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Why did u chose ur name on fod i chose it cuz i kno spanish and i use 2 live in spain
I chose my names:
alexsai = is my middel name!
Medic12 = what they call me 
¿Español  you copied my other name so soz but i gotta send ss my other name is Español™. :) unlucky

Initials and birthdate.

I do not have an ounce of creativity in me :p
An Italian friend called me Beppe, mainly cuz I apparently looked a bit like the geezer out of Eastenders. Brits will get that. The name stuck over time.

SRS, what games do you play? Never see you on here.

B is my first name initial

and i like dogs so i just made the spelling d.a.w.g :D

and 20 was my basketball number and 3 is my baseball number 
I like the band millencolin...bout it really...thats depressing :(
I love the actor Ewan Mcgregor  and my name is Annie,  put them together and i got    
peter is my name+27 is my favorite number(johnathan woodgate`s old number at newcastle united F.C.)+_,because i felt like it=peter_27
i chose this coz i like playin Snooka :D and i thought id stick player on the end of it...
i am very interested in japans history, especially with the samurai, and i was reading through a book on samurai when i saw hara-kiri mentioned. 
i chose mine because i like raving to techno! :D
hara kiri -  the traditional Japanese form of honorable suicide. Achieved by disembowling yourself with a sword. :|
UK - Born and bred
Hardy - Nickname
well...mines a given...biggest fan ever!
Depp was great in the movie Fear and Loathing Las Vegas.
johnnydepp fan wrote: 
well...mines a given...biggest fan ever!

srs wrote: 
Depp was great in the movie Fear and Loathing Las Vegas.

Johnny Depp is a great and versatile actor, although he is not my number one favorite actor. I like him mainly for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean as Captain Jakc Sparrow. Personally I think Denzel Washington and Al Pacino are even better actors. On the other hand, Sally Field and Reese Witherspoon are my favorite actresses.

Ok back on topic lol. I got my name as a dedication to 9/11 since I am from New York and my father is a retired fire fighter (he retired before 9/11). Of course this is not my only nick but it is the one I use the most. 

My otha nicks were:

Girly Girl 15 (last year's nick and my best rating was achieved = 587 was on this nick) -- inspiration: I was 15 last year.

Fighter Girl (best here was around 470) -- inspiration: Variation of Firegirl.

8ball Girl (I used this nick a few times) -- inspiration: 8 ball was the only game I play in FOD.

Scary Girl (up and down with this nick, around 320 to 380) -- inspiration: I'm inconsistent, so my unpredictability to win or lose games is like fearing the unknown.

Newbie Girl (best score here was 450+, but averaged around 300) -- inspiration: I was a new player early last year, but as I became better over time, my scores improved.

Fiyagirl (I svcked with this one lol = + 290 ish) -- inspiration: Variation of Firegirl.

Girl on fire (registered this one, but hardly used it) -- inspiration: Variation of Firegirl.

LiL Miss Snook (rare nick of mine, barely used it) -- inspiration: I snooked peeps when I had to. Who wouldnt? Lol.

Pizza Princess (I don't think I ever got to use this one lol) -- inspiration: Smoked bacon pizza is my favorite pizza.

ShootingStarCafe (one of my favorite sounding nicks, but it was so cool to me that I never wanted to risk lose with it, thus I never played with it LOL!)
-- inspiration: It sounded cool.

MillionDollarKid (very old nick of mine, never used it, probably been deactivated anyways) -- inspiration: I'm a kid and I'm rich lol.

