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Card Games
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Dear Moderators
Card Games
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Dear Moderators
Card Games
I think they shud add card game like poker rummi texas hold em' and stuff like tht
Sinse FlyOrDie is not based in the USA I would like to add that....

"Texas Hold Em" would be a 
 hit and money maker for you in america.
so is it a yes or no to card games flyordie?
Currently FlyOrDie has about 1000-200 players online at a given time.

Another site that includes card games has a total of 44,000 players as of a minute ago.

 card games could be huge for flyordie
Yes i suppose but we wouldnt want FlyOrDie to turn into a gambling site now would we ? :p
its a good idea , effectively it could add at least another 2000 players to the game site . If FlyOrDie wants to appeal to the gaming/gambling community then its a safe route to take

Has anyone heard of the card game *CHEAT*..lol I love that game, it's so funny and I think we would all have a laugh it they added that game. :D
OMG that would be a quality game to add:D

easy to moderate too:):p
I never said anythin about gambling.

I am hoping for a free game just like all the other current flyoride games.
lol, it is a realy fun game and i'm rrly good @ it :D...No need for moderators in this game, The objective is TO cheat:p
Yes but snipe you cant really expect to have a casino card game without gambling for money . Its an idea thats all
To be honest, I wouldnt like to see flyordie turn into any kind of casino,
Actually I do expect a card game could be made and played like any other game on flyordie :(
Snipe , the sky is the limit , there are endless possibilities when it comes to making games . ;)
Yea defintely, FlyOrDie have loads of possibilities and the more we feed them with ideas the more bigger the site will get, but it all involves money.But as I said there is nothing wrong with giving fod ideas cos i'm sure thats exactly what they want. ashamed :)
instead of placing bets in between hand and stuff like tht, we cud just skip the bets and get a winner then the winner gets points
Mate this thread hasn't been bumped in like 16 years...think you're a bit late there