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Random Topic!!!!
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Random Topic!!!!
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Random Topic!!!!
hey everyone this is just a randowm topic just put in wat u want to!!!!!

If you had one shot, or 1 opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted...for 1 moment, would you capture it? or just let it slip?

Quality vocals from the man himself Eminem.
walked outside today n it was so hot i nearly fried
every morning at work i get 2 toast, 2 sausage, a fried egg and beans on top this is £1.17 and its cracking and a can of Asda's own Cola.
M. Night Shamalyn is in all the films hes made...

three examples...

In Sixth sense hes a doctor

In Unbreakable hes a drug dealer outside a football stadium

In Signs hes the man who ran over Mel gibsons wife.


not really 
Jamez :| ! i re-read that a few times not understanding it much then i scrolled down and seen you say not really ! :p
lol:p well ÇǿмßøĐμКέ™ did say random topic:p

uhh... my birthday is in two days and uhh... i play larkinor


I was about to reply saying "whats that got to do with anything"...lol it hasn't!
lol u made me laugh den jamez properly

i woke up today a found dat the milk had gone off

had no tea or coffee
I'm gonna start working again today, so wish me luck :)

Byeeeeeeeee xxx
lol im gonna stay on dis and watch TV today wat a life ey

lmfao at master 

I want to be a Tree
Hi, woke up at 11:20am (lazy i know:p) erm just read in paper about Faria, svens love thing and wouldn't mind meetin her for a Deep Throat sesh?:p  now playing snooker cant focus proper ! :p 

:p :p :p
:p :p
deep throat? keep it pg for the kids plz
rage is someting bad 

stay away from the larkinor forum

i had 2 ball last nite now i am 5 ball :(
>>>>i like dis ritin lol
>>and dis
>>>and dis
>>>>>and dis
dis >>>>>>>lol
>>>>>>>>dis cant possibly work
wow wat dos it go to
i wanna cheese sandwich :( gonna go make 1 :D

more post plz
I think your a basketball.19 posts,and 16 of them have been in here,about nufin.

You need more fresh air.

Go outside,smell the flowers.

Peter how Dare! you confront somebody about spamming bla bla bla your the worst on here for that ! pfff
Whats this?:| a post for the spammers
yup...thats why you've just made a post;\
Well ashamed if thats the case I better make my contribution ;\
You tell them,,,my teacher,,,,,


This topic is wierd, yet amusing. Pointy things hurt. There's something alive in my fridge...
It smells wierd... It's growing as I type... I like shiny objects. Spam tastes bad. I like eggs. That random enough?
am i a spammer if i am WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Better than COnfed and Mex :p no no 1 is better than those :(

Confed + Mexi 

Thank you very much.
K...since this IS ramndom topic........

1st off..........how the bloody heII do you make those color typings??????

2nd.....  I soooooooooooo need a trip to the Islands!!
(please donate to the Sad_eye funds...c/o Fly or Die)

3rd..... remind me to buy a lotto ticket.....so I can go on the bloody over-due trip that I sooooooooooo deserve

4th...  gone blank...be back later when i remember :p
do some more replys plz

Athens 2004 oliypics ave started !!!!!!!!!!
if you want to be popular and have a post with the most replies you need to stop spamming and bumping your on posts, and make a thread with a topic people want to talk about. People find it hard to reply to the message "more reply plz". 

Peace love and empathy,
ok lets talk about ne ideas

ok i got 1 ow bout 

ur computa

ow many usb drives

all dat kind of stuff ty

4USB drives,
no webcam:(,
urmm audio? ya 2speakers,
no flatscreen, but chunky thing:p



and combo waz is name o.

There was a young man,

who did talk like this,

evryone thought he was,

taking the p***.

I'm afraid its true.
My Computer:

4 USB Ports
Microsoft Webcam
Audio: 32 bit Sound card 
Graphics: 256 nVidia Graphics Card
Screen: 19" Time TFT Flat screen
Ram: 256
Hard Drive: 60 Giga Bytes
Processor: Pentium 4 chip 2.6 Giga Hurtz

I only got it a few weeks ago so Im pretty sure of the spec ;\

Note, TFT screens are overated and for the money nothing beats a good flat catho radio tube screen ;)

Well.... :|
It was a bit expensive...
Wow,have you got a big paper round ? Or nice parents. ;)
Im lucky :D my mum obsessed with ebay :D
Nah, My parents are as tight as an italian waiters kecks...
I just saved up for a year...
lol now some1 can pic another topic if dey want
Well thats very nice of you Compo.

THE GREAT ELRICK IS NOT AMUSED !!!!!!!!!!!111111 ;((((((((
 i will now write about something that just happened to me in french  
jaillissent ma future épouse à gauche je. je suis malheureux....elle ai pris toute ma substance.....she ai dit qu'elle ne m'a jamais
aimé et a jeté son anneau d'engagment à moi.... I l'aiment
o yea one more stipulation...its written in heavy dialect... u wont be able to find an online translation