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COPA TANX 2005-please read
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COPA TANX 2005-please read
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COPA TANX 2005-please read
Is arriving in  january Copa tanx 2005.They will have around 32 players, considerados the best of the Flyordie.
To 1 phase will be with energy 10 and the Monday phase until 15.They will be 3 positions for the 3 best, to 1 is for the Champion World of Copa the Monday for the vice-champion and to 3 is for the 3 even...hahahaha

Will be 4 judges being 2 officiais (TERREMOTO and I) and the 2 other júizes are (Bryan and Ultra)

U.p.R -14 
without clan (terremoto and Taliban) absence (1)


Rules of Copa:

Respect the adversary and the judge Disputes of duels, being to 1° phase to 10 pts. Of the eighth forward to 15 pts.  Without energy. 
Case will have the use of energy with or without intention the player that cometer the infraction will be punished in -1 point, must itself suicidar. 
The operations should not possess to be able to.  
2 better of each group pass for the phase kills Case, will have tie in number of points, will have decide for the gross balance.  

Obs. :

1° phase disputed in 2 weeks in the maximum, eighth one up to final in 1/2 week in the maximum one, trying always I fulfilled the games, avoiding the w.the.Everybody will have the and-mail of all of the players for be able to have a better combination of schedules. 

Good luck!!!:p
Nussa eu que escrevi a parada, já tenho dificuldade pra entender isso ai, imagina os outros :p

by the way

we need 4 tra's players (4 better of the cla), if u (TRA) wanna join in COPA TANX, write in this post the 4 names. TY
what is this COPA TANX-2005?
is it a clan tournament or something?

Bryan practice on your English bud,so the rest of us know what your talking about?
i dont understand
i want to be good :p
I think we need a translator to translat the translation he has translated. :)
is it good or bad, to be involved in this, on the face of it, it looks like a set up - as the clan allowed most entrants must surely prevail, i mean 14 contestants or 4.

And to those that say its the best of flyordie, then it should be open to ALL the best, not just the best of certain clans, I can say all this as i know i wont be involved......

But i reckon the canadians, AR, and others may have something to say..or am i missing the point and its by invite only.
Invoco todos os jogadores de Tanx a estarem participando da Copa Tanx 2005,será em Janeiro de 2005,serão 32 jogadores dos melhores clans do Mundo.
Na 1 fase poderão usar energia,porém na 2 fase(a mais difícil)não será preciso usar energia. O 1º lugar será para o Campião Mundial do Tanx(O melhor jogador de Tanx do FlyOrDie),o Vice-Campião será considerado o melhor jogador do Mundo e o 3º lugar será para 3ºmelhor jogador.

Serão 4 juízes sendo 2 officiais(TERREMOTO e Eu) and os outros 2 juízes serão o  Bryan e Ultra.

14 jogadores para os U.p.R
8 jogadores para os U.a.G
4 jogadores para os TrA
3 para os Unidos
TERREMOTO e taliban(sem clã)


Respeitar o adversário e o juiz
Disputa de duelos, sendo a 1° fase até 10 pts. Das oitavas em diante até 15 pts.
Sem energia. Caso houver o uso de energia com ou sem intenção o jogador que cometer a infração será punido em -1 ponto, devendo se suicidar.
As operações não deverão possuir poderes.
2 melhores de cada grupo passam para a fase mata-mata
Caso, houver empate em número de pontos, haverá desempate pelo saldo total.


1° fase disputada em 2 semanas no máximo, oitavas até a final em 1/2 semana no máximo, tentando sempre cumpri os jogos, evitando o w.o.
Todos terão o e-mail de todos os jogadores para poder haver uma melhor combinação de horários. 
falta somente 1 jogador


select all text and translate...
Let me try explain!!!

Firstly, copa tanx is a championship played in 1on1, with 32 players. It isnt´t a clan tournament. 

There will be 8 groups, each group with 4 players. And the 2 best of each group will be classified for the next stage. In this stage ll be known the champion.

Theoretically, these 32 players r considered good or they play tanx for a long time + some guests (frequently players). The players are invited. And in this year we (brazilians) are invitin some foreigners too.

Thankyou TERREMOTO i have better understanding now, and although i will not participate ( not good enough lol ) I would like to say thanks on behalf of all TrA for the invite.............
Yes Terminator,

TrA would like to enter 4 players in the Tournament.

We will be holding a TrA Turny to decide which 4 players are best.
woo fun.................when does it start, if this here clan joins? (im not sure if F.A.T will be in it but if it does, IM GONNA WIN ]:))
I am going  wich the players that to the month of  January of 2005, all of the clan included (U.p.R,U.a.G,TrA and United) already have the players.

Without clans-2 (TERREMOTO/taliban)
(one to go)


1-	Respect your opponent and the match's referee.
2-	Game played in One on Ones ( 1-1 ), the qualifying stage to 10 kills. After qualifying stage, 15 kills.
3- 	No energies. If the player, intentionally, or not, uses it, he will be punished with a -1 point, as in killing yourself.
4-	The operations cannot have power-ups.
5-	2 best players from each qualifying group go to "instant death" phase.
6-	If a tie in points happen, the winner will be decided based on the kills subtracted by the deaths.


?	First stage ( qualifying ) will be played in two weeks maximum, the following games will be played in 1/2 weeks maximum, trying to play all games, trying to avoid games being won due to absence of others.
?	Everyone will have everyone's email, so schedules can be made to play the games.

If anything, I'll post back, thanks
oooooooooook thats a little bit more then  asked 4 but i hope F.A.T gets in there. JADAIZ or other members in F.A.T u tink we should participate?
FAT, how many ppl there is in ur clan and who are the leader????

aproveitando, agradecemos aki a moderadora do fly, FULANA, por traduzir o bagulho ....Depois eu falo pros teus parceiros lá capricharem mais nas pepinadas, se eh q vc me intende ;)

and Snipe, ur welcome!!!!!
Aew TERREMOTO...esse moderador aí tá muito poderoso em..hehehehe.
Cara os FAT não vão para a Copa por 2 motivos.
1 não tem muitos integrantes e não tem site
2 nenhum deles tem alta patente.
TERREMOTO there r 40-60 members in F.A.T and leaders r FAT_O_TRON and FAT_CAMO_____
if i missed anymore in F.A.T, SOZ but i 4got :8}
huh?? TERREMOTO i dont understand that question >_<
I made a simple web blog to Copa Tanx.
You can get more information about the tourney here: 

All news, games, rules (including the table) are there.

The only thing that we must have, is the 32 players who will play Copa Tanx.


Eu te mandei um e-mail de convite pra você postar no blog. Como você disse ser assinante da Globo.com, você vai conseguir sem problemas.
Qualquer coisa fala comigo que eu posso te dar a senha do administrador.

oooooooook all i understood was the rules but i couldnt understand anything else but the staff. I cant read the other language
Please, register your nick name in Copa Tanx blog:

The player that lacked in this copa now does not be lacking more.The Unbeatble Knight is the player of the last vacancy.

Welcome the Copa Tanx BROCK LASNER ;\

vamu com calma se ñ vira bagunça
Aew TERREMOTO,coloquei a  notícia no meu site versão inglês,dá uma olhada ae e assina o livro de visitas.;)