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Century Breaks...
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Century Breaks...
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Century Breaks...
Someone said to me that there's been loads of people who have had them but I can't think of many that are capable of it. I know that the following have had them:

Euan/The Wizard
Mr SkunK

I don't know anyone else who has had one...curious. Anyone else had one or know someone who has had one?
forgot to mention it was ag. august
:)Just made my first century, a 113, stupid miss on yellow, otherwise with all the balls on their place could have cleared the table at 140.
Oops i misread .. who is Independent ? but I still wonder why "Independent" would edit his own post .. stick to your freedom Tazz :D

Tazz do you really think someone named Independent would edit his own post and award themselves a demerit?

I think not :p

i agree.

41 :p

102 ag euan  

back to my best maybe :p
No offence sir, but this is a perfectly acceptable post for a forum. It’s still in use, with people posting in about their centuries just last night. I saw nothing wrong with this post. There were no arguments and there was certainly no wrong use of forum rules. If people have posted recently, with their post being unacceptable, isn’t it fair for others to just get rid of the perpetrator posts and punish them accordingly. 

Why should others lose out, I don’t understand it? People spend time making posts, people spend time replying and they have fun and because of one, it all gets taken away. I know I haven’t been innocent in the past but a lot of the times, it was I, who was punished. 

I don’t see the point in locking the topic. Wasn’t it enough to get rid of his post and to punish him. It’s an inconsistancy that will always be present. Every moderator has been guilty of inconsistancy. It’s a shame you aren’t robots. I would prefer to have a mindless robot over some of the moderators present today.

i.e. Moderator who accuses you of having path just because you are beating them or one who holds a grudge because you disagree with their decisional skills.

Once again, it’s a few rowdy, smart-ársed ‘amadans’ that have spoiled our fun and it hasn’t been helped by senseless moderating. We know you have the power to take away the little fun we have, you don’t need to prove it to us. I learned the hard way to respect moderators but lately, it’s gotten to the days of me not trusting their judgement or the little sense they seem to have.

Good day.

Demerit me if you like, I don’t mind telling you if I don’t agree with you. No one has to agree with me, wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. Stop ruining things for everyone, simple.

User Awarded 300 Hour Demerit for attempting to mis-lead users that he is a Moderator

40 :p

103 ag euan

lol so good tonight.

38 :p

130 against euan.


39 :p

133 ag euan.

playin well atm and both them 2 was 1 straight after the other :p

Yay!!! just got my 1st century :D well on this name anyway :p 109 not bad for a beginner :D

Ģøιđεη Śîιεηcε™
for got me, well every 1 has, ive retired
looks like swedishmodel has found the forums then :p
ive had a cent break once.. in practice table that is :p
103 and 101! 

I'm on erm 7 I think now...I'll check msn when I go home! I love playing on holiday!

Jesus if your around...why can't your stupid country speak english :|! Nice birds though... :p!

Kebabs rule!

and mine is 40 :(

and is fish an chips oops nish i meen :( :p is a good player

ty matt :D
oh btw just so you all know ....

my total is 201:p!


listen up nish is on fire he might even catch me up soon !

anyway I think hes on 8 now
getting a break of 100 points or more in snooker 
Taking all bets for sharkbait's next comment!

I'm giving the odds 5-2 for 'You are a kid with no friends!'
It's not like anyone believes you!

'ahhh ty nish.'

I wish I was a kid!
make that 7, got a 123 ahhh ty euan :(?
'if u dnt believe me euan because u prob wont'

You know me so well sharkbait ;)!
yeh ive had 5, 125, 120, 113, 106, 104, max or matt have seen most ss's if u dnt believe me euan because u prob wont
Greenie, you smell though :)!

I made this post so as to find out who else has had centuries because I'm getting old and can remember nothing! 

Paul Hunter another...all coming back to me!
I should hope you havent forgot me Euan as i got a century against you the other day...lmao
you forgot couple pal :)

greenie, Mark J Williams, SnookerFighter,.. ?

I'm being told in lobby that it's sad to spell words correctly and not make mistakes...guess I'm sad :p!
Have you had one your monkey? :p! Congrats Veriac...all hail!
How do you know ?

I had a 115 yesterday.


Not everyone who has had a century has posted on the forum!
At the top of the page,there is a "search forum" link,after clicking it,type in century break,,,lots of them there.