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person above me
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person above me
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person above me
Here's how you play - 

^Type summat about the last person to post (person above you)
< Say summat about yourself
v Predict something about the next person to post

I'll start.

^No one there 
<Is bored
v Umm...likes cheese
< still tired
V heard it b4
Keep out lol? as you said before "or you'll do what". not much you can do to intimidate me over the internet, let alone with a name that has "geek" in it.
^ is right
< refusing to play the game (o wait. :p)
v likes cheese
^is not playing the game properly
<almost finished the work :D
v will still refuse to play the game :|
lol i wanted to say something, but i dont feel like getting banned :-)
sorry 4 2 of the same posts. my computer is pretty bad.
got a girlfriend and my priorities r preatty much sort out.;)

        have a good one:D
got a girlfriend and my priorities r preatty much sort out.;)

        have a good one:D
halogeek, why cant u understand that NOBODY likes you?  i mean name one person that will come on say they do other than your other nick that likes you?
lol geek u seriously need to sort out your priorties, your a sad person with no friends... how about getting a girlfriend?
or what red dawn? keep out! i dont want to be involed in any other conflict. in fact i dont want to be in any conflict so please airfusion we will ignore each other from know on. im sorry ok. and if you have any thing to say againts me than forget it. i just want to put this to
<a little mad
vis a golden retriener owner
halo geek..you are really getting on 
 nerves now....if you dont shut up.........
No offence, But this post is 
 doin my head in now
^ is a complete fool and can't take a joke.
< annoyed with people who can't take a joke.
v probably halogeek having a poor excuse of an arguement.
^is wrong.if you dont like it dont reply.
<thinks tha t airfusion doesnt have the guts to even raise a fist at me
vlikes beef
^ is right
< is not gonna put a 
 so this topic can finally be layed to rest. :p
^ doesnt know when to quit
<hates this bloody topic
v makes no more remarks about me if they know whats good for em ;-)
^ rong
< is sum1 (mayb)and aint mad
v is sum1 saying 2 stop this topic
^is mad
<thinks its time to put this topic to rest
v no one
^ getting frustrated 
< aint posted in a bit
v is anouther person
^is not right on 

<will not say something bad
v will ignore my post and say somethin bad 2 air
^ is right
< wondering how badly i could hurt "halogeek" if he was infront of me right now :@
v halogeek being the **** he is and saying something sad 
^ needs a doctor
< needs a beer
v needs a bath
^Wow got prediction right
< Unbeleively Bored
v Has an extremely strong attraction to Prince William
^knows i speak spanish*wierd*
<read through all the pages and tired
v dude who posted already on dis topic
^think hes a jerk]:)
<need to be a mod
v speaks spanish
^ dont think hes right :|
< is bored.. wonder how u figured that out :O :D
v let one off :p
^sounds well board
<is tired :|
v Smells of Cheese
^ is bored
< is bored
v is bored
Likes to break chain....things
Was in Army 17 months
Has a unusual obsession for the BeeGees
^ is a marriage swindler
< is worth the money
v is my greatest fan
^is playing snooker
< is Ill's husband :D ;)
V will be Ill
^  not married to u, (unles i was drunk and forgot) :p
< playing snooker
v no idea
^ is desgusting
< is very unlucky to be next
v could be my husband again?
^ very nice guess.. it was someone!
< at work :(
v just let one off :p
^ is telling me not to leave
< is saying something
V will be no other after this..
^ doesnt hav 2 leave
< mite but wont
v is a person saying sumthing
^isn't Jamez
< doesn't belong here
V well tell me to leave
ye see told u :p

^ c***y
< cheeky
v Jamez :|
^ :S didn't read what sed
< Happy cz im going to my grans 2 get money lol
v gna say :O thts wrong 
^ lol ur fine :p
< likes bing funny wen possible :(
v u like bing funny
I thought I was funny?:( sometimes:p

OK I'll stop now:D
^ :p
< lol :p
v gonna TRY 2 b funny
^ lol is funny :p (sumtimes)
< is fat :(
v not fat
^ is high in fibre
< has reduced colesteral
v is low in fat

^ stfu ty
< cant believe this is STILL going
v dont know dont care :p
^ is stupid today ! :|
< booooooooo :p
v gonna tell me to stf         u :p
^ is me :p
< is wierd and is me :p
v aint me :p
^ is getting freaked out :p
< aint dropping out
v wierdo
^Indeed it is
<gonna wax!!!
v tunes in and drops out
^ Likes hairy monkeys with me.
< Enjoys eating the occasional hairy monkey.
v Thinks eating hairy monkeys is wrong.
^ is weird :P
< is tired
V likes hairy monkeys

o yes u do :(
^ sed hi 2 me :p
< hi andy :p *trys 2 shoot him 4 his hatstand* (4 details look in bar fight)
v no clu wat i mean :p
^always gives X-Honna a wave
<waves at X-Honna
vlikes spam fritters
^ uh w/e
< no clu wat that is and happy b-day :)
v thinks im boring :p
^ likes boyzone:)
< is going on holiday in 2 weeks (H)
v supports rochdale f.c
^ stinks :|
< leaving off to work :)
v likes back street boys :(:_|
^Honna doesnt type after you
<is v.board
vdoesnt wash
^ Redeem misses me by miles :p
< wishes happy birthday
v Honna types again
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


