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clan UAG
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clan UAG
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clan UAG
UAG  = everything good and bad about this game..
 good players klayton, rayos. couple of others...but a lot get stars by -- 1 star plays and 2 other uag on low non uag nics come into op and help...this totally stuffs up the game for decent honest players...

If you are a member of this so-called clan - you should be ashamed......this is not me talking rubbish, i have been there and seen it, and yes been a victim....but no more....i used to enjoy playing but clan UAG have spoiled it.... and not just for me im sure....TrA_Prince says goodbye..................

ps...no point telling flyordie any of this, they got my money, and thats all they want........

i said TrA_Prince is leaving ;)

ima gonna make noob nic and hunt uag :D
Good for you kid..

Their repetitive behaviour was the force that drove me away from tanx...

Especially mestre...every time i came on tanx he would come onto one of his lower rated nicknames, when i left, he left etc..

Its pathetic but...thats the way prince..

You cant write what you feel on this forum anymore...even for the most unremittngly intelligent comment you get warned or even dermeritted...

Why do you think ghost left ? me and him know the truth behind some of the people of which others "respect"so much.

Hmm im blabbering on like an old man :p
ya ive wanted to get rid of 5 star for a lil bit.  but, im not giving it to bankers such as nbk just and typhoon.  someone, b an honost player and pass me!
ill always remember u prince
Watching you over the time SINCE I began this game...I can say you are an honest person..a GENTLEMAN...as me and my brothers Konko, Diabolo and LP PEPE say...you are one of a kind, same as Kuwait, Gunny, Dat Tiger..always there to help us new guys..There are many others that help too,specially the new breed od PODER LATINO
but just for keeping the record straight, today I mention just a few..STAY AND FIGHT BACK THE UNFAIRS.. AND WITH THE HELP OF OTHERS....YOU WILL PREVAIL
:D  nice to see that players i regard highly have taken time to post, and uag comments are conspicuos by their absence ( as in they know im right ) and thankyou barney, not to worry Prince is leaving, but the man will still be around, just a different nic....

by the way TANK_MASTER, thanx for callin me kid, made my day-------------- ( im 45 )  :D  ;)

Hey andddalay, can I pick up some points from you? What does UAG stand for?
Why do you think I still play this game? I love owning these UAG noobs. I have my clan XC which has great people in it. Why do I only let a few people in XC? THeyre my close friends, they dont bank, thye speak the truth to anyone (mods), and they hunt down them bankers. Thats why I get a demerit so much. Not so much for the language, but for speaking the truth. If I wanna call UAG a banker, I will. And by the way, I think UAG are bankers. But, what can I say, were only the few who dont. 
well i give you credit Prince for speaking the truth, and well lets say clan UAG should change there name a bit to let's say BCT.(banking continously throughout)Why this? Well for starters, all i ever saw them do was 'bank'. Which is why if i had a choice, i would 
 join a clan like UAG. Sorry UAG people but 'truth hurts'
Well in my opinion UAG should stand for Unanimously Accepted Goners. F.A.T.= Obesity
I'd like to see a duel between Andddalay and FAT dragon.