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can we get an..uhm..like a thing on PC Game where we could just click on a name and both the name and password comes up on it? i dont know maybe im just tired of typing to switch names and having to check emails for my password because i forget :p
as in all the names you logged on throughout your PC Game history

also roboform thing doesnt work for it..i tried ;)
lol maybe we should.. in the meantime instead of having to go back and forth to your e mail for your passwords just get them all together along with all your names and put them in a txt document on your desktop... :D
what if some1 hacks ur pc :( wnt they have access to your passwords :p
lol u know the simple solution? have your pc locked down only have ports opened whenever u need them to be opened to access files over the internet... i thought this was something everyone does automatically:s...and on the other hand iv heard of more peoples e-mails having get hacked than i have thier desktops :)
another way is keep the file "encrypted" :)
Well I've got the solution for you. How about when you click on the name, the name and password comes up, but you have to enter a unique password so as to log in. Wonder who will be the first to realize that this is a stupid idea? I may have worded it wrong, apologise. Original post isn't a bad idea. I would be more enthuasiastic if I had more than one sub'd name :P!
wouldn't that cost more memory for FlyOrDie ? :) 
it'll be better if it was saved on PC Game downloaded to your own computer 

duhhhhhhhhh lol u think i was coming up with a new idea lol u got to be joking, if u read the post again from top to bottom u will see that i wasnt insisting on a feature brought into FlyOrDie that represents in anything like this, all i said was rather simply that he said he is "sick of having to go back and forth via e-mail to retrieve passwords" all i said is put all names and all passwords nxt to them in a txt doc on his desktop :D encrypt it and voila he dnt have to worry about hackers ;).....moral of this story is READ before u type :D
maybe you hopuld follow that moiral before you type.
my response was quesioning Euan's post. ty.


Write your names and passwords on a piece of paper.

Put the piece of paper in a safe.

Write the combination to the safe on another piece of paper.

Put that piece of paper in a safe deposit box.

Put the key to the safe deposit box in a coffee can.

Bury the coffee can in your backyard.

Have a map of the location of the coffee can tattooed on your inner thigh just below the pelvic bone.

Its a little involved but you can't hack it and I guarantee you'll never forget about.
wonderful idea.. one problem

what about names like mine? how would you get them back onto your computer? solution: check you email and verify account again ;)
I don't think so see the concept of it ..

:):)i have the solution to it!!!!:):)
all u have to do is save all ur nicks and pass on a cdrom or a floppy disk and and put it where u think it would be safely hidden...;);)

hope this is a good idea......

as I remember both Firefox and Opera browsers can fill the nick and password.