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Russian children....spare a thought for them tonight
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Russian children....spare a thought for them tonight
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Russian children....spare a thought for them tonight
Tonight spare a thought for those poor Russian children who are being held hostage in their school  near Chechnya; they must be so scared. So spare a thought and lets wish for a peaceful outcome.
Talks begin in school siege drama
Families are facing an agonising wait for news  
The Russian authorities have held talks with an armed group who are holding hundreds of people hostage at a school in North Ossetia. 
The hostage takers want Russian troops to leave Chechnya and the release of Chechen rebels held in Ingushetia. 

At least 200 people, many of them children, were seized on Wednesday at the school in Beslan in North Ossetia. The UN Security Council - at a meeting on Wednesday - condemned the hostage takers "in the strongest terms". 

The 15-member council demanded "the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages of the terrorist attack", at a session requested by Moscow. 

Please spare a thought for these people


I absoluty cant stand what this world is coming to.. 340 children are dead.   I do not know how these people live with themselves.  This is one of the reasons whhy i fought for my country.  For all of you who think the war america is waging now is stupid and pointless, just look at the monsters who did this.  we are trying to eradicate these horrible people from the earth.  Lets just hope we can...God Bless those children.
Iam posting here to send a prayer to all the Beslan siege victims, you are all in our thought here in the UK, we and my partner have written a poem just for you its called


  Through darkness and light
we always take flight,
from heavens above, 
to the darkest of night.

Our hopes and our fears
for many a years,
follow us through, to our older years

but when when we are there,
we all heaven stare,
and wonder what will be, will be 

so we live by our means,
and build on our dreams,
and hope it wont all end in tears.

We are all Angels above,
Who give  us  their love.
We live through your fears and your tears
so when seeking us 
look for the light from above
and solve all you problems here with

We have all been around
this mad merry go round
and hope that every things allright
but by night and by day, things may go astray

and all angels may take flight,

But beleieve me and you,,dreams may all come true,, and one day what will be, will Be

So to all out there goodnight and God Bless

great post....that prayer was beautiful....those little children were so brave
To Red Dawn,, thank you 

Love and Light 

Some weeks ago before this event i was going to write a text, then i changed mind, now i want to write about that;
In Germany, few weeks ago, some university teachers wanted to give honor degree to Vladimir Putin, but some other professors disagreed and added ''Russia is becoming more a  totalitarian country each day''

I am having question marks in my mind with these kinds of approaches.

Is democracy something that must exist anytime, anywhere one earth? Its seen in north and west europe's declarations and usa's thesis,when there is not enough freedom and democracy at a country, its something should be changed immediatly.

That german teachers, were meaning things like Russia's approaches to Chechen population probably.That they want freedom and dont want to be part of Russia.

But from the point that chechens were inside Russia lands without argument,till the time they be independant, isnt it Russia's right to try to keep their lands as it is, and try to avoid independance moves.

I see a big problem with this kinds of thoughts,that some countries on earth declaring its their business to end anti democratic events.

Firstly there are more important things than democracy, for a country-state,its the right to keep the different communities,ethnic groups inside the borders and , not for being totalitarian but to create a 'nation' that has common will to live together and work together for their country,

This is a too wide subject ,lots of things can be told, for example, when a community wants autonomy, some rights or independance, do they really want that or are they being used by some far forces that has benefit with the unstabilised area there.But i try to keep it at ideologic level,as much as i can.

Here in our game site user profile is mostly teenagers from north atlantic countries, and maybe some of them will work in international companies in future,doing business with world.I thought this official approach of some countries can effect the public there too.so i wanted to share my opinions.

When there is a country, with an unhappy group of people demanding some rights from the state, this may not be a case to accuse the state.Just like Russia, tries to keep Chechnia as its their territorry.

And at a place on earth in a community, only because of this kinds of cares of a state, there can be things that seems anti-democratic.But maybe thats the way the state should treat INSIDE CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES. Its sure that a state should make the public happy,but does the state have to accept all demands from the public?

I am half North Ossetian and half North Syrian,living somewhere between them.And this area i am living is considered as states are anti democratic and some communities are unhappy because of this,demanding more rights,even independance.

In my country,Turkey, the kurds who live in south east of country,near iraq and syria, are considered in same case by north atlantic states often,accusing the country that kurds are not having enough rights to speak their language, and keep their culture;problem here is not as kurds but as turkish citizens ,they dont have enough rights, the region of turkey that they live is very poor with very less investments,poor indystry,economy, and social opportunities.Its talked that Kurds are being treated by turkey badly, the point is the place they r living is not cared enough and poor, and state didnt give them the rights of BEING A TURKISH CITIZEN yet(and kurds are mixed inside the nation,we had a parlemento head,kurd origined,and my dad's mum is kurd,so its only about the south east region's poorness), but its talked about being kurd by some of kurds and usa and eu.

