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Sunderland in the prem!
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Sunderland in the prem!
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Sunderland in the prem!
Hello football fans on flyordie, :)

Just thought I'd bring it to your attention that Sunderland will be in the Premiership next season! :D

So for all you glory hunting fans that cheer on Man U from London, or Chelsea fans in Scotland, your going to get quite a shock when your team leaves the Stadium of Light in tears. :)

Thank you all, 

Smack :p 
And when the mackems come to the JJB, they'll walk away in tears too ;)

 05/04/05 :)

At the JJB Stadium...

Wigan 0
Sunderland 1

Thank you :) 
Controversial goal, Liam Lawrence took the ball out of play. Alan Mahon the idiot should have played on though :@
Reading F.C have had a tremendous season, Hopefully we'll get into the play offs and win them.

I'm not a man to boast but, Just to say, Reading got the double over sunderland ty :)
If only we hadn't played Ingham in goal versus Reading - he's absolutely dreadful :(

Oh well, he's getting released in summer. :)
Were on our way were on our way to the prmier were on our way!
how we get there i dont know how we get there i dont care all i know is sunderlands on their way!!!

gerrin there!
we will see what they are made of in the premiership, welcome back sunderland, will be nice to have all 3 clubs in the north east back were they belong. hope to see some great derbys next season. btw boro are my team. 
smoggies rule this season. lol
LOL barca

i know we will probaby go back down

but aslong as we go down with pride by beating the mags and the smogs then ill be happy :D

what a day it was on saturday, doing the lap of honour and the whole stadium singing only fools rush in, reall did hit me that we are in the prem next season, was amazing

going down west ham on friday night and carnt wait, hopefully we will be leaving the stadium with the title

you wont be beating us smoggies at our stadium for sure.
i hope you dont go down and all north east clubs stay in premiership for a very long time, the derbies make the season, and i hope we all stuff the magpies and give graham souness job he was made for,,,,,,, road sweeping .lmao.
Aye, Souness should be sacked ;). Do you know at Benfica he chose Mark Pembridge over Deco :p

I think we will definitely struggle next season but if we avoid the drop, we'll be in the Prem for a long while yet ;)

smackamcracka lol

why u think he should be sacked?

he's the best manager at newcastle since hullit :D

keep up the good work souness
Oh they should give him a chance - until after they visit the SoL :p
Graeme Souness is the worst boss in the premiership.

Oh and-Paul Jewell's Blue n White Army!
Looking on sunderlands website 

around 40,000 tickets have already been sold for the stoke game so its should be a cracken turn out

carnt wait

do you get to many match smack? im a season ticket holder in the north west cornour and what has been your favorite games this season

mine has got to be    leeds and wigan away amazing support for a tuesday and friday night and both won 1-0 :D

worst games this season -  wigan at home  1-1
                           preston away  lost 3-2 
that was deffenitly our worst performance since being relegated from the prem 2 years ago
lol - they wont be up long, another norwich city i think..Preston will be joining you lol :D
another norwich city i think..

Thats logical. 1 win and Norwich are out of the relegation zone. Sunderland have a good chance with a boss like McCarthy. Wigan and Ipswich also have good bosses in Jewell and Royle. All 3 would be competitive.
Sadly living near London it's a tad hard to get to the games lol. My family roots are in Sunderland so we visit there quite a lot. Been a few times in the past but relatives passing away & such mean we don't go up there much anymore.

Was hoping to go to the Hammers on Friday but then noticed I was going to Cornwall :( 
Championies Championies Haway! Haway! Haway!

Hey :( it's me the reading fan, i'm watching reading vs wigan now.. Congrats wigan :| I don't think reading are gonna beat you, we wont get in the play offs because westham are winning 1-0 and ur beating us :| so 

Congrats :'(
What a day saturday was :D

Pre Match Drinks £6
The Match Day Program £3
Half Time Borvil £1.15
Season Ticket £220
Watching Gary Breen Lifing the trophy - PRICELESS!!! :D
You were a day early for the game then?
What comes up must go down! It happens to almost all  the teams that come up from lower divisions
lol oops

i ment sunday 
it really did feel like a 3pm saturday kick off insted of 1pm on sunday

Oh dear ..sunderland dons are gonna end up like winkie pinkie wimbledon..mk dons and wiginkdons..back in the lower leagues..kidding folks lol. i say that cause we need teams to take maximum points off at United..:p
Yes you do take maximum points off promoted teams dont you?

Norwich 2-0 Man Utd
Man Utd 1-1 WBA