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What's your favorite monster?
What's your favorite monster?
What's your favorite monster?
Ok, just for fun, post your favorite monster(s) and why:

My favorites:

 - bloodthirsty mosquitoswarm, because it's so puny

 - the elemental wizards, because their magician staffs have been my main source of income for many levels
ATM Giant Fighter.

Quick way to raise your skills in less clicks.
giant leader is even better. esp for fighters. great way to gain weapon skill and boost your hp through vamping. 
Ugh - I hate the giants.  Yeah, you gain hitpoints, but you also have to waste a dozen clicks.  Much prefer things that have the best of both worlds, like kallandra and glassgolem and even sphere.
My favorite monster is that "Ill advised newbie" monster that attacks a character 50 odd levels above them with the usual quips of "Now - you die!!!!" or "Defend yourself!" just before getting beaten senseless with a shield and realising the folly of their ways.

My favorite monster is CINDER ;-) i allways read "Cinder robbed your house,following items are missing ... " :-)

well seb, you are right, such monsters as the kallandra do afford quick and easy exp, often dead with one hit. however, there is a downside to those monsters, and that's training your fighting skills. weapon skill increases with amount of damage done, and magic skill increases with amount of manapoints used (not drained). if you were to fight all kallandras and glass golems and spheres, yeah, you would level quickly, but your fighting skills would soon be far behind for lack of use. 
I would have to say atm my favs are schismatic counts and all the wizard masters oh and the bushfire element..

For me it changes with every level--there are always monsters that give you lots of xp for low clicks or those that deliver expensive items, building your bankroll.  But, overall, for me it is the monster that makes me laugh--the lardpuch king with the ridiculously tiny crown and scepter, the  pukipu with the noxiuos cloud, and the old dragons all make me chuckle.  Cheers to the animators.
Perhaps the term "artists" would be better - the game is not animated.

As for skills, I don't have a high level mage, only a fighter, and his striking/smashing skill is limited basically to no higher than his level anyway.  I understand how that's more of an issue for those who don't use as high of a percentage of clicks fighting (eg, thieves and robbers who also fight) or who want to develop really high still levels (eg, mages).
Seb144 did u read the what the topic was about???

my favourite monster is the wealthy merchant because he carryies about 200 silvers with him and thats what i call easy money!:)))i realy hate all goblin monsters.
i think that the elephant is really cute!:)(a desperate call from the child in me) ;)
wait till u get to the heavily built bully they carry more silvers.
Wait till you get to the pukipu, it's cute AND gives you something very valuable
My favorite is Barbarian of the North Skive 'cause he kinda reminds me of my husband.  LOL   Love that big guy!
V, since you have access to every monster in the game, what's ur favorite? ;)
"Seb144 did u read the what the topic was about???

Yes I did.  The post you were reading was a response to a previous post by Material Def.  Read the referenced post and it'll all fall into place.  (We were discussing the value of high versus low hit point monsters)
My favorite monsters are the calamities, orcs with the broadswords, wealthy merchants, and fauns.
Definitely the virgins.  With unearthly virgin being my favorite.  I just love how we can't even say the word cockroach in chat, but there are boobs all over the screen.  Life is funny.
elemental monsters because element essence give me 50 silvers each
I laugh everytime I see the puny wizard apprentice, trying to be tough but isn't lol, same goes for the skinny cityguard, at least the fat one looks like he can fight, lol.
I also like wealthy mercheants cuz they give u money when ur quite lo level, the ork bladefighter's one of my faves cuz he looks so bloodthirsty
currently i would have to say the boneork. They drawn very well and i kinda like that weapon, the orc chopper. just sounds funny cause orcs are so dumb. As for my level they also give pretty good xp.
Alien Civilization Scientist.  They drop the ever-so-useful and un-buyable Alien Whatsitsname.  Tough, though.
The Scientists get easier rapidly (like so many of the low hp monsters).
My favorite monster is the puny wizard apprentice.  He looks so stupid and helpless and that stuff coming out of his mouth always makes me laugh.  It's like HHYYacckKK balls...lol
I had a change of heart with a change of level. It now has to be the sheep from another dimension. Amazingly well drawn though im not 100% sure what fiendwool does they are fun to kill.
I love puny wizard apprentice because it gives u some silver(i did not subcrube so im kinda poor).I also love elements they give u some exp(200)good for me because imn only lvl 9 or 10 cant remember.:-):-):-)
Of course you're aware that you can sell items (like those you get from elementals) for a lot more silver than the "little wiz kid" gives you...
Lol I like all mages cause they give me easy money.Brass and silver heads arent bad cause its alot of xp but no lifepoints but alot of clicks
adult dragonsnake,  i  drew a picture of one before and it is the coolest monster in larkinor
Is it just me or does 
 show a little too much 
lol its not only the fleshgolem but also the ugly mermaid and the sphynx and many others LOL 
i like the simple decision of blurrying the "naked" parts on some monsters LOL :p
Like the demon twins? x"DDD

Oh, my favourite monster is Cookie Monster. x"D
rofl nic mine too :p
but i know Thom worships that blue fuzzy guy haha

C is for cookie...rofl