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Even Newer Sig..
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Even Newer Sig..
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Even Newer Sig..
Rate this signature for me guys/girls..

I just need a bit of feedback , thanks alot.

Why do they never work for me?:|:(
Jamez once i get my Program back (its not working) i shall make you another Northampton Saints siggy..

I feel Stamantic did not do a good job on your sig..

But ill get it sorted ;)
Tanky maybe ur free trail ran out like mine did
Ye thanks TANK, I really appreciated him making it but I didn't want to be rude so I d/l a trial of photoshop and made that. (I also d/l a trial of GFX but hadn't a clue how to work it:p)
Ye but probably won't respect their personality. :p
Very nice though. ;)

Here's another by yours truly...
*reflect their personality. :|
Need an "edit post" to aviod future embarrassment. :p 
What font is that you use because I looked for it on Photoshop and couldn't find it. :(
The small one ?

Its called "04b_03b" i think..

go to 

If you dont know how to install a font then ill tell you..

Download to a specific foldier > unzip the font > go to settings > control panel > fonts > drag the font file from the other foldier into the fonts window...

I posted a good tutorial on my site..check it out ;)

By the way if you need some good images that you dont have to crop go to


Hope i helped ye..
Your a mind reader (I didn't know how to install a font :p).
Cheers bud.
No problem mate...

If you need any help on anything else then just tell me..thats what im here for ..
I looked at your tutorial on your site and the menu's didn't match with the menus on my program. Maybe I have a different version? It's called GFX Alchemy. I then went for a session on Photoshop and found the menus were pretty much the same. Thanks, it's a cool effect with the clouds; I used it in my last sig I posted here but didn't realise how diverse the effect was.
Well i used to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 trial off 


Until i got the full version..

Do you know how to add borders ?
Nah I read someone's tutorial but I wanted to make a border like you do with the two thin lines but didn't know how to do that.
hmm well on Photoshop it goes like this..

press ctrl +a > edit > stroke > white 3 pixel inside > draw around border (inside and outside) with a black pencil (1 pixel)

I did it and found it extremely tedious...it took me ages.


not bad at all;)
i dont like the colors much though,i would prefer sth darker:)
Nice one Jamez..

It is rather tedious...you find yourself on a straight line then you go off course and mess it all up lol :p

There is an easier way to do it...but im not sure how...ill look into it.
Instead of making the border white, make it black and then you only have to draw one line (white in the middle) instead of the two black ones.

lol now your the one teaching me :p
lol stams telling u jamez telling u lol u still dont get it lolol
Like 'em bud, they are a little different to your usual stuff. :)
Yea i keep experimenting all the time..

My only problem is that...i cant keep up with many of the top artists..they all use photoshop which is (in Britain) £200-300...alot to spend on a computer program..

Ohh well..im doing ok with what i have..
Why don't you get a trial version of Photoshop and get one of those serial key generators? Or do what Stamatic said and keep putting your date back so the 30days never run out?
Hey Tank i have PhotoShop. :p. It came with my computer when i bought it. Even the disk :)

What version do you have ?

Oh and i think i may have a great idea up my sleeve..although it may seem a little weird..

give me your msn addy and we can talk over there instead..

can i ask sth guys?
is every member allowed to have a sig?

Sure everyone is entitled to make a siggy..so get creating ;)

By the way Caption...if you live in England ill need you to send me your photoshop disk..

(if you have msn ill give you my real address)

Reply back please with details on what version it is etc..
is there any chance , you might be able to make a sig. for me TANK. Perhaps with a slight Scottish theme? If you can , it would be very much appreciated . Thanx :D
how can i put a sig in my posts?
from other forums that i m member of i know that u can do that from ur profile usin [img]...link...
/img] but there is no such option here.
do i have to write it everytime under my posts?
yup, just whack it into a notepad and have it copied ready to paste in.


No siggys being made by me until i get Photoshop back lol...sorry everyone..

Im gutted...all i have is this rubbish program now lol :p
thx jamez.
unfortunately i lost my sig :( :( :(
i had it uploaded on a website and i had not saved it in my pc but the website was transferred to another server and all uploaded files were lost...

so long live my sig.... :(

i have another version of it with a much lower quality..i ll upload this 4 the moment...

i want to ask sth else as well.can i put colors in my writing?

