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My soccer freestyle movie
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My soccer freestyle movie
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well copy paste it then take away the spce in angelfire
 great movie.... try to use more the head and neck and it would be complete.... nice moves ... 

.....X..... B-)
where are you from ??? im in cali usa and im good at soccer also..

.....X..... B-)
That was useless, not saying I could do better. But I could keep more control of the ball which would generally look better, you do one trick repeatedly and have no control over the ball or your body. In Free Style terms thats not gonna get you very far mate, plus from your body you'd be bailed over so easily in real football. But the good thing about Freestyle is that anyone can become good as long as you keep practicing so keep at it ! :D
If i can ill try and get something like this uploaded myself with football skills...unfortunately yours isnt loading on mine so i dnt no wot its like. :(
hmm, not bad:p

Whos the dumb one playing next to the no ball games sign:|?

super polack you couldnt even kick a ball striaght or get it off the ground :)/* ive seen a pic of you before chubber chubbs :) im from england
just kidding m8 but check out 
 theres alot of videos on there
oh and no control over the ball? i bet you couldnt even go round it once
dats great da way he dos all those around the world i can do 2 of dem in 1 move with the kickup in between very kool ;) just wanted to say dey r gd


Not bad really...
But, I've spent 2.25 minutes seeing the same move over and over again......

Now, you can look at my nick, and since I am from Brazil..
You find people playing on regular streets that could do that..

And plus, there are people I know that can do much more than that. Dribble the ball for instance....

But, it is pretty good actually...

yeh the moves are similar but none are the same, its mainly diferent moves put together called combos which make them alot harder to do
Not bad at all mate. Nice skill :p:p:p
yes very good dont listen to these i think your gr8 at it keep goin :D;) don is just a guy who wants to be better than everyone else but he knows he isnt 10-0 8ball ty don :)
Can someone run thru the skills done in the video cuz for some reason i still cant view it...so like a list of tricks done wud be kewl. TY
copy paste the link into adrress bar and take away the space ty, im 2fast_2furious btw or was:(/*
Nope Im still not getting it.tho I get the voetball 1 ?
In order to view this movie, you have to have Media Player Series 9 ;)

mi cuggino e' ancora piu bravo, si spara triplo orologio e la blocca con l' ano, dopodiche con una flatuenza paurosa riesce a tirare una suatta che se te pia t' arimbalza addosso!. capito?