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new island
new island
new island
everyone talks about a new island that they are gonna put someday and i wonder if this is really true. I think it will be awesome having a new place to go with different monsters and everything. But if this really happens how would we get to the island and would it costs anything to go to this "new place"???
When and if island comes, we have to build boats. If I have understood right, that's gonna cost a lot of silvers. And on top of that you probably need an antiballast. And you probably have to be a subscriber. I don't know if any of this is true, but this info I have collected several other messages.
when i subbed just over a year ago there was talk of a new island.. still waiting... it cant take that long to convert code to a different language!! after all playstaion 2 games sometimes go from japanse to american(ntsc) to uk(pal) in a few months so what is the excuse for taking so long to expand this game??
Perhaps they're not translating it.  Perhaps they're making it themselves.  Just a guess.
then all the excuses in the past "its due to the translating of the code" is a load of rubbish then??. come on, some out there must be able to give a sensible answer to all the promises made over the last year. a simple question "when are we getting a new island" please, just a simple answer.. some person must know a resonably close date to this qustion. or do FoD hope we will carry one the British tradition of not complaining?? I for one will be having a good whinge if i dont get was promised over a year ago!! :-) ;-) :p
where did all of u guys first heard about the island?
A Year ago FlyOrDie was not responsible for the code relating to the new island. 

After FlyOrDie bought the code many changes have taken place. It was clearly stated at that time that there was no estimate on when the new island would be ready, and there were other more important issues to deal with, such as reducing the lag players experienced (which was by far the most important issue in the game at the time FlyOrDie took over the game). An intergrated chat room was also produced, and a lot of other changes also took place.

Just because you do not see a lot of changes does not mean that work isnt being done with larkinor. Many of the changes and upgrades to the game take place "behind the scenes" and will not have any obvious effect the players in general can see.

Currently the status of the code for the new island remains unchanged. It is being worked on but there is no current estimate for its release.