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Clans!!!! (an idea)
Clans!!!! (an idea)
Clans!!!! (an idea)
In the hungarian version, we have clans. Clans are an organisation of players who form a very close relation, and help, chat with each other within the forum. If a clan reaches the size of 10 players, it is entitled to start building a clanhouse. It is rigorous, but when built up, it can be extended to a variety of duties, like a warehouse for goods, from which NOTHING can be stolen, it is also a pub where you get free drinks(come on lads, just this alone is worth it!:D), and none the least, it represents the power of the specified clan. 

Once designed, the clans will inrteract, and share their experiences. In Hungary, most clans are friendly with each other and their working together results in the entire evolution of the game itself. 

I would like to recommend such a new function in the english Larkinor as well.
Pretty new to the game, but the idea sounds good to me.
excellent idea!  what determines who makes up the individual clans?  are the clans made up of people of similar levels?  types?  for example, a clan of fighters?
how much influence do we as players have in the evolution of the english version?  rexyin8
Didn't they promise that with next upgrade (islands, boats and harbors) we could create clans? I'm only wondering when it will happen. One reason I paid for this was that promised upgrade...
Clans will be the last major upgrade. Before Clans the boats and other island will be implemented. This is because the amount of work required to implement clans is 
Yes, the work is tremendous, but the hungarian support team could lend a hand, I'm sure of it.

The way we do it is as follows: 
-only subscribers who are free and over level 20 may FORM a clan as a clanleader(In hungary I'm the leader of the DTL clan).
-anyone becoming free and reaching level 20 can join in(subscribing isn't necessary).
-Major clans will form in the very beginning. They will consist of specialized players(e.g.:thieves, robbers, mages, diggers, duel-warriors, monster-killing-warriors, etc.), who will join forces to maximize their impact. Be prepared for instance that the thieves will absolutely invade the town center, and no one will ever be safe again...(not even them due to repricutive counterattacks from the victims!):)
-Later on, when these superior clans become stable, a newer generation of clans will emerge, mostly on a "friends join up" basis. Not necesarily weaker, but perhaps less renown to the public than the veteran clans, these will in turn have to fight for their survival-primarily because of internal problems and not because of the big ones. In fact, in hungary, the whole clan system is like a gigantic family of closer or more distant relations.

i think that's a great idea (especially the free drinks).
i've always wanted more interaction with other players like talking or something but this would turn the game upsidedown!!!!

you should put like slim, cinder,and rebanne as clan leaders since they have been here a long time

pffttttttttttt *cough* Granted they have and they have all bestowed their knowledge upon others who have then handed it down to others and it all ended up in my hands among others... 
It would not turn things upside down but give the game a boost. I'm not sure if it's allowed or not(I'll check the rules throughoutly), but we could try a test-clan. Since I only started the english version yesterday and have only 2 level 9 diggers and a level ten warrior, I don't have to be the clan leader, but in hungary I am already a leader of a one of the best clans and I have enough knowledge and experience in this matter, so I could help to show how it's done. Is it a good idea?
thank you,nicram72, for bringing forth this idea of clans and explaining how it has functioned in the hungarian version.  this gives me and all the other players a long range vision of the future game plans and enables me to better plan the build up of my character rexyin8.
Nicram, it would be of 
 help if you could outline to the players how the clan houses work.

I love the clan idea but please don't restrict it to "freed" characters.  I'm level 20 and my money rate does not seem to be grwoing fast enough to be free anytime soon.  Let the non fre join as a lower level clan member (discounted drinks?, etc.).  Maybe clan members can use them as practice dummies and help them power up!
yeah because that meens that the only chars getting in at 20 would be diggers.

Veriac, I was planning on sending you a letter directly later during the afternoon, but since you asked and others are interested too, I will post the most important things here:

About the clanhouses:
Pulling up the clanhouse is the most rigorous mission of all, some players simply give up or take themselves months to finish it-the hungarian DTL started on the 14th of november, and the last person is going to finish just tonight, which means approximatly 3 months. I'll detail the reasons later, they could be of help as well.
Before a clan can even start with the job, it first has to reach a number of 10 members to turn "active" from "passive", and has 3 other missions before it.

Basics about the house: 
-The foundations of this massive building can be placed on any tile on Larkinor except the town center where the palace stands(we placed ours at the market). A maximum of 3 clans may place their houses on the same tile.

