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ask me a question about haloCE or halo 2s storyline and ill bet ya ill answer it.

¿ Why is 
 so overrated ? The only good thing about it is the mulitplayer B-)
I played it in GAME when it came out and again today - a good game but not as good as people said.

Get a game like GTA instead :D
i disagree, i say Halo2 
 but everyone has ther own opinion ;)
halo2 doesnt just own GTA it owns EVERY game

ive deticated my life to it tho it kinda tos my gf
You say the only thing good about it is the multiplayer - that is enough to beat all other games alone! £40 for Lbox L!ve and a headset, and you have the best game in the world ;)

halohgeek92>ive deticated my life to it tho it kinda tos my gf

Jeez, you've dedicated your life to a game. Now come on, there is more in life to dedicate to than...... a game?:| ... 

i completed halo2 in a day (easy mode) lol though i find it boring the only good thing is mutlipalyer
yeah i guess your right LIVESTRONG....SWAT here i come!
And just 4 the record im not rally a geek...i have full physical cappabilities and academic requirements for SWAT.lol i think ill just fight in the army. God bless the troops!

By saying ive dedicated my life to it i didnt mean... you no... so litteral

(i feel like an idiot now:()

anyone have xbox live? Like to see if any of you are good  :)
yup :) need more ppl to beat :)
if i get xbox life i can whoop u lol then again im always 2 overconfident :8}
bring it on, i know i can beat anyone ;)
i should get x-box live, ill let ya know in 10 years
omg u aint even got it!!! u plank