PS:jamez i think i saw u in 8ball about 10-20 mins ago

above us only sky...-j.l.

wtf what have i done wrong:p

anyway here it goes again.

above us only sky...-j.l.

hmm can someone plz tell me what i m doing wrong:s
try [img blah blah blah ]
not [img] blah blah blah 
TRY [IMG-------------------------]
NOT [IMG]----------------------
above us only sky...-j.l.

lets see...
You need to find a more appropriate web image hoster...

Unfortunately that link is so long it has become broken...i tried resizing the URL but it still didnt work

try the following:



so what do u think of it?
unfortunately its in 2 low quality so all effects dont look as they should:(
I really like it bud. :) Good job.
Very nice use of layers and opacity as well. :D
Not bad at all...

What program are you currently using ?

just popping in to say hi.....long time no chat....i will chat later....

love angel
Sorry TANK i don't live in England. Also, I misplaced my CD.  I'll find it eventually :D ..

i used photoshop to make that sig but i dont remember which version.i ve updated it now.

sorry for not answering earlier i m reaalyh busy these days...
not much time left for internet :)

lets hope i find time to remake my sig

LOL PETER01!!!!!!!!!! 
parking for scots only THATS A GOOD ONE! ROFL!!!! 

PS nice sigs all

i ve found my sig on full quality :d
i had it uploaded on my webpage but i have forgot it:p

it looks much better now:D
guys nvm i cant put the img again so if u want to look it go to 

its the img on the homepage
Dont put the brackets on the inside..

This forum doesnt tolerate Image html tags so they use singular brackets instead..

well ya learn somethin new everyday duncha? lol
whats wrong now...:s:s:s

wateva here is the link can some1 upload it plz...:(


turn that froun upside down :)
MASH is here
what you have to do is put a [ img= befor the URL and ] after (no spaces)
[Edited by: M.A.S.H.4077 on Dec 26, 2004 12:54 AM]

PS: nice sig
Nice work there Billiard..

I hope to see more of your work soon..keep it up

Whoops sorry forgot to put a 0 after the 1, ment 10/10. :D
oddly enough i remember seeing that somewhere im not sure where tho. BUT STILL ITS COOL!
My First Picture Maker Ages 0-9months. :p
Took you 9 months to make 1 picture Jamez :|

As for Tank's pic im going to be the one to bear down n actullay give him some feedback causing him to strive to make even great pics that get Snipes stamp of aproval. :0

The words only fill 1/2 of what appears to be the alotted space for them. Make em a little bigger.

I still give it a 9.425/10

is it just me or is that the grand canyon? >_< still its good 
lol thanks for the feedback lads...

I use a program called "Microsoft Picture it Premium 2001"

I think i am the only person who actually uses this program , most people use Photoshop 7.0 

Anyway , im off to do more graphics ...
Combo if you have any graphics , then show them off to us ;)
What do you mean "Grand Canyon"..?

Thanks for the comments i guess lol..:p
well look at the far right. It reminds me when i was on a plane high above the GC
lolol nice one atomic , i love it ! :p

No sorry guys... its software only , not freeware or shareware

It came with my pc ...lucky me :p
Hey TANK did you forget i use Picture it to?

Well it looks like im going to have to keep my cross hairs on you so the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and then i bet you will remember LOL


1 word to describe that

No not all all bro... i just forgot :8}

Anyway , good to hear from you again .... maybe if i post my best graphics you will be here all the time :p
eer Technically that is about 5 words:|
lol Snipe. :p

And here is the result of 9 monthes work... :D

it WAS 5 words all put into 1! making it kinda funny :D. 
Both of them look smashin . well done :-)
Just popped in to say hi Tanky! Great sigs as always;) Taraaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hiya TARA ..:p

Hope you had a good christmas and new year..

