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Post pics of yourself here
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Post pics of yourself here
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Post pics of yourself here
I'm starting a  new one since the old one is getting crowded. I'm the one closest to you. 


<img src="
" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">
u gotta put

 ]     with no spaces to make it work...easy once you suss it out
hmm that went a bit wrong

[img=    then your link here   ]

no spaces ! :D
ok nvm lmao i cant even explain how to do it ! :'(
[img=http://i 9.photobucket.com/albums/a53/SamanthaPrice/DSC00118.jpg]

basically u do this 

thats it its soooooooo easy
Tah ! Who's that girl in the far back right chupando that bottle? :D

try this [ img = URL ] :p
i meant [ img=yoururlhere ] but close these thingymabobz [""]
the girl with the red coat on looks drugged up.
samanthat if ur anywhere near london :)
Thanks Snooka Player. So just don't put any spaces, is that all?

No i'm not in London. I'm the girl in front, so i'm not the one looking drugged out. The girl with a bottle. I can get a pic of her too. I think.

ur putting [IMG] which is wrong u gotta just put a [ on the outside if u kno wot i mean

[ img 'your link'   ]

like that but no spaces ! easy once you know :p
Sometimes the url is a little too long, but by changing the pic ref is all that is needed, hope this helps you out.