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Anybody knows where to report cheaters?
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Anybody knows where to report cheaters?
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Anybody knows where to report cheaters?
If you know please reply,thank you.I found several cheaters but don't know where to turn them in ;).here is the list of mine:(by the way,this is from using the new information system,we can see who they have been playing with,and I saw them keep losing for one other)
  Dark Zapdos- dark_fighter
  demonlord27- batimona
  batimona   - jossie
  jossie     - deidus
(The first name is who got high rating from cheating,the second name is who that the first person got points from)
If you know anybody who have been cheating,please report them to the site,I know we can't catch all of them but it still make this site cleaner.
                     Nguyen Vo
I've replied in your other topic: go check it out. And please don't make multiple topics about the same thing. 
Sorry,but in this one I added a few cheaters I know.And since they cheated in chess room,I thought that I should put it in this.
What game are we talking about was going to be my next question! 
No you didn't, but that's beside the point. 
 and we'll take it from there. 

hey mr. bishi i want to report YIPEEE for not playing the rules.he waited over 10mins. to let the game end,cancer du b was a watcher in the game .during the 10mins. he said he was going to let the time run out so he would lose less points and would make light of the situation saying things like im going to go get some coffee and start hahaing THKX ps i played him under the nick sonochess
nguyen vo good game!
also dark_fighter thinks hes gonna get a g/f on here for points. what a sore loser huh? wants a g/f on the internet. for all he knows he probably wouldn't know if he were talking to a 500 pound women. anyways good luck in the future :).

           Needles Out