (and I do like all my characters to provide for themselves) so he must buy his magical weapons every level (around ten million and rising).  Another, a digger/mage (level 49), has just begun going "over there" but needs to spend time on Larki in support of other characters who can't mine the ore they need.  My third, a level 42 persistence mage, is just about on his way, but would like to acquire the materials needed to level to 43 first. And lastly, my fourth character is an extremely weak quick mage (level 35? that I do not play very often) who continually needs moth shields every level.  This requires more fighting on larki.  I know I could just buy all the needed materials for my characters and then spend my time leveling on TA, but that would not be fun or cost effective.  With the paucity of money earned on TA, in comparison, it would only take a couple of levels to be broke.
I can definitely see the lack of incentive to fight on TA, which I don't blame anyone for. But I'm sure that the characters who fought first will be rewarded in some way, maybe after the first square is cleared.

no fighting=no credits= no subtattoo or other goodies
the problem is that they can arrive on TA later when all boring and hard work is done and kill some monsters to get their items.  The top 100 in clearing the first square, or else as someone else mentioned-the merit badges should get a special one time reward like the diamond shovels were.  
If anyone wants to loan me 4 million, I will be there in a heart beat.  I am level 33, and have 8k clikcs I could put towards the effort.  This would be a loan and I would pay it back within a month I'm sure.  Otherwise I am afraid I won't be there till the first square is cleared.
Sandy - I know you probably weren't referring to me, seeing as I've clearly been there a significant amount.
But King of Spades 
 fallen from 2nd place to 4th place, which shows that I haven't been there 
.  This is because I haven't played Lark. in a few days and haven't played the King in even longer, but not to worry - soon I should have the time to use those clicks.

In other words, no problem for me :D, just haven't been on.