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Most Favorite Song
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Most Favorite Song
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Most Favorite Song
Just curious of whats u alls favorite song...In ne genre :)

Mine is Wait (The Whisper Song) by the Ying Yang Twins :D :D
Obsession remix - frankie j  - i cant get enough of this song lol. its one of those songs that never grows old :D
my fave song is Deepless fairytale, wicked monkey tune
ummmm.... i get many favorite songs, some examples:
the kid's aren't alright (offspring)
faint (linkin park)
castles in the sky (don't know who)
whatsername (green day)
vermilion (slipknot)
chop suey (system of a down)

and maybe more, they are all just good

Like egghead, I can't choose a particular song but if I had to say my current top 5....

At the End of August - 36 Crazyfists
Streetcar - Funeral for a Friend
Underdose - InMe
B.Y.O.B - System of a Down
Bohemian Rhapsody :D - Queen

As I said this is only at the moment and my choices are always changing. 
Ok then put ur Top 5 favorite songs :D

Here are mine in order :)

1. Wait (The Whisper Song)- Ying Yang Twins
2. Thing Like That- Eminem 
3. In The End- Linkin Park
4. Encore- Eminem f/ Dr. Dre & 50 Cent 
     Last but not least
5. Mockingbird- Eminem 

try downloading

since you been gone, by Rainbow

children of the revolution, by T-Rex

the final countdown, by Europe

Valley of the damned, by dragonforce

such good songs, the first 3 are very old though