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This is kinda a joke just to see if it gets removed like the topic Quake posted on whos the finest girl.. But who does all the females think thats the finest guy?
Just for the record boys and girls, the other topic was removed due to a few inappropriate remarks about our lovely Miss 
. I didn't feel they were appropriate, and she certainly didn't, so the decision was made to remove it totally to save hassle. 

Oh and by the way, don't make topics just to see if we'll remove them. We might go one step further than that if we see them cropping up.
ok i didn't see the post when there were inappropriate stuff said about streamline....so i appologize for assuming you removed the topic for the heII of it....
so....Bishi........ure the guy that keeps removing the non-politically correct posts?
I moderate these forums, if that is what you are asking. Myself and the other mods patrol these boards, trying to keep everything in check. I take it you have been posting offensive remarks judging by the nature of your post? 

As far as 'non-politically correct posts' go, I generally don't delete things unless they are either blatantly offensive or inappropriate for the forums. Usually a warning and the locking of the topic will suffice: I prefer to give examples of where people have broken the rules, and let that serve as a lesson to others.

If a post or topic breaches the FlyOrDie guidelines then appropriate action will be taken. In the case of the posts in question in this topic, deleting was deemed the only course of action suitable.
lol @ "non-politically correct" :^O

how much respect do you suppose one would get if they went into a friends home.... and placed notes like some of the postings that we see here in the forums...
on a friends bulletin board in the kitchen ? ?  ?:|  .....very little I suspect.....or at least in my home anyway.....
no difference here really....FlyOrDie offers the priviledge of making use of their forums for constructive and polite conversation.....when it's abused the designated forums moderators are compelled to act on it...pretty logical really...and certainly not rocket science.
I guess it all depends on ones attitude.
and apologies for going WAY off topic here PeachySweet ;)


I see, so if someone has an opinion and it isn't in the most nice manner possible it gets deleted. So the forum isn't really a forum then, it's kindergarden happy time *you get a gold star* board...... interesting, so no opinions allowed at flyordie, gotcha. ;).... and ghost, learn html before you put it in the forum bud :o
O well..  that HTML was'nt there when I posted that...  lol :O  but.. 
I'll reference back to my comment about attitudes anyway.
by saying it's all in what you make it...  


and that is exactly why i have been seeing fewer and fewer people playing.

and no....i dont feel the need to be politically correct.  I say what I wish.  I am an adult, I dont need another set of parents.
i think to be honest newkie is the best loooking...and im not newkie you may think its me but ur minds playing tricks so vote NEWKIE....
 newkie is the 
 he is well the  finest guy at FOD and yall might  as well just face it he is the sexiest fittest and hottest.... i could go on forever but i will make  the other guys feel  bad lol  

i love u babe,
forever ;)

I just dropped in here for 2 mins and i cant beleive what im reading
now...you all know the who the finest guy in here is ...
im way out on my own for looks, style,charm,sophistication and im modest too.
all you stalkers stop whispering me (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
sorry ppl i'm taken
Now lets stop this nonsense let this be the last message on this subject,irishjohn is the finest guy not only on FOD but the whole net.
ps i'm doing autographs in the lobby saturday night come early to avoid disappointment
np Ghost...Anyways back on the subject...I think the finest guy at flyordie would have to 
 THats all there is to it...
Ive got to be the fittest guy in flyordie....any body want a pic? contact me?;)
not one nomination yet, keep em coming lmfao
i think many will agree when i say theres only one, hes normally in your house waiting, hes called the mirror
Men stop being so arrougant...find a female to vote for you don't vote for yourself...its pathetic.
it would have to be the FlyOrDie dragon....you know...the little blue guy....
hands down winner   :p

He's easily the hottest!

P.S. Has he got a name yet?
How do we know the FlyOrDie dragon is a male?
errrrmm....  don't ask me to look to check that......it's not in my job description...  :p


How do you ask a fire breathing dragon to show you its.. errmm... you know... identifying characteristics?

Politely... verrrrry politely.
just look at the parts that are burning lol
He always leaves the seat up in the office toilets. Must be a bloke. ;)
hmm i have to agree with john;) and what's that you're taken?:p darn
I think the most scrompdidlyumpshish one here is STARSCREEN ohhh yeah.
Does ne1 else think this is pointless??
yeah i think this is real pointless.
Most definately Smokey01 is the finest of all...
I know!!!!
Tara xxx
Ok this topic is almost a month old....and so it is pointless now...why r people still responding to it...bishi could u plz lock the topic. lol thanks all who did reply
, forever will be the 
finest guy
 in FOD,
no matter what!:p ;) :) 

Tara xxx

I think the finest guy at fod would be Jar jar because he's so cute wheneva he's around talkin or anythin ,always been a favorite of mine . I still love jar jar , once you love him , you can't let go. By the way he's all mine , so paws off . * Jen *