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Sept 11th
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Sept 11th
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Sept 11th
Hey Guys,
Please all say a prayer for all the people and families that were affected by the attacks on Sept 11th.  I expereinced the terror first hand...it was truly a horrible day.  So guys, just remember all the people that were lost in Manhattan, Washington and Pennsylvania on that infamous morning.

Thanks,and may GOD BLESS AMERICA
yea on dere msn plz all put an X to show ur respect of all the people that died(or yahoo,aol etc.

Times a great healer so they say
And as each year passes I sit and pray
I pray for the ones who died on that day
Who lost their lives in a tragic way
I pray for those who will always remember
Their loved ones lost "The 11th September"
Let's hope one day there will be an end to war
Where we will all live in peace Forevermore.
It was a day that will be taught in history classrooms for years to come.

It is also almost 6 months to the day of the Madrid train bombing.

It is good to remember this...  
I know I do..... every single day...in one way or another..
Your message is especially nice Stream.. as always...

Remembering the shock of that day is something we all do...in our own way...
I remember it with some anger and selfishness at times...as it changed my life in ways I could never have imagined...I think though...that if those who were lost could voice their views on 9/11..  they would say...this is done... there is no going back...looking ahead is the key now...moving forward with lives and learning...raising your children to love and respect others...all of these things are important....and always have been...

So...looking back...indeed.... it was a day that cannot be imagined...but it did happen.....and we must never forget that..
And...looking ahead...fills one with pride and resolve to continue your life and be happy...as those who were lost would wish this more than anything else I think..

July 4th was a turning point for me I suppose...I felt I was relieved of some of the darkness I carried around since that day...when the cornerstone to Freedom Tower was placed.....it signalled to me a new beginning for fellow New Yorkers like myself...one with hope...courage and honor...it is good that we do this... I said to myself..

New York Governor George E. Pataki said these words at the dedication, 

"Today is indeed, a momentous day. Today we take 20 tons of Adirondack granite – the bedrock of our State – and place it as the foundation, the bedrock of a new symbol of American strength and confidence. Today, we lay the cornerstone for a new symbol of this city and this country and of our resolve in the face of terror. Today we build the Freedom Tower."


About the stone...

"The cornerstone for the Freedom Tower is made from a 20-ton granite block quarried from the Barton Mines in the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. The cornerstone measures 9 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet and is flecked with garnet, the official gem of New York State. The block was quarried in May and supplied to Innovative Stone of Hauppauge, Long Island in early June. Innovative Stone cut, honed, polished, and inscribed the block."

Looking back...and never forgetting is healthy...
Looking ahead to a promising future will always be the way I view this now....our children will need us too...as the stone says...freedom will endure..

11 September 2004
its that time of the year again, it was a horrible day. ill be saying a prayer :) 

God Bless America (despite me being british)
It has effected everyone around the globe.. i send out a prayer to them all! The innocent lives that were lost, may God be with them.
it brings tears 2 my eyes. seems like a month ago,really.
my best wishes 2 the familys who lost some one in the bombing. 
  GOD bless them. it makes feel special though that im in the United States being protected by the men and women of the U.S. army.

may we all live in peace 1 day. thank you GOD
Halogeek is right, we must not forget those who are still fighting in iraq and other locations in the middle east. No matter what your views on this war is, we must still support out brothers,sisters,mothers,fathers,aunts,uncles and friends that are enlisted.
Ty StreamLine for writing that that makes me feel better But i still fell dreadful that day But thank you tho thats sweet for you to remember. you are a very sweet person
Lest we forget... 

Have your tissues ready... be patient, it takes a few minutes to download even with broadband, but it's worth the wait.


thanks red dawn. your topic really ( and everyones replys) opens up a new chapter of hope. 

God is on freedoms side and we are on his.

the bible would really make a worried person calm about this issue. so tonight take sometime to read some of it.
Hello Nemesis..I for one did cry..Saddest thing I have ever seen..but thankyou for sharing this with us all..Makes you sit back and think..doesn't it..Looking at this..makes it seem like it only happened yesterday..brought back so many memories of what I saw on TV :(

Stream Line i want to give you anothor link do you really know how i feel nobuddy knows this is the sadest day for me:( so please see this as in memory of every american that lost there lives and thank god you werent there to die:( thank good Are true Americans are there to fight for are freedom and to thank them for what they are doing to keep are freedom..... > please pray for all those familys who have lost thier father daughters sons uncles aunts please reply to me for what you have to say

the freakeist pic in dat is wen da man is jumpin from it and hes in mid air (he obviously died):( :_(

And to think, there are people and organizations (Kerry, UN) that want to discuss their "issues" with those responsible for this attack.
on that fateful day i ran out of my highschool (i was 17) and ran to the trade center to help...i and my friends watched helplessly as people sought to end their lives to escape the inferno in the building by jumping off.  the vision still haunts me to this day.  may these people and all who perished on that day find solace and comfort in the arms of God.  And let the terrorists responsible suffer an even worse fate that those who were forced to jump.  And dont forget those who serve to protect america to this day from such events happening again.  If my knee wasnt in the condition it is now i would surely join the military and return to iraq, and i hope many others would do the same for america and its people.  Never Should we forget Sept 11th and our armed forces. GOD BLESS AMERICA
dont know how many of you know this but the madrid bombing was 911 days after the 9/11 attacks. correct me if im wrong.
No offence but can we stop talking about this, It was a devastating day but I think we should put it to rest now. It is to upsetting to keep thinking about.
I don't mean any dis-respect to anyone at all... It's just, the more we go on about it, the more upsetting it gets.
Yes, by all means, let's just forget it ever happened. Let's stick our collective heads in the sand and go back to the days when we went about our daily lives secure in the misguided knowledge that something so horrible couldn't happen on American soil.

On the contrary, we should remember every day.

Complancency on the part of the American public can only benefit those that have the death of all "infidels" as thier primary goal.

As for those that find the topic upsetting... it IS upsetting. If you don't wish to be upset, then don't read the posts.
i knew someone would post this...i dont mean any disrespect, but all those living outside manhattan, washington and PA dont know fully the experience those present during the attacks.  I know that u feel most of it being you fellow human beings, but u dont and cant know how terribly horrifing and outright calamarous that day was.  i myself wish  i never had my own experience.  i dont aim to disrespect others, i know that you have most of the expereince of that day.  you just are missing the part of actually being here.  i dont want to forget the day and its meaning and importance, i want and think we all want to forget the immense pain it caused.