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Random Story thing
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Random Story thing
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Random Story thing
>>>This is 1 of those things where sum1 (me) wil start a story and leave a blank area 4 the nxt person 2 start up at. Then they leave a blank spot for the nxt prson and ect.....

Ok, we start off in the middle of a 
  forest place. The humans bilt 2 bars that they use as "homebases". they all get drunk and start fighting eachother. (Simular to the past topic Bar Fight) 
We start this battle with ....X.... and X-Honna (myself) fighting ev1 else cuz we rule best :p
he takes his shotgun (he didnt want 2 upgrade yet) and shoots ppl in the hed (among othr places ;)) and i take my rocket launcher 2 blow em up agen and agen

>>>nxt person start from here
and then Rem coms and joins them by pulling out hr flamethrowr. it shoots up 2 150 ft. STAND BAK X'S!!!!!!!
ummmmmm, their bar's on fire. is that ok?
No, thats fine. But they betr start fightin bak, or we'll win without any fight. Where's the fun in that?
(stomping on sum dum ded cat)
Jus then 
₪ Þμяέ έvĩł ₪,
Ғѓέđđỹ Қѓűέgέѓ,
Ģøιđεη Śîιεηcε™
 fly over in their jets bombin half of you to the ground:p leaving ....X.... (cuz i like his hard work on thos picsB-)) and 1 female to start a family :p so we can start fighting again B-)

₪ Þμяέ έvĩł ₪

by the way, pure evil freddy kruger and golden silence are me so i have no idea how 3 of me blew half of u to the ground ?:| lol:p
I started this story thing, so im the female u leave alive :p
>>>>X-Honna, uses her "magic" to instently rebild her and ....X....'s base. Wanna join pure eveil? We can use (plus that i no il live :p) Now i send my killer flying pig things 2 attack any enemies :p
sure i'll join you :p but 2 things 1st B-) my names pure evil not pure eveil:p and i'm changin it to ÇømßøPříñçë so call me that from now on plz:D or u cud call me master ;\ either way im happy :D lol:p

oh and killer flyin pig things wtf lol:p why not use ur magic n destroy em wiv a ®Ќîιια™тøяηαđø® :D

ok my part for the story is......

After X-Honna's flying pigs attack are enimies ÇømßøPříñçë (me:p) sets his pet Ќîйģ Ќǿвяλ loose on a few enimies the kobra rips there heads off spits em out n all u c is the slime of the kobras venom on the deformed heads:p

P.S Ќîйģ Ќǿвяλ and ®Ќîιια™тøяηαđø® another 2 names of mine:p, think i shud stop b4 u find out all my names ?:|lol:p

yo np on the names bit :p
so my new bit is.......

ok, wel.....ty 4 joinin combo ;)
I think maybe il take ur advice and do the magic thing. ok now hmmmm.........1st, il send down fire bals on wat is LEFT of their base and then 2nd il send "magic" homing misles at evry 1 of them! um btw, who we fightin? no1 here 2 play the bad gy :p SOM1 COM PLAY ON THE OPOSING TEAM!
shudnt have asked me to join u :p there wud still b sum1 to fight then :D

o wel lol we needed atleast 3 ppl :p ....X.... doesnt even no this topic exsists i dont think :p
*wakes up after a long and nice sleep* *rubs eyes* *looks around* *gets on F16 And drops ten nuclear bombs and destroys the world...
 now heading to mars... end of story :D


.....X..... B-)
lol *uses hr magic 2 recovr half the wrld and says HA 2 ....X....* :p
HA in ur face ....x.... :p ty X-Honna:D now we just need sum1 to kill ?:|
hey X-Honna i made u another pic;):p
] which do u prefer this 1 or the 8ball and 9ball ?:|
then hara comes along but doesnt really know whats going on...the story was a bit confusing...he walks around in circles for a while....notices combos sign which really has nothing to do with the topic and goes, woah now thats nice:)
oh i see...the world blew up:o but hara lives in his own little world so its alright...
Lol ty combo ;)
And u live in ur own wrld huh? *uses hr magic and blows up kiras "own litle wrld" with a jumbo comet* :)
oh......:( now that was just mean:(

Np X-Honna;) and if u both tell me ur real names i'll make u an animated Signature:D like mine but most of them will b different designs:p and dont make fun out of my name i no it suks but not my fault my mums got bad taste:p

] B-)
frst off, kiri, i aint a "Mr" lol im a chik :p got it ? :p
secondly, yo combo, my real name is Rem. (Dont ask) :p
thrd, *uses hr powrs 2 pur kiris hair on fire
lol, ok wont ask:p i'll see wot i can do for an animation for ya:p
Oh by the way im ÇømßøPříñçë :p
errrr i've kinda ran outta ideas ?:| so i hope these will do for now:p

] i no it's not animated but i'll do a better 1 soon:p jus need to get sum sleep 1st ?:|
lol np ;) I like me no worries ;) good job
Ty:D but i'll make u a better one soon:p
NO! I'm back and shall now we shall continue the story lol Sorry ....X...., but I don't want you blowing up the world and leaving your TEAM (me) behind. Sad :( We can attack them with these new Dire Wolves I raised with my magic :D Lol