"Wonder is the start of wisdom" -- Greek Proverb
Ya, Captain Jack Sparrow was probably his best done char. Still his others were pretty darn good especially Donnie Brasco, JM Barrey, and Willy Wonka (although not everyone seems to think so).
AirWave = a great tune from rank 1, any1 intio dance music may also think its quality ;) Raver have u heard of it m8? 
Here's me thinking you were eating chewing gum....oh well :)
hehe UK, least u say it in a jokey way, some ppl really annoy me when they say it in games and then i have 2 remind them its "airwaves" :p
I looked in the newspaper in the horse racing section..and there it was  *StreamLine*..so I chose that to be my name :p
Every one knows me as Rose, and as for the cream well I'm just a little bit naughty but very very nice;-) 
billiardman21:my oldest nickname,i ve been using it since when i started netsurfing 2 years ago.i love pool and 21 is the number of the gate i used to go to in the stadium of my favourite team.

tSitSiS:this is how an old gf of mine that now is one of my best friends calls me,and now most of my friends call me like that.
stream, u chose ur name cos u think u look like a horse :p
LOLOLOL  no..the name just took my eye :p  I liked it..lol
I choose my name because DUH I am a lady and in my game I like to Kill people (sounds lovely right?).  When I became a mod I was "behave or I will 'kill' your name" figurativly of course.  
In the game of Larki all my characters have DIE in their names as a play on words.  Example, my thief is DiaBolic, and my mage is DieVine.  
Shouldn't it be LadyKill? LadyDie sounds like you are going to do the dying, not the killing! Okay, I'll shuddup.
Sounds a bit sinister.
I chose my name because I rule and so do kebabs. I kill everyone playing pool, NOT LITERALLY OBVIOUSLY but yeah. Pffff.
i chose mine cause i was under the influence of alcohole and maybe some other stuff and my friend said im white as a ghost.
i made a new name called runner that im on and i chose it cuz i am 1 :p
I called myself Affe(monkey) because I'm registered on a site where you see a monkey the second you enter the site
golden brown by the stranglers


slang for herion

take ur pick
my name came from last years swim season. i had cut my leg before a big meet like two days before. i had to swim a 50 free, the fastest race. i dove in and got 3rd plac and had to swim to the other end. i got out and my gash had ripped open from the impact of the water. didnt even hurt till i got out. and blood was running down my leg and sum of my friends freaked but thought it looked cool, hence my name.
I was listening to the radio when the song "Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes" so I thought it would make a cool nick :)
i got mine from the best darts player EVER 

'The Power'
2of3....I am the 2nd of 3 children....the idea came from the borg in Star Trek. The 'x's came later....
the power, gaz had that name 1st u copy cat
show me then. its a name kid, nothing to cry about.
man power. hmmm...man power...sounds like we have a "man" here with us, ladies and gentlemen.
look in stb league the orginal powers been here forever
omg r u serious? geez. well anywaysz how did u get ur name?
so........ who cares if there is more than 1 person with the same name alot of ppl ave master r king as there name nobody complains when i was Aaron 02 bk in the day there was like 4 of us but obviously i was the best n the most well known :|
Theres plenty people on this site with my old name but i dont go around crying, flyordies getting bigger everyday and names are bount to be copied, theres a limit y'kno. i didnt choose this copying i dont even play the games much, i explained my reason on this name he probably has another reason, like i said nothing to cry about, if he has a problem tell him to come here and not send his boyfriends for him.
1) i couldnt give a dam who uses the power name as i dont play here on it now
2) i dont have boyfriends thx
3)anyone who likes phil taylor is fine by me
4)who the hell is one shot?
5)stfu about me ty
Thx for lettin my use this nick then power.

why you being sarcastic? hes not letting you is he hes saying its nothing to do with him
I chose this nick because I was a crybaby when I was 9 years old. 

lol. funny story to a name. everyone who has met me says that my name sounds scary and some say its awesome.
I think your name sounds better than Firegirl...
Whats a kebaba? you dont know? lol a kebabs like different types of meat or just one sort of meat stuffed in pitta bread of nam bread, tis good you should try one :D

Being sarcastic? i was saying thx for not gettin this nick banned u mup. whats your problem?
I like M&M's...especally the peanut ones:p

kebab ok..I thought it was kekab 
no i thought about fire grl.but i dont like it.
nope. im a swimmer so i like water. hence my name. ne ghetto name or prep name. a dark name is best for me.
Yeah it kind of makes it seem like you're an evil person :p
well im not. im really nice but wen u offend me or make me mad i will get evil.