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the most liked players
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the most liked players
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the most liked players
hi im light [other nicks r banned lol i love saying that] plz tell us ya fravrite player and why hes ya fravrtie tanxer plz
err yes and peter ur favrite player is?
Of course I am peters faviorte player who else would he pick ;\
and why he's ur favorite tanker? hmm... 
I honestly can't answer this post, cause I have more then 1 favorite, & their each unique & special in their own way and I just CAN'T pick a favorite:( ( but y'all know who ya are:p)
i m true general, what about me!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
tara tell us all of them and there specail and unqiue thingys
Razor, you're so sincere and modest...
Why don't you shut it? 
my favorite players are: southern pride, snipe,harrydog wg and, confed,confederacy and smurf_tina
Bam Bam 8, please, PLEASE, learn how to spell.
hiya tara :D ow r u?:p <--scooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyy :p
and o i nearly forgot hiya snipy babe. :p
Just because I have friends that love me dosent meen im a girl. ;)
hey guys my errr... my bam bam 8 name is errrr... kinda gone for good..... u see dis guy was calling me names and stuff so i kinda said some words and den i spotted a mod and the next thing i no it says.....perm banned!

so ur not a girl but people call u babe yea!
he is my babe. and only mine and he knows it sooooo :p has a girl never called u babe my little chicken?:)
Hey wait a minute,I am getting all mixed up here.Let me get the story so far,,,,

Bam makes the NEW nic Bam_Bam_8 ,because his other nic,s are banned.Bam_Bam_8 gets banned, so he went and made another nic, FiiRE.LIGHT.

Is that right ?
nononono ok here is how it goes started off as hellmelt den i joined tec then ak then bam bam  there was about 13 bams,i was number 8 then i lefted flyordie for about half a year came back made a mate,my mate and i wanted to be a tag team so we made .light. (me) and .dark. (my mate) my mate has gone i dont no where then i called some one a dumbass .light. got derminted i made R.I.P LIGHT that got derminted lol,i started playing in my bam name then someone was making fun of me so i said a couple of words to them in front of a mod (i beat my self up for that) then thing  poped up and said perm ban so i made my FiiRE name  (the light and r.i.p light they both got derminted on same day and they still derminted lol) all of dis was spaced over a 1 year period but from when i got banned that all happened in the last 3 days and i was perm banned today lol theres my story so now u no about everything. hope that helped
so snooker player is a girl rite!
listen peeps dis person on tanx said r u a girl i said no and i asked her why she thinks that and she said there what rumors going around!!!!!!!! just to make it clear im a 
i fink wen u av bean to skool asc teecher fur sum lesins on manirs,den U mite nut git baned so much.
LOL THAT WAS FUNNY :D -i still made out what you said without struggling- i can read bad spelling well.:)

.....reaches for his copy of.....

I'll get back to this one.....hang on...   

don't touch that dial....

lol Ghost:)

Ello Scottttttttttttttttttttttttttty:p
har har very funny pety,speaking for skool i went bak today and i anit bad mannered in skool im doing pretty well all most in the top sets! p.s i only swear at the peeps on here cos they annoy me or take the mick out of  me -have a holly jolly day fellas-
hi long time no see :D  i am now a cross-crosser only for the one and only snipy :x
awww but anit u in love wit tara too lol,tara or snipy oooooo such a hard choice
Ok we can now see why you got banned lol :p dont tease them bam bam...
im sorrrry!
is me forgiven ill never do it again (ill probly get banned in a minte[img=
oooooooooooook i think u have one face to many there:D
im favored for the wrong reasons :D

other then that, I have many friends on this game ;)
lol ive got friends so im the favrite!!!!
no one likes me? well screw you then lol, WeBBeR atleast loves meh ;)

-Minni Me, Original Tanker
and webber for ur information i have go friends well...
some... kinda ok not that many,BUT IM WORKING ON IT
I think shawa is the best liked player on tanx....at least when it comes to the girls :P.  JK
But he probably is one of the best liked.