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Wats You Happiest Moment On FlyOrDie?
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Wats You Happiest Moment On FlyOrDie?
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Wats You Happiest Moment On FlyOrDie?
well mine had to be wen i was on one of my old names and i was a 9 ball on about 292 and i played >>hotsauce<< hu had the crown at the time and i beat him ! :D i became a very high 8 ball for the first time.

Then a few games later i played dazed_jonesy in 9 ball and i beat him aswell to become a 5 it was so kool.

then later on that day i played s h a r k y 1.

and i beat him again but then i lost to him 2-1 :(

thats my happiest moment so far :D

thx post ur replys :D

P.S or wen i mastered the cheat break :p
wud be wen i got my first cent...or wen i beat don 10-0 in 8ball :p
The first time i experienced the Tanx matrix glitch , it was such a strange experience , but very amusing..
when i beat superkid 1-0 for crown :D but never got it only recieved #1 spot :(

but then he came back and beat me 3-1 lol
or wen i got No1 in upa2 for first time...gave me a buzz :D lots of greats played there...
Teaching new players how to play in tanx,then when they got more points than me,still remembering me.

can still remember the moment

' ye man, ye, ye im no1 yeee'

'scotty uve been removed from league for abusive behaviour'

'ye im no1 woooooOOOOOwtfffffnoooo'

When I beat stunrun, and another would be when I got my highest break. (63:|)
mines was the first time i beat my younger brother at 8 ball. he was the one who introduced me to FOD games, I haven't looked back since :D
Wait a minute ...

I have just read this topic again and thought to myself , well , i havent just had one particular moment on flyordie that has made me happy.., i have had numerous ones

I think ill reply to this topic in a while with a more deeper response
now i just got a cent of 132 one of my happiest :D
mine was meeting my gf _chEEky_ and 17 months on will still together.

also havin the crown in 9,8 and snooker for a year :p
Whenever i beat Jamez.......which is 99 percent of the time
:p joking mate love you really :x :8} Nah probs when i made my highest break. (which is only 62 :( )
when i beat a 3-ball in 8-ball when i was an 11 ball. It inspired me to an 11 game winning run, brilliant performance :D
My happiest moments on FOD are when i log off lol...KIDDING FOD lol
Woah ! Happiest moments ? Get lives ! Your happiest moments should not involve an internet computer game. And whoever said they beat me 10 - 0, Scotty I think.... I lost to 3 other people at least 10 - 0 that day and you actually had the worst score. Stezz beat me 11 - 0 and Master beat me 15. I also think Lee beat me like 18 - 0 once, I have really bad days but on a normal day I'd lash you.
And once I get to like 4 - 0, it is safe to say you will reach 10 - 0 coz I just get so mad I lose, badly.
polack are you ok? yes your mother should've gave you more attention as a child..

this topic is about your happiest moments 

nothing to do with your outside life .. get it? 
now stop mesing up the topic
btw i know dons happiest moment and so does he :

When me Don , Pot and Rank conquered tanx. and nobody can deny that :(u remember polack?:(
Then you woke up and fell out of bed.

can u tell me how to make a op 2 players only

and how to make a password
i got a new one but i cant remeber it more people must have happy memories on this site!!!!!!

Thx Combo B-) ( who has just had his tooth taken out and its killen me!)
happiest moment here eh?

i guess when i finished all the balls with one shot for the first time(dont know how this s called in english sry guys:p) and when i became no1 in the phs league(in its good oooold days not now that it has been removed from myleague.com:p)