From my seat its seen like, usa and eu countries are caring for being Chechen,being Kurd, being Armenian, being Georgian, and some other nationalities living inside the states here in this area ,too much. Its not that simple. every country tries to keep the borders and build a nation with common will of living together.This can require some treatments not %100 democratic.

From this point of view of me, when i go on, i can talk about iraq case too, Usa has come here with a claim that i rejected above.They tell İraq public will be more free,without saddam's dictatory..

With my ideas above, i can tell it was saddam's right to try to keep the nations together as one total iraq nation,maybe in some anti democratic ways..because the communities inside a country may not have reached to the point that they deserve democracy..i chose to not tell that, but,then, whats going on with Iraq now, saddam's gone and civil war started, 10s of people dying every day.

As i said above, the idea that made me write this text is, usa and eu countries are caring too much ,more than they should, about kurds,chechens,armenians, georgians..etc. in the name of democracy, and now some chechen heads that russia considers responsible of the last terror in north ossetia-beslan,are accepted by usa to stay there.

When there is a case of, a community is treated anti democratic, by the state, it may not be a similar case with Nazis did against Jews.
Hi GicaHagi,
Wow it must have taken you ages to write all that. I do not want to get into a political arguement with anyone but why should innocent children suffer because the adults can not keep peace amongst themselves.Be it political unrest, civil war or acts of terrorism why should children be used as a target for aggression. No person should take it upon themself to hurt others especially the innocent, children should be able to run free and play freely without the fear of terror.
May this world one day be at peace so that the young know what true freedom is so that they can live and grow into peace loving adults.
My heart goes out to all whoever they may be who have suffered at the hands of an aggressor and I hope one day they will not have to suffer anymore and will be able to live their life in harmony with others.
First comment that comes to my mind on this is....as a father...I could not even comprehend the pain and rage I would feel if something like this happened to me..  placing myself in the parents point of view...there is not one single thing anyone could say to justify the actions of the bottom-feeding individuals who did this..
based on the information I have seen the media put out here in the U.S. on this cowardly act...all that can be said in summary is...  
There is no cause or goal on the planet worth any respect or attention at all..... when it resorts to murdering innocent people..especially children...to further it's demands...what ever they are....and anyone who would attempt to justify these acts for any cause is simply brain damaged....
My heart go's out to the parents and families...as they are the ones left to carry on with this in life....

"usa and eu countries are caring too much ,more than they should, about kurds,chechens,armenians, georgians..etc. in the name of democracy,.."

I must admit.. I was somewhat shocked to see this....
are kurds,chechens,armenians, georgians.....sub-human in some way...? do they not deserve the option to choose freedom and democracy over tyranny and murder ? 
I'm confused by that...perhaps I have mis-understood your meaning....
anyway..  getting back on topic..  anyone who participates or encourages conduct such as what happened to these children...and other victims...should be exterminated like the rats that they are...

Well said but isn't your last comment *...should be exterminated like the rats that they are...* supporting more violence towards others. I would be pleased to just see the violence and aggression stop! I am not saying that terrorists and aggressers should be forgiven for what they have done but advocating more violence can surely not be the answer. Peace must come from all of us.

The  reaction against this terror event in Beslan must be shared by all humanity, and what i wanted to say was taking its base from this reaction of me.
Chechen terrorists did that.
Their problem is to get freedom from Russia.

My text's main idea puts two foot on this reaction , one eye is looking to suffering human , the other eye looking to how the globalised world consideres everything.

My point is, for usa and eu countries, being Chechen, being Kurd, being armenian, being georgian is very important in every case.
But this , being beside kurds, chechens..naturally means, being against the states that includes those ethnicities; against being Russian, being Turkish (being Iraqi).

All claims of usa and eu, for these ethnicities are against the big states that want to keep them as part of their nation. Usa and eu supports, Chechens and other Caucas' against Russia; Kurds, Armenians against Turkey; Uygurs ,Tibet against China, Kurds against (gone)Iraq and against Iran..

Like they supported the ethnic groups inside old Yugoslavia for spreading, 

Is it really being against anti-democratic treatments, or is it somehow to spread big  states, create lots of small countries  to have more customers for the big globalised free market, and weaker resistance against all enlargement attempts of this,like obtaining energy from south russia ,caspian sea region and middle east generally,this area has energy resources.

As i said i dont want to carry the argument here ( however it may be more healthy than arguing only opposition of basic civilisation notions like religion)

My only point is, those German Proffesors disagreed on giving degree to Putin and added : Russia is being more totalitarian each passing day.

