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wat song is u?
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wat song is u?
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wat song is u?
if there was any song that u knew, which one do you think best describes your life, personality, or pain you've been through?
mine is numb by linkin park, cause i just blank out my family and i dont wanna hear them always nag and complain to me.
Way I Am - Eminem

Just don't care what people think and want them to leave you alone.


Wanna get to Know You - G-Unit

In the lines of Bank$ "Surrounding me hounding me trying to be my only, I'm not your boyfriend I'm your homie."
I'll be missing you/Every breathe you take by the P.Diddy/Police.

mine is '' Ive Gotta Fly High'', because it describes my personality, my strength and my brains. 
 (take out the strength part)
com on ppl summer is comin find somethin more cheerful:d

well mine is for now

summer love
san salvador


<-----me loves summer:D
mine ARE for now*

coz the songs are two,its not title and artist,just 2 titles
mine are two two twooooo...me against the world and welcome to my life both by simple plan. because every1 is against me and my life is full of sh1t
Lonely by Akon probably as sometimes you feel you just have no one their for you. 
Ahhhh no ty,Akon's-Lonley isnt the orignal Lonley ;\

~Hotshot~ ;\
A song they play on Soccer AM called "Who do you think you are Mr Bigshot?"