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ok, new game..I'll make a riddle, And whoever solves it gets to do 1. ;) and if they get to hard, Beg dem to tell the answer :p

ok heres myne 

In its life, What thing has 4 legs, then 2 , then 3. ?

The Sphinx riddle I believe..

Man crawls on all 4 as an infant,

walks upright on 2 legs as an adult

Uses a cane/walking stick as an old man.


What is it that...

He who makes it will never use it,

he who buys it doesnt want it,

and he who uses it will never see it?

cant touch this nananana nana nana cant touch this 

:p :p :p :p :p :p

Here's one,  A man stands in a room with no windows, no door and no way to dig himself out. All he has in his possession are, an orange, a knife and the clothes he is wearing. How does he get out of the room ?        this is more of a trick question supplied by my 14 year old son .   :D
rab you must be more specific..:p
o windows no doors? = no openings period? or just no windows and doors 

also snookerplayer i dont think that was the answer *he who makes it will NEVER use it :p
Sorry     no openings whatsoever m8 
And for the record, my son,  (KINGAPOOL) is laughing his teenage  head off here.    
Cuts the Orange in half with the knife.

2 halfs make a whole.

then he jumps through the hole/whole to escape.


2 fathers and two sons go into a shop and they have £2:50 each.

They buy a plant together that is £7:50 and the give the cashier each of their £2:50 however they don't get any change, why? (and the cashier isn't just short changing them:p)
did the plantpot also cost £2.50  ??  :D
hehe nice try but a big fat NO!:p
theres a grandfather a father and a son ;) 2:50 x 3 = 7.50 

a woman goes to her husband and shoots him.
then she holds him underwater for 5 minutes.
then she goes to hang him

later that night they go out and have a peaceful dinner..how is this possible? :p 

so easy:( but onl oni could thnk of :p
no..everything is real in there ok? no acting :p
did she take a photo, develop it then hang it out to dry lolol    :D
you right..you going to make a riddle? :p
ok lol, another from the wee fella
you walk into a small room, theres glass everywhere, theres a guy lying on the floor with his arms by his sides, his hands are covered in blood, the phone is off the hook, theres a woman on the line screaming for help, theres a fishingrod leaning against the phone,...... what happened ??   ?:|
no replies yet .  ok i tell u tomoro , nite ;)
It was a phonebox blah blah. Everyone's heard that one.
Wasn't told entirely right either. :P But I can't critize, I'm too thick to make one myself.
What is greater than God 

More evil than the Devil 

The rich need it 

The poor have it 

and if you eat it you will die? 

ok..if you gues correctly you're supposed to make another one :
Sorry.I had just got back from pub,slighly inebriated and couldn't think of one. Now i'm sober I still cant.Best i can do is...Name this famous author

"A woman in a bar with a beer balanced on each breast playing 8-ball"
Five days without an answer Andy :_|..... Can you tell us now and make another...;\..cheers...Rab...:D
all at once he walked a midnight dreary weak and weary. He tiped his hat and said hello. 
what is his name?
The answer was " Beatrix Potter " phonetics " Beer Tricks Potter ". C*** but effective.

Still don't know any riddles but hmm....the easy one.

A man found dead with a gaping wound in his chest in a locked room no windows and locked from inside with just a puddle of water next to him. How was he killed?
An ice dagger.

Its too late to think off any good ones :|

You have an open edded box. What can you put in it to make it lighter?
flip it upside down and put a helium ballon in there ? :p i dont know .. tell me if im right :)