In my opinion, these kind of approaches of eu states and usa, can give wrong idea to their public.

Firstly democracy is not something that can be pasted onto a community easily, it is a result of long history, made of renaisance reform,religion wars, enlightment.

There are lots of countries ,millons of people not lived that history, and living inside feudal relations.

And there are some states that has different ethnicities inside the borders and those states' aim is to take their nation to a point of civilisation, with education , to be strong , and has ability to take a strong part between countries of world.

Not every state is like Switzerland on earth.But every country has its own history and values and 'will of improvement' inside their own politic and cultural frame.

As i said Usa accepted The Chechen seperatist leaders,to stay in usa, who russia declared responsible of terrorist attacks.

Just like the sympathy that other seperatist small communites see from eu and usa.

I thought about opening a world politics topic, but lets dont limit the fun we have together here , but, there is a war on earth.

Now, majority of usa population consideres there is a big threat of terror against them.Another 2 poled world has appeared.And here, the antidemocratic treatmenst that take place on earth, are considered as main reason of terror and, i think very strong wind of 'freedom should enlarge to whole world' is started

This. Very critic point. What is democracy ,what is freedom.

the indians in usa cant and wont want to be independant.Thats because of the process that they lived.But at the point that first europeans went to america continent, indians wanted to be independant.

Now, on earth there are lots of similar cases,so will the world live a process of every unhappy nation be independant?
this means 3rd world war.

My aim is to say 'lets pay more care about what is democracy and freedom and should a state accept all demands coming from an ethnicity'.

Hi Razz...  ummm..   your right....in a way...  I did let the emotional part of this get to me....however..

I am convinced that..... aside from any political or ideological goal or desire of a group of people.....history has shown us often that..... bad things happen to bad people...so I am somewhat comforted in knowing that those responsible for such actions eventually get what they deserve....when one lives by the gun...one usually dies by the gun.....This does not help the parents and families though....they seek justice.....revenge even.....as any civilized culture would in response to the murder of their family members..
....no matter what the goal or agenda of a group or culture is....killing kids will not advance it....  in any civilized country that I know of...
but there .....  I've drifted off topic again...

Perhaps another topic would be better for this kind of dialog..  
I read your points of view also GicaHagi and they are valid ones....I think another topic about viewpoints around the world is a good idea..  as long as it remains civil and constructive..   


Those who live by the gun usually die by the gun, a very true statement, but no one has the right to take anothers life be it for any reason. Freedom and democracy is the right of all, but where is the freedom when the fight for democracy is tarred with violence itself. Freedom surely comes when we all can live in peace with each other and learn not to blame another for our own failings. We are all too easily drawn in to an arguement about what is right and what is wrong but who are we to say that another is wrong just for not agreeing with our point of view, it becomes wrong when we as human beings pick up a gun with the intention to harm another. Utopia may never be found but surely the searching for it should not involve the use of violence.
The poor children who were trapped and became victims were not even old enough to understand why they were there, the survivers will have to learn to live with the fear that they saw that day, who has the right to instill fear like that in any child? May we all learn to live in peace.
A Global Alliance,,,,,

Not just the rich,but the poor.All religions,races and colors.

Make this World a safer place,for the children.

I was speechless when I saw this on the news. I still am.

With a responsibility of talking in such subjects, i have to add something; I dont reject communication and cooparation between countries of the world, and dont claim total individuality of countries.

 Being against anti democratic cases, is ideally correct, and have to be shared by all humanity.

 If A,B,C country has a,b,c  total nations, and maybe x,y,z different ethnicities inside those nations, when the claims about anti democratic treatment is only about being x,y,z ,it becomes something against being a,b,c.
 If the suggestions are about being a,b,c,it will helpful for total alliance of the world,but not the 1st one,

If (A) country has a constitution law for being (a,) and if (A)country dont provide rights of being (a), i mean rights of being the citizen of that country,for everyone including (x), this will be something to discuss.But when (x) wants something outside the constitution for (a), and when (x) wants exceptions outside of the constitution, and when another country supports (x) for this demands, in the name of democracy,isnt it very normal to reject this kind of relations between countries,

I dont claim all countries' constitutions are ideally accaptable, surely, they should be criticised.For example, in some countries, for a religion, anti-human lives, people live; these should be criticised, 

Only thing made me write this is,the understanding of democracy and freedom,
To be democratic is good ,to be totalitarian is bad.This seems very true,but,
If ideas be built upon this, there is a risc: rejecting totalitarianity can wrongly open a door for rejecting totality of a country.

With a hope of a world,all people can come together in peace and first of all, live safe and proud in their living places.