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flyordie: NEW RULE suggestions for TANX JUMPERS
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flyordie: NEW RULE suggestions for TANX JUMPERS
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flyordie: NEW RULE suggestions for TANX JUMPERS
I have been speaking to a few other paying memebers and we have some rule suggestions to help curb jumping in the games.

Jumping, in my opinion, ruins fair games, and if you're interested in them... it unfairly gives points to those who do not earn them.


1) If a player hits the eject button in a Tanx game before getting 10 kills or 10 losses, he or she loses 100 points or more.

2) If a player loses connection then do not allow them to re-enter a game for 1-3 minutes.  (This is necessary in case people start disconnecting to simulate the eject button.

Moreover, it would be really nice if the first person in the room could set some ground rules of their own.  Perhaps, they could set a limit of kills/loses you are to have before you can leave the room, and the other players must agree to that before they enter a room.

Better still, being able to create a room without powerups or to change their timing would help as well. (keeping in mind not to let the extreme of continous powerups exist)


If anyone else has a disagreement or better suggestion, please by all means make it.  I am just tired of the abuse of good games, and the fact that less and less people are playing each week because of it.

well, what happens if it's an emergency, and u have to leave the op for a minute, or something like that?
Maybe not they cannot leave, but if they decide to they get points taken off... like a forfeit
Customized rules i like the idea of, Like i think i heard somewhere one of the battlefields is first to get ammo wins? Well maybe we could have special options 
Yes, it's not that the player cannot leave, it's just that if they decide to they lose 100 points.

Perhaps each month a player could be given one-two free eject passes so that they can leave if they have to, without losing points.

The key here is to reduce the occurence of someone entering a room, getting a powerup, killing a couple of people, and then leaving before they are killed themselves.

One important thing that needs to be noted, is that if a player were to enter a room, and everyone else leave... he/she would no longer be required to meet the win/losses quota for that room.  Also, this would be calculated when the user hits the eject button.  So if someone new entered the room after the eject button was pressed, the user would not be required to play the new person.

I think another good idea would be to set a default for the win/loss of each room to 10 and not allow it to be set less.  Otherwise, the same problems would still exist.

The snow room has the problem of whichever player gets the first powerup pretty much wins.  So, perhaps defaults and minimum values should be set for all rooms to keep everything fair.
Well maybe not 100 points, (lol ive never had over 50 :p) But some points should be taken... and maybe if the problem keeps happening, you lose more points each time it happens.
Another idea might be to not allow someone to re-enter a room they've just ejected from for more than 2 minutes. This would be in place to prevent someone with a zero score from continually jumping on somenoe with say, 200 points, in an effort to just make their points zero.

I suppose we need to look at both sides of the equation when evaluating possibilities for abuse here.
I think you have some good suggestions there Thorn...this Op Jumping business takes away from the game in a major way I agree...however...to impliment "layers" of protection against this seems futile...only because one would find ways around them somehow.....unfortunately....the game moderators have very limited options when dealing with Op jumpers.... one player mentioned in another thread having a "password" option to join an Op...this...in my mind makes a great deal of sense as it would allow us to be more selective about who can join our Op's....perhaps FoD's development team is exploring such an option..I'm not sure...but having the option to invite or un-invite a player would be...in my opinion...the ultimate solution for the ultimate TANX game.
see you out there...