I just found this one lol. Both pics r great. JAMEZ HOW COULD IT TAKE 9 MONTHS TO DO A realy nice PIC LIKE THAT???
itd take me a day :p 

PS im a really bad drawer :|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|
smileys rulez!

i shall call it, 
Soldier's dream
Was a joke bud. :| Took me like 30mins. :p
Tank...  (since you do an awesome job on sigs!!  Love your sigs btw)
A  question for you.....
I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (is that a good programme?)
If so,  can you tell me how to use it:8}

Kinda lost with Photoshop...need some DESPERATE HELP :_|

Sad eyes
30 minutes of pure perfection :p

What program do you use ?
lol i have same program and 
 but i need help on using it to :8}
Ok Ok..

Heres some tutorial sites



Its basically just practice makes perfect...once you get the hang of things you will gradually get better and better ;)
:O Fireworks , gimme gimme gimme :p

But seriously , programs are becoming very expensive lately..its becoming increasingly hard to keep up with the competition.

i like 1st one. But what i do to find the URL thingimabob to get it on these forums is 
click on the sig,> go to properties > and somewhere in the middle in the window that pops up is address url. type that in for the sig to come up. NOTE: REMEMBER TO PUT [img]  and    
/img]  before and after u print the url.
  hope what i know is good enough :D
Where do u make banners (in what website)

Hmm yes indeed Dragon..very helpful

Sad_Eye, Photoshop 7.0 is the best program around at the moment...so use it to its potential..;)

Heres a new one from me ..

Well you cant make a banner or Graphic without the usage of a image editing program 
i will list a few :

-Adobe Photoshop 7.0
-Paint Shop Pro
-Microsoft Picture it :p
-Microsoft paint
However like TANK said in an earlier reply they are mostly expensive and I can only access Macromedia Fireworks at college. :(
the guy on the right looks an 
awful lot
 like the guy from Tekken 4 aka jin
Just showing off a few of my designs 

"Im not a show off ! , honest ! :p"
tankys not a show off hes just showing us hes talent aftar all who WOUNLDN'T wanna see hes pictures 
Just a little feedback for ya TANK.
I like the 2nd and 3rd but the 1st is to hard to read.
I would try to highlight the letters so they would show up a little better. Next in the 2nd one i think i would make the eagle gold or maybe bronze. In the 3rd i think i would make the cloud a little transparint so the text under it would show better.

Just my tast, But i got to tell ya i think you do great work bud


I agree with you on the first one ... i need to re-adjust the text ..

Anyway heres a tip ..

On your design work ... to add a little cloudy effect go to Paint and colors > Art stroke brush tip > choose the cloudy brush > choose white color > then start brushing to desired effect ..

Heres one a made with an extended square and some brushiing and effects & illusions ..

Its quite effective..


Heres some of my old designs..





eres another tip , to add that certain flare to your work add some special fonts 

I suggest 

Download the file > unzip > open up control panel and go to "fonts" > drag file into "fonts" area

You now have that font :p

Thanks for the comments guys..
how do u comboin pictures together?????
Right on the image on go to Properties...

Copy the URL Address (
 img93/4475/galatasaray5fw.jpg) and then put [ img=
 ] (Without the spaces) into a notepad and save it. Then you just need to open up the document and copy it & paste it everytime you want to post.

Just change the URL to your own.

and how do u make see though wrtiing like ditry south one
I havent updated this thread in a long time...

If any of you want to check out where i spend all my time now then heres the link:


Oh, the memories...
and where do u get the backgrounds from or do u make them?
How do you make it that you don't have to click in order to enter the site. 
Some of the backgrounds are what as known as "stock images" , you search for some images , cut them to a particular size then use them ...

However i made most of those backgrounds you see there

Also . its just transparency , i faded the letters to make them look like faded pieces of text..

Hope i helped ;)
Nice work bro..

My rate  --- mediocore , keep at it ..

What programs do you use ?
adobe photoshop and paint shop pro 8 thx for the comment:)
i only started making pictures in august and i aint had no training soooo. i still got a long way to go till i can design backgrounds like u,my mum and dad  aint computer lovers so i had to learn it on my own.
mediocore is that ur rank in designing
You Have Adobe Photoshop and PSP8 !! ? :O

Technically you should be making way better signatures than me ..

You have two great programs there..
i havent even been trained ive got to learn how to use all the thingys in the programs first!!!! lol
That is so good. You all very talented.

Stay cool.

Deining ;)
deining thanks for the kind words bro..

Do you have any work to show us ?