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why dont you lot play nine men's morris
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why dont you lot play nine men's morris
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why dont you lot play nine men's morris
hey you players do me a favour come and play nine men's morris because it is very good. because there are few players there it would be great if you lot came and tried it..even if you dont know how to play some one will help you and you will really enjoy it..so be there more players the better and more exciting the game gets..

why dont u lot just come and play pool? ees better.then chess.or 5 guys marry or whatever its called. :) :( ;0 :o :O :0 D" :D
and this is posted in chess forum ....why? :p lmfao at 6 girls mary :D
Its a phrase i think is the best way to describe it, ;\ maybe if you actually took part in the games instead of harrassing and criticising people you wouldnt be asking these stupid questions :)
give it a break. see a cycotrist ;). youve got nothing keep quite i dislike you and you should respect me:8}
you need a life, think there selling some decent ones in the local market you should check it out :p any would be better than yours kekekee
nebody gettin annoyed by airfusion yet?
none other than your idiotic self ;).. lol funny how many people agree with me about how annoying you are.. yet nobody confronts you to how bad i?  maybe its time you gave up and get a life
youll be punished 4 ur on-going sins, airfusion. 2 4give is 2 b human.:)
Your already being punished because nobody likes you! Anyway im bored of you, i don't even know why im going down to your idiotic level. I here by declare that i'm better than you! :D

I hope you enjoy the rest of your sad life! i ain't going to bother with you again.
what ever you say,air;). im glad 2 get rid of you. 

and dont reply because ur pathetic attempts to turn me down r really annoying me. 

so have a good day. i wish you luck:).
Turn you down? I don't think there's anymore ways inwhich i can tell you that will make you feel that you life is pathetic!!!! how about, you get a girlfriend?  Go to msn chatroom or something
your stupidity is more amusing than a comedy show.. you can't understand the fact that YOUR not wanted here! yet you still reply with pathetic comments. Stop replying and GET A LIFE! 
i thought you didnt  want to come down to my "idiotic level". so if you plan to go by what you say then stop typin about me! besides your to good 4 me:p
well you keep replying being the narrow-minded kid you are, so im just making sure. Tell me this, what qualifications do you hold inwhich you think your able to talk to people as if your "bigger" and "better" than them?
well i am bigger and better than you.;)

]:) im not replyin ne more
why do you two fight in every topic you post in? when will you draw the line ? 

drew it for them
er exuseme did i ask you two slag of each other or did i ask you to try and play nine men's morris? watch what you'r saying any way no one even bothered talking about this topic that i had forward rather than instead decided to slag of each other. You are both PETHETIC!!! shame on you!!!
lol your right, can't believe i was so low to do that. I'm gonna go to my room and think about what i've done! :(

hey Halogeek i thought u were not going to reply anymore!:O :p

PS both of u get along or i have to play u and beat u in 9-ball pool ;) or are u scared?:|
what i ment in "not replyin" is not replyin to air. but if me n him get along im still takin up you challenge:D