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russian room
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russian room
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russian room
Many people which playing in this game know russian, but we still haven't russian room :(.
I created this topic specially for those people which knowing russian and  I asking you if you know russian add your nickname in this topic.
pls make a russian room. it would be nice TY :)
Less then 2% of FlyOrDie's players are Russian. I think it would be empty for most of the day.

maybe but rooms such as italian,spanish and holland allways empty
Yes m8, it would be great to have a russian room.
The creation of russian room for me has one advantage:
Many people think that there are not many players from russia, ukraine and some other countries. But every new day i see more and more players from countries of previous big country USSR. 
Thanks to this room we will just learn faster about the appearnce of new russianspeaking people.
So i want to say that we need our own russian room.

                                 Ty, Very good
ty verry good that exactly what i mean (Y)
I am russian.Thats good if be a rus room.I agree!!!!!
A russian room wud be very very nice, cuz the ppl, which writin in kyrillic, are warned by a mod...so..an own russian room is good. And it doesn´t matter if the other speacial rooms are empty all the day...maybe this one not....who knows..! JUST DO IT!
Yes it would be very good to have a russian room, can we please create 1.
Im not russian but im still sticking up 4 u lot so be grateful :@ 

me too because nish is half russian so ok thx
Oh, it's cool!! :)
The russian room - is great room. 
But why она не на русском языке??? должна же быть хоть одна тема на форуме на русском??
ty all for your replies:) but it is very sad coz many people who know russian don't know anything about this forum :( and that's why a lot of them didn't registered  on this topic   
to torest3x: привет :) просто я создавал эту тему не только для тех кто знает русский но и для тех кто его не знает, например для администратора сайта :)поэтому эта тема написана на английском языке 
Даёшь русскую комнату!!!
Вы как хотите, но я буду говорить на русском языке.
Я думаю, большинсво из вас русский знает
Ну рассказывайте, какие у вас любимые игроки?
i think were in need of a russian section to the forum :p
it would be realy great.I from russia too. 
ty ronni okiev1
...And I'm from Belorussia.
My favourite player is Stephen Hendry. :)
And you?
torex3:anyway Ronnie O'sullivan THE BEST :):):)Ну а вообще мне еще нравятся Хендри,Хиггинс,Хантер,Девис.Больше всего ненавиже Дота и Ебдона потому что они играют не в снукер а в антиснукер:(Я смотрел все турниры мастерс и ЧМ по снукеру сезонов 2004-2005 и это было КРУТО :>   
please open russian room flyordie. there are many people who knows the russian language i think i'd be a great idea. 


i no think russian forum good idea. too many communists
ruskie ia nenavizu vas. vi cleni

i wish i knew russian. i wanna learn german (which i already know most of), italian, and russian. would any of u russian guys be interseted in teaching me the language? please and thank u's. 

luv, bloodywatergrl
p.s. im a mutt so its mostly german, english, cherokee, dutch, norwegan, danish, and french. even tho im not russian i would like to learn the language.
I know some Russian, and I'd be happy to teach you, but the trouble is it would kind of hard to type Russian characters on the keyboard (I have to copy and paste).
ok, well teach ,e the basics and then ill hopefully have somone teach me the advanced.
is there anyone here that could teach me advanced russian after Rain teaches me the basic? plz and thnak u's. luv lots.
ummm...how about next week? is that a prob or no?
by the way my new screen name now is aquadeathgrl. for sum odd reason my password was invalid no matter how many times i typed it in. weird....anywayz, thnx rain
Sure, next week is fine. Btw, I think your other nick was banned :) That's what happens when it keeps saying invalid lol
well im now able to sign uop now under this name. i must have been banned for a moment
hello everyone. rain, watergrl, greetings :)
hello. nice to meet u. ok rain. ill be ready wen u r.
lmao honestly how sad, arranging tutorials over a forum pmsl, how u gona know wat he is saying is true?
cuz i have faith in rain. i can tell if sumone is lying. so dont harrass me about it plz.
Hey if you want to you can email me cuz the mods might accidentally delete or modify something. My e-mail is darkdragongod@emailaccout.com
XLiLKiMX, if I'm lying, then its the easiest thing in the world for bwg to look up the meaning herself.
thanx rain. ill try to email u as soon as i get back on my home computer. ive been so busy lately its not even funny. thnx for stickin up for me. luv lots.
no prob, I'll be much freer after Nov. 5. Darn SAT II's.
A RUSSIAN ROMM IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)
privet vsem russakam!;)
ok my sat's arent till november sumthin. dont know wen.
yeah, but I'll still be free most of the time. I think my email might either be darkdragongod@emailaccount.com or darkdragongod@emailaccounts.com; not exactly sure which one
yeah i got ur email adress so wenever the swim season ends next week and i get my school work outta the way ill get a hold of ya

