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Costly Flyordie Today in the day 8 of August, I defeated the tournament classico, more MYSELF find that an error happened in the resultado,TANK_MASTER stayed in 1. More arrive to the 124 first that he, and had restarted the game for see stayed even with the position, and restarting I saw the 5 stars in my one nick, I showed they to the TANK_MASTER and to the lightinng, I am sure that play with.  

I expect that everything be resolved Obliged by the attention
It is truth, when the tournament finished I saw I the TerminatorAzteca with the 5 stars, more afterwards the TANK_MASTER obtained pass from he obtaining the stars, right away the Terminator I restart the game and I saw him with the stars as everybody also saw...

Terminator Win
Well we cannot argue with the final result
There is no point debating it , it clearly states i won .
However i like to think of it as a draw 
Make your own assumptions of who "won"
Your loyal tanxter

The winner is 
.It sayz so in the results.

He with honour,do win tourny,no honour,no win,is black and white on paper.....I wanna see Tank-M with a medal,for all his hard,loyal, unswerving commitment,to the fellowship of tanxers. Plus he is a not bad player .. I taught him all he know,s.You know.

Well i can honestly say that i had 2 read that a 5 yr olds level and i was lost. the reason beat u is because he tied ur score but in less results.
My sympathis, Terminator, but who really cares? Oh no!!! You supposedly deserve that medal and you don't have!! Whatever will we do?!?
In my opinion I and the TANK_MASTER we deserve the medal, after all we hinder. ...E we play clean as everybody saw

no is true????

No Tank Plays clean, You use team.
Snipé, a favor does me,leave from my life you live invented acuzações about me that do not they exist..  It stayed remembering of mine past. ..eu not alive the past I alive the Future...
wait wait wat did he say i need a translator 2 translate wat he said!!
Termi said Snipey is living in the past,this is the all new, non cheating Terminator,Mr good guy.

Also,Snipey thinks teaming in tourny is against the rules.

As i said before guys , theres no point debating this topic anymore.
There are three more Tournaments to compete and earn medals in therefore there is no point in making accusations etc...
Personally if it would make Terminator feel better i would hand the medal over to him but the final decision has been made .
Have fun 
Thankyou Bonkers :8} 
Your cool aswell :p lol
I was wating outside the op you told me to join and I did. As soon as I joined another UAG joined (Rayos i think) and you guys started to team against me. I left right away and went back in to watch and you guys just sat there for a while and then decided that you might aswell leave. So the UAG started to poorly flick grenades at you while you shot 2 rockets at him while he moved strait back. Then you flicked a final grenade that killed him he left and you followed.
I brought a lotto ticket and won , turns out there was a printing error and they asked me to give the money back , should i give it back , h... NO  maybe it should apply to this topic . ;) 
hey people i think fly/or\die is a cool website...you can play some really good games and especially mine men's morris..that i had been looking for ages in internet searches. i really think this game is brilliant why dont you lot come and see it for yourselves....thanx hope to see YOU!!! there!!