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Animal Anagrams
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Animal Anagrams
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Animal Anagrams
Thought I would start a new game to..called Animal Anagrams...For those who are not familiar with Anagrams here are the basics...Type the name of any animal..but jumble the letters up..I'll start this off with one :p


Whoever guesses the name of the animal correctly..starts with a new  Animal Anagram


 FlyOrDie Moderator

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Have fun

can I put my anagram now or have I got it wrong again,lol

:( oh well better luck next time
If I was right here is the next anagram

is it  a 
 ( butterfly)
lol Ok..yes.."but"..It's still not the correct answer :p..keep trying :)
I've never heard of an animal called Pikkle eggs in my life :p lol
lol @ pickle eggs :p..nowhere near ;)
i still think my fish was the hardest :p
Seeing as no one has done one..I'll do one :p

i got one this is the hardest one ever

hehe need to do a bit of re-arranging Xtreme?:|:p
well i did and so did ver ...makes it harder. now get ur brain goin and figure it out :p
o yea u have to keep the jumbled letters within that word..you cant put a letter from the 1st word in the 2nd word
now for my nxt one :p

gdrtle saees
Ive been writing on 5 different pieces of A4 paper for the last hour or so and still nothing comes up that even remotely resembles an animal's name . This one's goin to send me round the bend Veriac. I bet you're the proud owner of some wierd and wonderful new spieces of house pet. :p
Change it so we know which letters are in which word would ya?:|:D
lol....you cant move on to a new one until you get mine right :D

Keep trying :p

ok since its been ages and i got it right...i will make a 

lidegotnal orlflbug 
and wheres do the s's take role? :p
Sorry Stream. Waaaay off there. You did get the first letter of the first word though :D

isnt it an un-jumbled animal all ready?? is balanese fish cows an animal? aggg!! u give me a head ache...do us all a favour veriac..post another one not so impossible, eh?

i know that obbviously 
but what veriacs one..how do we do that?
Someone writes a set of letters which when re-arranged form a name of an animal.

When someone gets it right they get to post one. ;)

We are on 
Balinese fish cows
 by Veriac

someone please explain this to me..i dont get it? :(
That....there...above me..that's what ..lol :p
The Mazatlan toad

Since you lot seem to be getting these too quickly....the next one contains only 2 words :D

Balinese fish cows
combo this better not be a crazy animal that no ones ever heard of...
Basics first,,,,English,spelling,,,,,,,then anagrams .
We are not on combo's one. X-( and Exorcist I thought you were leaving FlyOrDie. :|
We are still on smackamcraka's streamy coz combo got it wrong...

It's gooseneck barnacle ;):p

Next one...

Been staring at ComboDuke's anagram for a few hours now and look what it's done to me
]This is a hard one to guess
lol..eager beaver.....lol that was so corny.
The Sinaloan narrow-mouthed toad :D:D:D:D:D:D:D :p
The summin warron?! summin toad. :D
sorry hehe dont ban me plz lol

sorry bout taking your turn....Concept made me do it!!! lol 
i give a hint...its from my home country
Hello Red..I'm gonna 
you if you keep putting hard ones in like this..lol :p
ill take the liberty to make one up hehehhehehe

brzizau sciraman raeb 
making a new one? or has it ended? :p

lol sry every1 i spelt it rong gettin so bad at dis game im ruinin it

rocky mountain goat head

went thru alot for dat lol :p
caracal bloomin dat was a hard 1 stream ;)

Three toed snake tooth skink  :p ;)
ehrte dote kenas hoott ikskn. :)

An easy one if u cant get it :p muwhahahahah   aoknaroag
since concept is too slow and finding nemo isnt a fish:

finding Nemo :p

   lmao so easy :D
African cave-dwelling Spiders.

There must be some other games site who does anagram games . 

i got the elephant bit but i cidnt get the pymgy bit :p