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this is rediculas........
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Dear Moderators
this is rediculas........
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Dear Moderators
this is rediculas........
there was a bunch of messeges posted here about how crudy the fod mods are, i poseted complaints cause i got booted for no reason, i wasnt swearing or being mean at all..... I feel this very disturbing cause i come here to have fun, and thats all......anyone that knows me knows this is true......zztopzz kept booting me for asking questions about how hes able to boot people for stating an opinion,...... this is so wrong, 1st ammendment right state freedom of speech......... screw it, i'm wasting my time here i can tell since the messeges posted have been deleted anyway ::s
"1st amendment right state freedom of speech" ??

I was looking Magikal...  I did not see a "1st amendment" entry in FlyOrDie's rules of use for the games or the forums...I did however,  see this information... under "USERS"..

"registered users may publish their thoughts, opinions in a way which meet the Moderation rules.
By registering as a user of FlyOrDie games 
the user accepts the rules
 declared in this Moderation document."

and under "MESSAGES" it states:

"however if the message intereferes with its (FlyOrDie's) own or other's interests, it may delete the message without reasoning. Before posting a message please consider what and how you publish."

not a single mention of "1st amendment rights"  though...  ?:|
have a look:



Magikal i wonder if somone came to the forum and started abusive language towards you or your family and friends would you then just sit and think of the 1st ammendment then or complain to flyordie or dare i say it a moderator.Some how i think so,As for the freedom of speech next time you see a police man walk up to him and cuss him out or maybe one or both or your perants see how far your freedom of speech gets you.If people cant hold a conversation without cussing then they shouldnt hold a conversation not in this forum or flyordie lobby rooms anyway. They all know what will happen but alas they still feel the need to use vulgarity and abusive language 
Stormbringer in your reply you say that magikal has been "cussing" when magikal clearly states he wasn't using abusive language or being mean towards zztopzz. If u cannot ask questoins such as magikal did then why bother with forums.
I think we was talking about the first ammendment in U.S.A.
wich is the right of free speach
ermmm where and when did i state that magikal had been cussing???..The Point i was getting at is that everyone screams about freedom of speech untill its THEM that has the first Ammendment thrown at them.Then its not fair and they dont like it..

Look, all i'm saying is why do people get booted for nothing? That's all, nothing more, nothing less, it's just iritating that some mods are using their privliges wrong...... Nothing to do with the first ammendment smart guy, just an example ;) ... so why is it wrong to ask why you have been booted anyway?.... is this a dictatorship site?
Storm, I take nothing personal on here, everyone could say whatever they want about me or my family, I don't care, it's a computer man, get it? 
, and as for your first amendment rights theory, swearing at a cop will have no effect on you because, duh, it's your right man, get it?
c-o-n-s-t-i-t-u-t-i-o-n-a-l- -r-i-g-h-t
Magikal, and whomever else claims they have a right to say whatever to whomever, and wherever, based on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution... I hate to burst your bubble, but your understanding of the Amendment is wrong. The Amendment states:

 "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Do you see anywhere where it says you have the consitutional right to enter someone's house or place of business and proceed to cuss them out in the foulest manner? No. Does the Amendment grant you the constitutional right to enter a crowded theater and yell, "FIRE"? No. Yet your line of reasoning indicates that this is exactly what you think "freedom of speech" means.

In effect, when you visit FlyOrDie forums, or play their games, you are in FlyOrDie's place of business and as such you have no rights at all other than those FlyOrDie chooses to grant you. So if you don't like that FlyOrDie doesn't allow profanity and rude behaviour towards others,  I suggest you attempt to find a game site that does.

...... That pretty much sums it up Nemesis.....
and quite articulately I may add.....B-)




the one thing people don't understand about the amendmants are that there are limits put on them, you can't just go anywhere and say anything you want unless you're in you're own house and even if you could cuss on here, how is that gonna help?  ur just cussing at someone wholives thousands of miles away from you and could most likely careless.
Ceerist you mods are unbelievable.

You just are NOT interested in following the point of these posts are you? The guy's is complaining about your abuse of your position...

You manage to adress every tangent of the initial post EXCEPT this particular point.

Talk about that.

It's only the same few individuals that are moaning though isn't it? Those that have been on the receiving end of a moderator's abilities due to various reasons. 

I'd go through the numerous reasons, but to be honest I'd be boring myself. I've done it so many times before. 
So very simply, and without any long words for the less intellectual of you out there...

You have nothing to fear from the moderators, unless you break the rules.

I think you'll find beast, that the various postings in this topic were in reference to a frankly laughable suggestion about the 'First Amendment', which Nemesis has quite nicely put to rest now. And I'm also confident that zzTOPzz had every reason to kick Magikal off in the first place. 

There are lot's of rules in the code of conduct, yes? So therefore there are lots of ways to break them. Do you see?
well...... ultimately......the entire point is..... in my view anyway, and I'm responding to this as a subscriber now, not a moderator......if one follows the published rules of use...... one should have no problems what so ever with the moderators.........correct ?
as far as any "abuse" of authority or whatever one wishes to call it...... 
.... FlyOrDie management recognizes occurrences of that......the moderater would be relieved of the position.......as we have seen instances of this in the recent past.
I don't mean to sound condecending... but.... thats really the primary reason for moderation of the games...to ensure all who visit have a good time here....FlyOrDie and it's subscribers (myself included).... expect nothing less than that.

No kidding Nemesis, I never cussed or said anything bad, that's my whole friggin point.
Ya shouldn't get banned for nothing. And Bishi, were you there?....No, you weren't, so how do you have any say in my being booted? Oh, that's right, you don't...... And as for zztopzz, how is he good and doing his job well when there's a post on the forum about how bad he is and how he boots people for no reason? hmmmmmmmm
How do you know I wasn't there? I could have been watching the whole thing as a guest, or under a different name. You wouldn't even know I was watching. 

And what point are you trying to make about zzTOPzz here? You forget I could make a post about 
 and write whatever I liked in there: wouldn't make it true would it? Hmmm? Do you see?
Wow I can't belive how many complaints ZZTOPZZ gets in these forums or outside the forums....But he never ever replys to them strange if i do say so myself...He never replys back on what people say about him in these, Storm or ghost are the only ones that reply back and oh and lets not forget the famous essay typer MR.BISHI.
I know you weren't there Mr. Bishi, cause if you were you'd agree with me, and you wouldn't have stated 
"And I'm also confident that zzTOPzz had every reason to kick Magikal off in the first place."
nice 1 peachy wow magikal u caused a stir but i goot agree.
This is true Bishi, you could make a post here about me that wouldn't be true. But what would be the point? Most of the posts in the forum i'm sure are legit... I'm not seeing posts here from people that swear and get banned cause they know they were in the wrong. I'm seeing people making posts here that get banned for no reason and not for breaking any rules. You guys all defend your team but all the mods aren't the same person so you are all gonna do things for different / dumb reasons and ban who you want, when you want. I'm sure there are some good mods out there, but this post was started for one of them that isn't.