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One thing I hate....
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One thing I hate....
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One thing I hate....
Is when people fluke, and its an obvious fluke, and they say "oh yeh man im good i played that woohoo im class blah blah blah" 
I dunno why they cant admit it, even when its an obvious fluke!
no what u mean m8 happens a lot just got to get on with it ,it doesnt matter to u ur the best m8;)
The ppl that think they are champions if they fluke are just big headed. PPL that fluke think they are the best if they fluke. GET A LIFE

where did you learn thta lie from?
I can recall so many times when a player put me off for no reason whatsoever and then flukes with all kinds of  hit n' hope shots. Then they continue to be arrogant as if they are God's gift to FOD. Those situations happened to me so many times to the point that I've gotten used to it. I just shrug it off now and just ignore those types of people whenever I run into them.

Another thing I also hate is when my opponent calls me "cheap" and "sad" because I had just snookered them in a critical point in a game. Although I've taken a lot of insults because of my overly defensive tactics, I have the upmost respect for any opponent who snookers me. This is because I believe some snookers are very difficult to execute and requires a lot of skill to do as well as to escape from and/or counter.
Everyone flukes even if you think you don't. If I fluke myself I apologise (unless the person I'm playing is an idiot) and get on with the game just like everyone else should (and most do). If I come across a player like superkid mentioned I just use the magic mute button.

:p your description (guest) sounds a littel bit like shocker.
i was on 8ball and missed the easiest shot after he called "SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD" before i performed it.
so he took his and missed and i snookered him. of course his lack of skill along with my (as some people say) "sad and cheap" tactics gave me a 2-0 win over him.
and after all that what makes it worse, when the opponent wants a rematch because they claim their computer crashed..hmm talk about sad :D
I think there is percentage of fluke in every shot,sometimes ,some good players have a position of no obvious pot but a chance of  making most ball move(mostly in 9,8 and reds in snooker too), some going through pockets,that kind of shots include some percentage of knowing,as long as we dont shoot eyes closed.For example there can be 2 balls near a pocket and 1 easy ball that i ll pot,i send the white to the other 2 fast, and pot 3 balls and an easy black left and i win, here when u see this shot from thousands of kms away it seems all luck,but its maybe %50 skill for me, and if u say sorry for half of that shots,u dont need to say for the other half.if u play with a good player here, every fluke they do,may have some percentage of knowing.when a player tries a fluky thing,and do the fluke,if they didnt add a little fine aim ,maybe it was not going to happen.And this online pool that we can concentrate like studying a theory on the seat,flukes really arguable.depends on the player tho,some especially in 9 ball are real fluke hopers,but some players know how to fluke.for example there was a guy called minisota fats, he was doing lots of shots that pots 2 or 3 balls in 1 shot,in 8 ball.those were not absolut flukes. but there is allways a point to feel unhappy . ok that fluke has some knowing,but its fluke even its %1 fluke, and why it happened to me at that time at that place,especially sometimes we lose the awareness of opponent is someone like us,as we dont notice them,so we feel,whats the point in giving the credit to them lol:)
i no its da most annoyin fing in he game :_|
Hagi, even the pros in real snooker play percentage shots. Good players can actually choose to do this, and although there is luck in the outcome it's not classed as a fluke.