-Just after the Foundation Block(aqquired in the previous clan mission) has been placed by the Clanleader on the pre-voted tile(details later), an icon of the building appears on that tile, just like a grocery store, a bank, the arena, etc.

-Once the house is finished, the clan can controll all of their operations from there. The members don't have to run in and out of the Palace to do the things they need. The "clans rooms" are just in the place of the "statistics" you have in the Palace at present.

-You can build a "Clan Warehouse" once you have the main building itself. It is basicly a room which has a free space of 250 kilogramms, but can be expanded by using building-blocks.This mission is far mor easier than the housebuilding itself.

-You can also build a "Clan Pub" also after you finish the clanhouse. Probably the simplest of all, once finishing this mission, everyone can get free drinks from the clanhouse and the members don't have to go to the original pubs.

-When doing actions in the clanhouse, you don't lose clicks, just like in a battle or on your character page.

-The clanhouse, however is an expensive thing and it can get damaged or even collapse completely if not cared for.
500.000 silver per week however should cover all finances for a simple clanhouse and an extra 50.000 for the extra rooms. You can pay as following: the clan has a treasury, to which all members may contribute. You should divide the weekly cost among yourselves, which comes up to less than 60.000 per head in an active clan.
If you don't pay, a specified part of the house will get damaged and the clan will have to pay a tremendous price for repairs-or in the worst case, rebuild the damaged part again.


Klan Missions:

I. Relics

You have to collect 6 relics scattered across Larkinor.
Required participation rate: 100%
Key to completion:
1.Buy some spades at the grocers.
2.Go out of town and beat monsters. Some will give you directions, but watch out! They may be fake infos.
3.Try to identify where the key location is according to most of the infos.
4.Start digging there.

If you find the right spot, all six will pop out together, but I can't give any more hints...it wouldn't be fun!:) All I can say is they will be in the same place for everyone!...

II. Aquiring the Foundation Block

Participation rate:100%
Key to completion:
everyone needs to make a life-essence.
It consists of the following:

-You need 21 essence-stones.Recepie:
9 vampire herbs
3 diamonds
1 wonderflask
-You also need 7 soulmortars.Recepie:
5 earthspells
3 honey balms
1 egoplasm
-And finally, an imp mushroom(complete a mission for it.)

If you have all of it, go to a Mage Tower and make the essence:
21 essence stones
7 soulmortars
1 imp mushroom.

Finally, go to the palace and discard your essence at the "mission room" of your clan.

III. Placement of the Foundation Block

Participation rate: 100%
Key to completion:
This starts where the last stopped:
1. Everybody has given in the essences.They finish the personnal duty of the mission by clicking on the "personal duty complete" icon, and when everyone does so, the clanleader clicks on the "clanmission complete" icon->mission complete.
2. The leader can now volunteer for this mission, by clicking again the proper icon.
3. All members must volunteer for the mission, and instantly, click on the "personal duty complete" button.
4. Now the leader has the Block in his backpack, and can simply go to the intended tile, and place the block. A possibility appears for him on his menu just above "Eat foodrations".
5. He/she returnes to the palace, goes to the clan's "mission room", and clicks the "clanmission complete" button. This mission's over, too.
6. The clanleader requests, volunteers for the next mission: Building the clanhouse.
7. The other members join, volunteer for the mission.

IV. Building the clanhouse.

This is the big one. Survive this, and your clan will become immortal.:)
required participants: 100%
Key to completion:
You should get 20-25 breathing cornerstones per head.(anyone can do this, the wealthier can pay instead of others, you will be using them together)
Everyone per head has to dig 2000, and build 500 times.(This is the worst and everyone has to suffer...ˇ_ˇ)
Make sure you're on "shy", because whatever you do, monsters will be storming the building site. For every 3 actions, two more monsters will stockpile around you. They will attack at random, without their usual warning icon between the moving arrows. The more there are stockpiled, the greater the chance of them attacking. If you don't want to be disturbed, keep them under 20. While digging, they will increase, but it is still bearable until around 60. From here on, they will attack almost always, making work IMPOSSIBLE. 
-you can defend yourself with traps. A trap costs 500 silver on level 20, and gets more expensive(500 extra every time) for higher levels. 1 trap can catch 4-5 monsters. Sometimes they still slip through, that counts as 1/2 monster to the trap. For every cought monster, you get 1/10 of the exp you would get for killing it! Make sure you get a lot of items so you can afford the traps-kill monsters! KILL 'EM ALL!:)
-however, traps aren't necessary(it costs a lot, plus thieves will be run regular sorties against those super-wealthy builders), it's a good idea to have the best monster-killer of the clan-who should be a level 20-22 one who has no problem whipping monsters equal to his level-provide the cover, and when there are less than 20 monsters around the building site, the others can start digging.
-make sure you work as a team. It is important to organise who is doing what.The high leveled,whealthy players should buy the cornerstones, the low-level monsterkillers should do the beating before they do their own digging. You should finish more quicker.

