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Beta Testers Required
Beta Testers Required
Beta Testers Required
I'm too lazy to look back for the previous post on this.

The beta-team is in need of some new ACTIVE members to assist with testing of various things regarding larkinor. 

If you are interested in joining the beta team please leave your details below;

Login Name
Main Character Name

For those of you who are currently beta testers, please contact me as theres plenty to do. Missions to test, number crunching to do, mindless clicking etc etc

We would be glad to do beta testing:D
Login: Elusha Romanov
Characters: Bogateer Iz Mog & Ayesha Serala
I would love to do some testing

Login : Pennylane1

Characters : teddybear, teddybear2, teddybear3, teddybear4

Login: sugardaddy0140

Characters: sugardaddy, mysugardaddy, sugardaddy2, sugardaddy3

Login: Mrs_Cheeky

Characters: Mrs_Cheeky, Mr_Cheeky, socheeky, notsocheeky
i would
cleinameisha,  pellar and meika are characters

sounds all very intreasting V would love to be involved . :)
oppps :$ silly me forgot my chars
r.i.p   princessea   justin_time   jim bo

Me !! 

Login Name: Caption

Main Character Name: Pelon

Password: ha you think you can get that ? :p
User: xtremestunt

Main Char.: damova
Hi Veriac,

I'd be interested in some beta testing... 

(who needs to do work anyway!)

I play these three chars:  slipperflip, slapperflap and trans.

Would you like some references that I'm a nice person?  :)

I'd love to be involved!

Login Name: Flika
Main Chars: Tarrow and Flika

I have a second account that could also be used:

Login Name: Jewyl
Main Chars: Wraylia and Jewyl

I asked last time too.

Login name: Marbunz
Main Character: prefer Jayden2 (but there is Darryl and Metto too)

I'd be more than happy.
Main Character: 80
I would be happy to help if I can.

Login Name: Montsegur
Main Charater Name: Montsegur
Lark beta? Sounds fun :)

Login: FanOfLed
Main Char: FanOfLed

I would still love to beta test.

Login:  chia1781
Main Chars: Little Boo and Big Boo
Whats with the beta testing?
Answering questions about larkinor?
Sure I'd try it as a non-subscriber...
talesin lvl 27
Sign me up

Login: ZhangFi
Main Character: ZhangFi
I love to test beta versions ;-)
Login: Flambeau
Chars: LucyHunter , Flambeau , Flam
Have a nice time in Larki :-)
Login: juicy lucy

Main charactors: -***-, sir herby
I'liko to be one of the beta testers!!!
Id: Euxodia

Caracters: Akasha, Euxodia, Memnock, Marius

Thanks ;P
I would also be interested in beta testing.

Characters:  thora, wiggins, wordsworth, flitch, finnbogi

I'm in.

Log-in:  Onehundred20
Characters:  Hargigard, Glutnik, Learning Curve
I don't have much time to test, but the missions REALLY irk me that the grammar tends to be so poor and some of the questions seem to be answered by random guesswork rather than any form of reasoning.

I will TRY to test a mission or two (or three) if you need another tester.  It you don't know my character names by now there is simply no hope ;-)
I would like to thank you all for your interest. The names listed below will be added to the team of beta testers.

Elusha Romanov