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No rail
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No rail
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No rail
Right, No offence to flyordie but this rule really really irratates me, I know it annoys a few people also but it just isnt fair, I tapped this ball into the pocket, and it landed ON the cushion, But still remained as no rail. The rule stinks anyway
its a pro rule so i s'pose its fair :s
its not a pro rule...in pros if you miss a ball completely and  hit 3 rails its not a foul...you just have to hit the ball of your colour to have a legal shot..you dont have to hit any rails.
It's a good rule.

It stops poor players from snookering you every shot by doing a pathetic "tap" on one of their balls.

Yes I agree with that Jamez it's stop pathetic little taps But it is soooooo annoying when u shoot, and it lands in the pocket, Sits on the cushion and still no rail, Half the time I hear it tap the cushion as well. So dumb. But yer, I do agree with what you said Jamez 
Just get good enough like me and you wont have to worry. lmao j/k i suck :p. But seriously just practice :D
there is a flaw in the application of the rule in this game. In both 9 - Ball (Texas Express, USPPA, and BCA) and 8 Ball (USPPA, APA, and BCA) the rules state a legal "hit" or touch on the players object ball "MUST" occur first, and then "SOMETHING" must touch a rail.

Meaning you need to make a legal hit on your object ball after which something must move to a rail, whether it be your suit in 8 ball, or the next ball in rotation for 9 Ball. (the cue ball, the object ball, or any other ball on the table must move to and contact a rail)

In the game, you can touch a rail first and barely tap an object ball and it counts as a good object touch as well as a rail touch.

I have been a BCA player for 3 years, both league in Washington State, and the BCA Open 9-Ball Tounament in Las Vegas.

Just FYI

(*NOTE* I dont know the rule as far as EUROPE and other Countries.)
You are correct... In the most widely recognized international rules, the object, cue, or other ball must be driven to a rail AFTER the cue ball contacts the object (or target) ball. 

This change has been on my wish list for a long time... that and make 8 Ball "call pocket".