When someone is ready, he should go into the clanbuilding(it's usable for this at least by now), go into the mission room, and deliver his duties as in the earlier missions. Whwn the last person finishes, the leader reports the job "done", and it's finally standing-the Glorious Monument is Fine and standing!

Beware! It's not as easy as it looks! With the diggings and buildings, the monsters and healings the played clicks should reach a gargantuan number between 12000 and 15000. It's hard stuff, but worth it in the end.

Extra mission I: Clan pub

Goal: drink 300 bottles and deliver it to one of the groceries!
Participation rate: 60%(!)
Key to completion: 
1. First the leader, then the others volunteer for this as well.
2. Go to a grocer. He/she will tell you to bring 300 bottles.
3. Go to the temple, and buy 300 drinks, it doesnt have to bee aqua dei-a mobilidoxin or anything at the same price will do. 
4. Go ahead, your wife's not watching-start the boose marathon:) Drink it all up-all 300. 
5. Re-enter the grocer, and the bottles will automaticly be taken away...eh, for recicling, of course!:)

When everyone is completly drunk, try finding back to your Clanhouse!:) The pub is now there, you can now drink a free rum which has the equal effect of a regen-drink(you will encounter this item on Thord-Artin, it will put your hp and mana to the maximum amount). Of course, without loosing clicks.

Extra mission II.: The Warehouse.
Required participation rate: 60%(as with the pub)
Key to completion:
The volunteers must go into the woods, they will get an option to "cut wood".They must cut 300 wood each and deliver it. Then the volunteers must gather altogether 500 different objects(shields, weapons, components) and put them in. Until then, nothing can be taken out but in the end you will be able to redistribute the stuff. 500 is a lot of stuff, in the end you will be purchasing all possible components and all weapons and items up to level 38 if you want to come out of this mess with the least costs(That's experience, you can believe me). The warehouse's main advantage is that it can't be robbed, and it holds up to 250 kilogramms, and can be expanded.

So far, these are all the clanmissions, and probably enough for now!:)


A clan gives the opportunity for players with similar aims to join forces and make their lives easier, and aqquiring the expensive, hard-to-get items,shields and weapons for free from a stronger member, etc.They might even be granted a topic for their own use in the forum so they can communicate with each other with ease.
The large amount of clans on the forum will interact and even cooperate with each other. Someone will always be here, and if any new player has any questions, those online can provide usefull help. 

-A clan has a clanleader, 3 commanders, the rest are members. 
The clanleader basicly desides who will become a member and who will not. Ultimatly, the decision of which mission to take, which clan to be friends or enemies with(So far the later never happened in the hungarian version) is his/hers. He/she can make votes on which the members can vote, and can send messages to other clans. He can also freely distribute the rank of "commander" to the members, based on sympathy or performance(both together is best!). 
The clan commanders basicly have the same rights as the clanleader, but can't send messages to other clans, and they have no right to displace the clanleader from his position. If the clan has a general problem with the leader, than there's one opportunity per month to have a vote on who shall be the new leader and if someone gets more votes than the previous one, he is elected leader.This is very dangerous though, a clan frequently changing leaderships is an unstable clan and could fall apart.
The member's only function is the voting function, which of course, the leaders also have. Though this may not seem to be much, the most powerful decisions are made by the members.:)

-When someone wants to join, he should first give a short introduction of him/herself on the forum or the website of the clan. If the newcomer is nice, the members decide whether the new character can join. Then all that's left is the formal request of joining, which is level*5000 silver in the clanhouse, or if not yet built, in the palace.