Hard to believe swim season is still going on, since it's so cold here on the East Coast. It's probably warmer where you live. :)

no i live in the midwest. michigan. its freezing over here. lol. plus bein in a wet swimsuit that hugs ur body (tight) and havin to quickly leave the opponents pool is not funny. lol. but its a good sport, takes a lot of things off my mind, gets me in shape, and i kick total butt wen i go against other grls. im takin a week for a break then im goin into the all year round swim club so i can stay in shape for next fall. well its all good. thnx rain. did u read the whos the best lookin person on fod forum?
So when does swimming season start and end? Is the training arduous, like several hours a day, or is it pretty light?

well today i dont have any practice but tuesday i have to swim the monster course. its pretty easy for those that have been swimming for a while but sum of the freshmen are scared to death. so tuesday will be my last official day. then i take a break for a week then i go back to the pool. its a very hard workout for 2 and a half hours. but its all good. ill ttyl. 
Sounds good. At least you are passionate about something. Me, I’m so spread out that I hardly have time to do any my extracurricular activities: math team, badmington team (hehe I started that one), chess club, and French club. Lol. Badmington is really fun though, but you can’t play outside most of the time because it’s windy a lot of the time where I live. The team I started consists of 10 people (all Asians), which isn’t surprising because it’s an Oriental sport, but we do asked to play a lot, especially for pep rallys and stuff like that.   
sounds cool. i dont take french i take german.
im in level 3 and 4. so its advanced begining. then next year i take the way advanced.
Net love in the making here boys n girls.
That's enough out of you Power! :p
power u probably flirt with all grls on this site. so dont be a hypocrite. me and rain are friends.
haha Sie sollen zwei so es darauf wäre lustig keine Beleidigung erhalten aber es wird lol Kraft funnyman ........translated = haha you two should so get it on it would be funny no offence but it would lol power funnyman
Пожалуйста не оставляйте сообщения оскорбительного характера на этом форуме так как в дальнейшем они будут перемещены или удалены!!! 
Please do not leave the message of offensive character at this forum as further they will be moved or removed!!! 
  offensive please tell me where i do not understand u sometimes veriac :|
It means "I agree" :) (I agree that what aaron said was not cool).
oh okay. so the "R" looking letter means "I" and the reast is agree. ok tell me more.
i was only jokin i like u2 really :| u jus seem like u2 would get on with each other in real life n make a nice couple sorry for the offence :'(
Think ive gone past the online flirting point bloody a long time ago.
Here's a couple of other basic phrases:
Hello is (Привет) 
Goodbye is (До свидания)

And here's a really good learning site:


It's hard to write out the pronunciations, but on this site, you can click on the phrase and you can hear the pronunciation.
power, bite me. its not funny. i dont flirt. im just more outgoing than sum grl on this site.
well i went to the site and ive learned the only hello how r u's. im so confused as on how to pronounce them.

because i plan on goin in hte navy as a translator. i want to know fussian and italin. i kno german so i culd teach german. thats y.
Пожалуйста не оставляйте сообщения оскорбительного характера на этом форуме так как в дальнейшем они будут перемещены или удалены!!! 

