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First Tournament
First Tournament
First Tournament
The first ever tournament has begun. Im sad to say that only 5 players have entered but Reversi is still a realtivly new game and we cant expect too much.

]The standings are now posted!

The only first round match is Jamez vs Guterres

Please contact me in Reversi Tanx or the forum after you have played.
OK if Guterres reads this I looked at your playing info but you didn't have msn messenger.

I'm online afternoons and evenings UK time. Normally in snooker under this name or Jåмзz.

Whens good for you?
ABAC  try and find me please i hear u go by a diffrent name now im on 12to 11 uk time or 7 to 8 please contact me

Well it wasnt me or Drill who deleted it so........ ill get back to you later.
It was cases that mucked up...It deleted all T.D's that don't have the same ID as a member or summin ?:|
And so it deleted the T.D that ran the tournament.
can we have another? i would join. there are many new players in there that seem descent 

no really there is very little people that play Reversi... i like the game though i use to play it when i was a little kid :D