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Who is the best 8-Ball Player
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Who is the best 8-Ball Player
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Who is the best 8-Ball Player
I just wanted to know who has the highest rank on 8-ball and the one who does are u actually the best or do u play sucky people to get that rank
-> Click the online games tab

-> On the main page click "More 8 Ball"

-> On the next page click "Top Players"

-> The pop-up will show the top 20, the monthly top 20 and scheduled tournament winners.

These players will not include non-subscribed players (Unless the tournament shown allows non-subbed players) 
dnt tell ne1 nefing i mean wen i was on form i was #5 in the top 20 and i had beat stun 2-0 :p and loads of otha like U.a.G Nego i beat him 2-1 where has all my quality gone im now a 6 ball :p but ill get it up ;) so im 1 of the best just not da best in da game :)

the answer to ur question is hu ive seen the best has to be between:

me :p 
Kebab King

thx ComboDuke ;)

Haha, you can't consider yourself as a good 8-baller because you have a few good games. A good player is consistant, and you sir, aren't! These Top 10s have become a popularity thing now. People are thinking, if I put this guy in the list, they might add me! Maybe, but you or them don't deserve to be in it! Kebab King should be in it though, aighhht! 
LMFAO Boomer????? lmfao !!
comboduke?? erm..im sure i beat u 6-1 this evenning
, i dc' , which was surely unprovoked, and you call yourself in the top 20:|, lmao !
That's nowhere near the top players on here... Too know what the best players are, you had to be here about 2 years ago, that's when all the best was here such as Sharky and all of them...

Secret is, who am I? :P
me rocket stezz and i dont think any of us play anymore but are still better than the top guys now
sharky u aint bin on in ages :O:O i remember you u probs dnt remember cos i was on anotha name ;):p

well ladies first game in about 3 months i break and run out, 2nd game against comboduke he breaks and i run out :D
I hate these types of topics.. yes you might say superkids and ya wicked cues r the best.. because they have a better 
... im sure that ne1 could beat ne1 on their best day.. thats why i beat comboduke on a diff name :p
kebab king is the best he is real good man but superkid all the way :D
Am I the only one who is getting fed up with these '' who's da best?'' threads ?. Surely not :p
Everyone that plays now is quite bad, I must say. I haven't played in over 4 months. But I can tell you that I can easily get the Crown Again. Furthermore, Im not an asz like some people and put myself on the list (even though I diserve to be there).Also, to be good, you must be consistant. Here is how the top ten list looks like since Ive been here (3 years)

1. Rocket
2. Stezz
3. Max
4. S h a r k y 1
5. Boomer
6. Mr.Skunk
8. Willie Thorne (remember him?)
9. Stunrun

Ĉrown Thief
Crown thief ur post is making me pee my pants...go back 3 years now...fod wasnt here proper...dont lie :)...go back to december 2001 or therabouts no1 had heard of a cent lol the guys here now are better than the old ones...its just then everyone was bad and some Ok players who are now seen as legends. to get crown in 8ball is no big deal...its quite easy if u want to get it and ive played u loadza times ! and ur not a crown outfit !

Furthermore, Im not an asz like some people and put myself on the list (even though I diserve to be there).

LMFAO ! ur not an az like some people but u think u deserve to be there? thats like putting urself ther! lmao.

Now for your top 10...id take max out altogether as he doesnt play 8ball so why do ppl include him in there 8ball lists? snooker and 8ball are different games..max is by far best on this game but he doesnt play 8ball so he shouldnt be there. (no offence max :p) keep sticky ( s h a r k y 1) were he is hes always been class ! take boomer out of that list lol 3 years and you think boomers 5th best on here?amazing swap him with Sharky, highest ive seen skunk is a 6 ball...he never really played 8ball.OUT !.why are you includin all the class (not even here anymore ) snooker players? shows you know absolutely nothing !

gg ty bye.

Get a life and stop replying to all my posts. And as I remember it, last time I played you, a few months ago, I crushed you in snooker.

ty ;-)
last time i played u bout 1 month ago...not few months andu aint been gone 4 months u just think u have..bout month uve not been here and thats prolly coz ur mum turned ur internet off or sumthin...i played u in 8ball lots of times on Scotty and ive crushed u badly so keep it shut kid
1st - Im not a kid, im 25
2nd - I don't have a mom, my mother died 8 years ago
3rd - I last played you in the beginning of July (When I left FOD)
Last - You might have beaten me some time, cause every dog has his day. You were probably having the best day of your online pool life, and me having the worst. ;-)

Don't think too hard about this stuff chap, or you'll melt your sweet little piggy brain.

ggs ty, and remember kids, this is why you shouldn't take drugs. 
if ur 2nd point is true im sorry :|
No worries mate :), all in the name of a nice, healthy debate ;-)
Anyone can crush anyone in ONE game of snooker. I think it's your Crown that does need to do the growing up. You've been seen by many, admired by few. It asked for an '8-ball' list, not snooker. Scotty is right and you can argue your case over and over, your wrong. Your list is wrong also. Thinking you should be on it is laughable! Only the true players on here (the ones that don't need to post) know who are the top players. This has turned into a popularity contest, that's all!

It's a shame it hasn't turned into a beauty contest otherwise I'd top that list! 
> Kebab #1

When you say Kebab, do you mean Max or Stezz?
If your talking about best over the last 3 years....and boomer got into your list crown then i should be cause boomer has never been anything special in my opinion...i would post mine but i CBA....anywayz gl on this debate

 i am really best player . if u dont believe , see my profile now