wat does this say if i may ask? i noticed it a while ago.
That site has pronunciations. you can click on them.
Oh yeah Veriac said it. Basically he said “Please do not say insulting things on this forum since they will subsequently be removed.”
Privet vsem!

govorju mnogie jaziki, tozhe russkij jazik, no ne mogu pi.s.at´ po- russkij c moem russkoj klaviaturoj v komnati FlyOrDie. Kak vi eto delaete? Kto-nibud´ mozhet skasat´?
i was but heres y i dont get in the pool room. theres only one computer that does that and thats mine in computers AP class. so wen i get in the pool room (wen the lehrer isnt looking) pool room 1 is full. and then the schools computers dont do it. mine does at home, but ive been so busy lately. i swear chillo i PROMISE ill get on and play u very soon. say tonight. sounds good? let me kno.
lol chillo give her a break :D
rain it ok, chillo and i r friends. bu thtnx anywayz

I'm in tanx room 1 now..if you're on.
im in snooker room 1 if u want a good ol' whoopin :D
that goes for all 3 of ya even u chillo (5-1)
lol. maybe power. i dunno. ill see if i can.
Actually Russia isn't that a bad of a place to live in, when you don't think about the general lack of money.
i would actually like to go visit russia.i kno its weird but i need to get out of the u.s and visit somplace new
I been 2 years ago in russia. In Sankt Petersburg. Very nice and beautyful place. The beer is very cheap and tastes so goood there. :) I wud to advise every1 to go there for vacation. :)
lol. yeah bu tthe guys there i heard r really horny. lol. thats just wat i heard.
Where would you rather go to: Moscow or St. Petersburg?
lol, bloddy, dont care if they are horny, I wud protect ya every minute, so nothin bad wud happen. Yeah rain, St. Petersburg is more modern as Moscow. I was not in moscow but  
St. Petersburg is also called: The Venice of Russia. Bloody, we cug take a boat and and watch the town from the sea, oh yea, u wud swim...lol
i would like to go to st. petersburg. i heard its very interesting there. well chillo u go on and protect me. as for swimmin in the water, depends on if its cold or not. lol. ur so sweet hun.
well is it moderate temps. over there? let me kno if its cold chill...jump in.lol
oh and i said i think russian guys r always horny was because the u.s. sent sum women up to the space station and the russian men tried to rape them.
The women should have thrown the men out of the airlock. Problem solved. 
probably did. just the government doesnt want something to start with them and russia. lol.
OMG no!lol. theyre throwin vodka bombs at us, not a bad thing but pretend it is anywayz! aauggh! lol
i think im bein to critical on that. lol.r u on now

I'm usually on at night like around 8 or 9, after I finish my homework. 
well im at practice from 7pm to almost 9pm. sry ill try this weekend.
Wow. Swimming must be a beast.
i find swimming quite easy actually :)
Bloody, shouldn't swimming season be over right now. It's soooooo cold!!
Well, at least swimming is better than diving. The first time I tried diving, I landed on my back in the water and it hurt like ****
well the grls swim season is over. the aquatic club, a competitive swim club for little kids and 14-19 year olds goes on all year round. after the grls season, i swimm the club till next fall so i stay toned and fit for next year. plus college recruits go to big swim club meets and watch the teens swim. so far three colleges are interested in me.
i tryed do a sitter once (sitting on board then dive) from 3rd stage (bout 30ft) landed straight on my belly.
god that hurt:|
stop desecrating the poor russians post with your crap!!!!
One of my friends tried to dive and landed in the water with his legs spread apart. Wonder what that must have felt like.  
owwwww! one of my friends did that and he came out cryin.
guess he learned a lesson huh> lol
i guess sicne he hasnt gone back in the water.lol
Ouch! Hope he doesn't develop a fear of water. :wink:
So, when do you have your next tournament?

you already have one topic, why use this one!? you know you could get banned for spamming?