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SNOOKER rating - swap requests
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SNOOKER rating - swap requests
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SNOOKER rating - swap requests
Post your name here if you wish to change your snooker rating. That is, keep your previous rating for small tables and big tables respectively as they were before.

We can only accept requests for the owner of the post, so sign in with the nickname you wish to change the ratings for.
The changes are irreversible.



The Stig

You need to have a rating in both games to make the change, so please play a game if you do not have one in any of them.

Why has it changed anyway ??

disregard wat i said before ty :p
also, can u change unonimus' points back plz. he hasnt got an account fot the forum so im posting up for him. ty :)
could you please swap my rating back over to the pro tables plz
Thanks for changing it, but as a sub i would have thought we would have been notified!
SnÔÖĶEřМдл™ & scanner_man please
why dont u change them all back, cause everyone wants to have their old points back.
please could you swap my snooker ratings to the small table....thank you
Hi operator,, I know u have switched everything,, but I wonder if u can give my points back,, It was 160~,, thx for helping :) !!! 
Played a game now swap me points plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
This is not a good way to treat ppl that pay your wages though!
sliverfox here change my rating pz bck
ffs fod just change 'em all back. Now, no one will ever get crown in pro snooker cause Nish has over 700 points and the crown in normal snooker is only 400 odd. just change 'em all back and save yaselves a lot of hassle and time.
HolyGHoSt plz change my rating back ty 
whirlwind  thx
But I wonder why can't they all be changed back
FOD, I asked you to not change me about 3 minutes after I said change me. and yet 1 hour later I find myself changed. v annoying.
ummm.....do fod support myleague and want them to have tourneys on fod? cause with just 3 rooms, where are the tounreys going to take place? cause they will all be full all the time.
id like my ratings back pls,, where did they go:(
i`ll be waiting to see the change thx:)
wel i want to have all my  hard played points back pleasee

Hi thx for getting my points back,, But can u please get Don Lee`s points back,, he dont know how to do it, thx from Don Lee. !!!
can you please change my names over please to big tables please they are:

Blood Wraith
green Goblin17

blazer147        wheres my ratings:(

hi i would like to swap my rating back to my previous rating. because since this change between rooms, i have lost all my rating from the small tables on to the big tables in which i dont often play on. If you could change my rating back to what it used to be, i would be most grateful.
lol am i the only 1 who prefers to have his rating on the big table:p?
change my rating pls? :p Bart_Simpson_ is the nick! thx

Hi Kudicini plz thx,, want my points back and Stolen,, thanks for helping !!! ;)
I want my previous rating for the small table to be again the rating of the small balls.Thank you!
I want my previous rating.
Kudicini and Ooo Stolen ooO plz !!
Please change my ratings.Thank you!
ATi and Pεdгø™ please
as soon as possible thank you
love you forever
Pεdгø™ this 1 aswell its mine too thank you
Dear All,

Thanks for your interest in wishing to change your snooker ratings.
As you may have already noticed, most of them are already done.
However, I'm afraid I'll need to close this for the weekend in order to avoid overflow. 
For those of you who missed this opportunity: please play some games with the new system, and if you still feel you cannot live with the your other points anymore, come back after the weekend when we plan to reopen this topic, possibly Monday. 
Please do not post anymore threads of requests in this forum, nor send any messages to support.

Thanks for your patience.


For all who are asking why they all can't be changed? 

'Cos I want mine to be kept the same. The new game is more fun. The old game was too simple, this is more realistic and is now a challenge. Congratulations again to FlyOrDie for the great change and for bringing fun back into the game which I thought was doomed forever, when Veriac became moderator :p!

Kidding, I suggest a promotion for the dude ;)!

By the way, the new tables do help with Snooker Light. I made a 112 in my second game back :p!

Does that entitle me to free a subscription :p? I'm sure that was suggested somewhere...recently. You might not have heard it...
pls. give me my points back, Female Model 23
need my points back pls., Sponchbob
Pûmpkin, China Open and -Snøøpy-

hi can  swap my name over plz Greem Goblin17
to the smaller tables please A.S.A.P
please swap my rating back to small table
lol well i gues mine too :p

B-) Joel
creamsplurt and nickletham please. thanks.
Please change my rating the way it was before.
Thanks very much.


please swap my rating in small table snooker thx my nick is ninany
sullу pro    can u swap mine over aswell? :p thx
hi OP can i get my rating changed over to the light room please coz i dnt like the pro rooms im good in there but dntlike it, so cud u swap it over please. best regards LMF1
Hi as a sub i would have thought we could have been asked as i have bn a sub now for a good few years never mind can i have my score changed back thank 
All those that ask for a rating change can't pot in the New Snooker Room 1 :p! Seems that only the true pro players are keeping their rating put. 
can u change a few of mine bak ty :)

s h a r k y 1
mystical joey
ClacK BunT

and sweetsteph987   for my girlfriend plz ty :)
Thx all for coming, as 1 week has passed, no more rating swap is possible from now.

Good luck,