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Terri Schiavo
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Terri Schiavo
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Terri Schiavo
Please pray for Terri and her family. I don't know what will come out of this, but the federal government had no business in it. They should have let the parents have her. There is little hope that she will make it; but please pray for this situation.
wth of a response is that LIVESTRONG? what they r doin to Terri Schiavo is just wrong, 
 is amazing as it is...so just do as confed says, i believe hes doin the rite thing
I agree livestrongs responce to this post was totally out of order and i expect him to apologize at least.  
, you should apologize for that comment. If you're going to post, please make it relevant to the topic.

I believe that the parents should have custody of Terri. It should not be the governments decision of the outcome for the girl. 
and i think its disgraceful what they are doing to terri ...starving to death ..just reading what is happenin make me sad.
If they were to starve her, they should inject her with a sedative. Therefore, being able to drug her and take her out of her misery. This would cease the suffering.

That's what I would want done to me rather than going through agony.
They wouldn't even let someone put an ice cube on her lips. Her skin is becoming dried out and flaky. I wish they would stop covering this up.

LIVESTRONG's reply isn't bad; he doesn't need to apologize. But he should keep replies according to the topic.
wow i never knew about this! why are they doing that to her?
dont ask me, ask the news in canada and u.s
leave livestrong be,even i dont know about wat confeds talking about...

not all of us get to know things from diff parts of the world.

I'm sorry? I will pray for this situation, and I didn't mean to sound rude, It's jusr I was shocked to see another Christian, :)

God bless to Terri

What is actually happening to this person? What is the situation.
ok read about her..

how can they allow her to starve to death..from wat ive read on the other sites her so called husband would get her money...motives there really and just cuz shes married id of thought the woman who gave birth to her had the final say..
she cant divorce him yet hes had gfs,what kind of so called marriage is that
The government or the doctors won't allow any information to go out. I don't know how "brain-dead" she truely is. When I first heard the case, I was glad she was being put out of her misery. But now nurses and family members are claiming she is responsive and alert. It is a tough call.
go to her website she responds to her mum and music,they sayin it mite be only matter of hrs
There have been people who have 'returned' from a so called permanant vegetative state as in the case of Kate Adamson. It is so wrong for anyone to play god over another ones life, how can this 'legalised murder' be allowed to take place. I for one hope that the people who decided to take this action against Terri live with the guilt for years to come.

Recovered “Vegetative State” Patient Kate Adamson Speaks Before Schiavo Rally
Withdrawal of food and water was “one of the most painful experiences you can imagine”

CLEARWATER, FL., March 14, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com) - On Saturday a rally of over three-hundred of Terri Schiavo’s most die-hard supporters heard the first-hand account of the sufferings and remarkable recovery of Kate Adamson. Struck down in 1995 at the age of thirty-three by a rare double brainstem stroke, Kate, then a mother of two young girls, was completely paralyzed; she was unable even to blink her eyes. Like Terri Schiavo, the medical staff treating her questioned the merit of continuing granting Kate the most basic human right of food and water. 

Terri Schiavo, although not nearly as severely disabled as Adamson once appeared to be, is slotted to have her feeding tube removed at 1:00 pm this Friday. Similarly, Kate Adamson’s feeding tube was at one point removed for a full eight days before being reinserted due to the intervention of her husband (also a competent lawyer). 

Frequently described by medical authorities as a humane way to die, Kate - now as vibrant and beautiful as before her stroke - testified before the crowd of Terri’s family and supporters that this form of legalized execution was “one of the most painful experiences you can imagine." Unable to respond or to indicate awareness, Kate Adamson asserts, “I was just like Terri…but I was alive! I could hear every word. They were saying ‘shall we just not treat her?’...I suffered excruciating misery in silence.” 

This personal testimony confirms what Terri supporters have long suspected—that the execution sought by her husband Michael Schiavo is anything but painless and humane. Furthermore, Kate’s remarkable recovery to nearly full mental and physical health—-she still suffers partial paralysis of her left side—-gives Terri supporters hope that Terri too may still experience a similar recovery, if granted proper care and treatment. 

During her early-afternoon speech Kate declared that “If they want to kill Terri they should have the guts to put a gun to her head” rather than condemn her to such a slow and painful death. She finished off by summing up the full import of the Schiavo case, saying, “The measure of a society is how they treat the least of us. Life is sacred or meaningless, there is nothing in between.” 

Contact Kate Adamson by visiting 

Dis girl needs to live and it baffles me to see people can allowing her to starve to death! 

How could her husband allow this? She is a human being. What we're seeing is murder. 

I would never let my BF starve to death. I would never let anyone starve to death. We live in a crooked world and it has to change now. 

would you want to see your wife/husband/daughter/son/mother/father etc suffering like this??!

i say let her die...if it was me i would want to die. i have seen someone i care about suffer like this, not being able to do stuff for themselves and being really ill and its horrible to watch when you can do nothing to help...

the judge ordered her feeding tube be removed cos its inhuman to keep someone alive just cos their heart is still beating...surely life is about living not surviving...would you want a machine keeping your loved one alive???
she responds to voices music ect. i disagree with wat there doin,would u want me to let you starve to death? do u think thats fair?
yes i would want to die if it was me...she may respond to music etc but in my opinion it still aint life...and i wouldnt want you to see me like that so yeah starve me
ok put that easter egg in bin and dont u dare touch that pizza
Peeps have been recovering from this sort of thing you know. You never know wid all the new medical breakthroughs n equipment, brain research n stuff. If they keep her alive longer, maybe she got a chance of recovering becoz of new research. Hear about nanotechnology? It's still a research thing but its emerging. 

She isn't braindead peeps! Her husband sed she wanted to die, then how would he know this if she was braindead? So since she can make choices like dat, it means she's aware of her environment and therefore she ain't braindead. She's minimally conscious!  This means she got a chance of recovering, so why dont we give her the time to live long enough for new medical breakthroughs and technologies to emerge. We shud giver that chance!

She isn't feeling any pain neways, so wat's the harm of keeping her alive? What if a new medical technology comes along some years from now that can fix the area of her brain that causes her vegetative state? 

Peepz, you can't deny the fact that medical breakthroughs ahppen all the time and we can't close the door on more potential breakthroughs in the future. She has to live!
Feb 1990: Mrs Schiavo collapses
May 1998: Mr Schiavo files petition to remove feeding tube, triggering legal battle
Oct 2003: Florida's lower house passes "Terri's Law", allowing governor to order doctors to feed Mrs Schiavo 
Sept 2004: Florida Supreme Court strikes down law
18 Mar 2005: Florida court allows removal of tube
22 Mar 2005: Federal judge turns down parents' appeal
23 Mar 2005: Appeals court backs federal ruling
25 Mar 2005: Federal judge rejects parents' second appeal
26 Mar 2005: Florida state judge rejects parents' appeal; judgement upheld by Florida Supreme Court
I have a picture of Terri when she was a baby! I feel for her mother as she sees her baby being starved to death! I'm sorry to say but I'm really touched by this and I'm saddened to see this baby being stopped from eating. I don't care what people think of what side they want to take but all I care about is that this baby is dying and it hurts.


i have no idea what this terri thing is about but a starving baby :(:(:(:(:(