-If you want to join a clan, you have to be free(you payed 1.000.000 to the king) and at least on level 20.
It's a good idea to check what other criterias the clan has for newcomers(A robber clan obviously will set a requirement of a certain robbing skill, e.g.: 100).

-A clan will become "active" if it has at least 10 people in it. Once "active", it can start doing the missions.

-If a clan looses it's "active" status during a mission, the mission will only "pause", and not completely be deleted. When the "active" status is re-obtained, the mission goes on.


-be in synchrone with your teammates. Try to solve personal problems quickly because psychicly these outbursts affect the moral of everyone.

-don't use bad language. For once, you can be banned from the entire game, secondly, no clan appreciates an "unwashed tongue".

-Regularly check into the clantopic and be active on the forum. It's good to know what's going on and also it is very time-efficient if a clan is ready to start a new mission or report an old one "done".

-Devide the jobs(and weekly payments) in an order so that everyone's happy and no one gets a ridiculous burden on his/her shoulder. 

-Make a webpage, it's fun for the clan, you can make your own chats there, and morally it boosts the clan. Ours is here:


This isn't an advert, it's an idea. The members are listed, their characters might be linked, and even-you might get their photographs!:D We will have those up pretty soon on our homepage. Such websites REALLY help building the larkinorean community of players into sort of like a family!:)

-If possible, do Klan-meetings! This is a very hard task even in a small country like Hungary, not to mention what it would be like in a global size...but it obviously makes the bonds ultimatly strong within a clan, try it if you can!:)

Ok, this was a long one. I hope I didn't leave out anything, if I did, just ask me about it and I'll be glad to help.
Don't worry, when you reach the level 23-24 money will come in an amount that nothing will be a big problem. I am at the level of 26, but I'm still trying to get enough money.(but I'm close) I think it's a fairly nice way to avoid unserious characters.:)

There are general stores in Larkinor, and one marketplace next to city center...
Sounds like a good concept, but I think I would have to study for at least a month to figure everything out!  I can see that it would be a massive programming effort and wouldn't be realistic to see it until after the ships/islands are implemented:-)
this is a verry god idea ^^ 
and im a clan member of hungarian clan called kgb thats the small name :)
i wanted to know when will we get the upgrades that is why i paid for this!!! 
No offense, but you are an IDIOT!!!! EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT CLANS, BRAINO!!!!!!!!! It AIN'T THE FIRST TIME I'VE HEARD DAT IDEA! But, yeah, we should have clans.
Not everybody knows about clans. There are players who have never played game like this before. And how "everybody" knows about clans? Somebody told them either in chat or here in forum.
I have read a few of your messages. Why do you have to be so arrogant and hostile towards other players? OK, some of the questions are "stupid"(asked many times before), and may bore you, but people who ask them really need that answer. If topic looks boring or stupid to you, don't bother to read it.
Anyways, good luck in the game! :)
Pretty complex. I only understood about half of it. Any idea how soon people will be doing things like that?

clans are a bigger upgrade then TA 
Can you characters belong to different clans?

Can they belong to multiple clans?
I think, it's a great idea. I play in the Hungerian Larkinor too, and I'm one of the members in the DTL, and I member in KGB (in english: KGB-The Russian Maffia), and KOS (Knights of the Shadow). The clans ar good things, I find a lot of friends, and the clan extras are good. Whit the clans, everyone will win. ;)
see the problem we have here is hungarian versus english larkinor. We are not hungarian and probably will never have all or the same they have. Clans probably wont be out here for sometime and whne they are i bet they are abit different then hungarian

Great idea!! I have to brag about me being 23 and free :p
Could the clans be phased in so we can see some kind of upgrad happening?

After a 5 months time away, Larkinor seem to be stagnat of any upgrads what ever.

AKA Rommie
hmm sounds very interesting indeed. admittedly im nly lv 9 and still struggling to make a living but im told money starts hitting higher shortly :) especialy whne i can kill the wizards for staffs and such.

i can see the upgrade bieng really huge and i know TA must have been. (going great you guys on there, keep fighting)

we'll just have to see what happens as far as they go. i cant see everything bieng the exact copy of the hungarian version but i think that we can get it fairly close :)

heppy clicking!
the clan upgrade is much larger then Ta