< having a party

V party pooper
^ never stops typin
< happy birthday
^ is happy
< collects fantacy/funny postcards
v thinks im coolie? jk
^ get a LOAD OF BRICKS tossed on :D
< got back from vacation with a lovely tan :D
V gonna drop a heat-seekin brick on me :p
^is not getting a happy birthday from me
<am almost smart..:)..and doesnt use the phone book:puses the internet..jk :)
v takes steroids
^doesnt like collecting :(
<has a collection of ladies phone #s ;)
v cant get any gurls :(
^ rong
< no stamp collection
v has a collection of sumthing
^In bath now!
< why didnt anyone tell me!
v has a stamp collection
^ is Correct
< i stink badly. :p
v but this guy stinks worse?:(

:p :p :p
:p :p
^ takes a smelly person 2 no a smelly person :p
< dont stink and trying 2 get pic just give me a sec :p sry
v dunno if the stink or not
^stinks :(
< waiting for honna's pic :| im cool with you :p and doesnt smells like a beautiful woman :|
v even if he/she has taken a shower still stinks :|
^ feaky
< ok i admit I Smell :( like roses :D
v smells like a beautiful woman ;)
^ lol is funny
< is boring and dont like ..x..
v is anouther player
^ cheeky brat ! :p
< admits i smelll :( 102%
v admit they smell too


:p :p :p
:p :p

^ stinks 101%
< dusnt stink :)
V stinks of B.O

^ dusn't stink
< dusn't last time I checked
v stinks 100%
^ is moody
< doesnt stink cuz has Joop on :)
v might Stink
^ X-( ffs there's 5 dots on each side X-( is that so hard to see????
< Loves himself :)
v stinks :_|
^ really full of himself
< is a girl being bored
v is ....X.... being even more full of himself
^stinks :(
> smells very nice :)
v stinks :(
^ i love you
< :D
v loves me too.

:p :p :p :p ! :p :p :p :p
^ ello :p
< is No1_Player but they ban my name ! :( 
v gonna tel me how much they love me :(
^ is an idiot :p
< argh urself :p
v hi :p
^ tomorow where and when
< definetly gna win
v Hey x (agen)
^ is ready 2 play
< happy b-day loser :)
v is anouther person


^ scared of me in Moku
< wants 2 play ^ in moku
v saying where and when
^ plays moku

<still at work

V happy birthday mile :D
^ happy b-day
< wants pressies
v give me pressies :p
^ uses sex wax
< is 21 today
V ^ again :p
^ eats feet

< at work

v x-honna
^ got hacked today
< praying to god this post ends soon
v will disagree with me
^ prob read 10 times
< never heard of book 
v saying SHUT UP
<hates meeces to pieces
v has read War and Peace(TWICE)
^ wrong post lookin for granny

< still tired

v try a witty comment but fail
^ annoyed with my replys :p
< does typ alot and will keep doing so :p
v sum1 saying sumthing about it :p
^ types alot

< tired

will comment
^crazy lol
<crazier :p
vjust a person
Now in English lol....v Where are the moderators when needed? ban this person for that crazy reply 
^ crazy
> crazy
v wheres the moderators when need them,ban them for that crazy reply lol
^breath in and relax
< gives X-Honna a wave
v doesnt care(I got a crazy streak lol)
^ sux
< aint giving ....X.... pic now 
v will b ....X.... saying w/e or sum stupid shiz liek that

^ stinks :|
< doesn't know miserlou.... :|
v stinks :(
^ .........
< dont no marc
v will no marc
^ woo hoo...remembers :)
<(always confuddled :p) misses marc lots :(
v may know marc, maybe marc :D
^doesn't know what happened to marc :(
<starting to remember
V electric confused :D
^ he forgot! obviously my shooting skills left a good impression...NOT :p
< *jogs UKs memory* was a while ago.....both friends of marc ;-)
v UK still none the wiser ;\
^seems to know me :s
< wants to know who.. :D
V electric gonna tell me :p
^ thinks ur fibbin bigtime hehe :p
< knows UK Hardy, not seen him 4 a long time :D/*
v UK in retaliation ;\
^thinks im miserlou
<is best player on fod :D
v someone tellin me im not :'(

hehe nice post :p
^ knows me but I dont remember them :_|
< confused (easily done!):p
v Miserlou finally puts me out of my misery and tells me who they r B-)
^ doesnt remember me  lol :D
< Still knows Electric ;)
v asks for .....X..... pic  lol (AGAIN)
^ big *\:p/* to my old bud Sore  how goes it?
< will now have a good day :)
v wont know me ;\
^ Is an old bud of <
< :)/* waves to old bud
v may be bud waving back or may just be someone that aint a bud but wantin to be a new bud :D

^ is correct :p
< *thinks*...do i know Miserlou..?:|
v will definately know person with most posts:D
^ nos who electric rainbow is
< waves at andy
v is a person
^ No clue who has the most posts
<I know who Electric Rainbow is ;)
V will know who has the most posts :p
^gets laughed with
< wonders who has the most posts on FOD
v tells me who has the most posts :)
^ calm it people
< hmmmm.....
v X-Honna givin me a wave!
^ sounds like a real jerk just like they say ;\
< doesnt want 2 b involved in everything and has more pals then suit (not a com-back)
v suit trying 2 make a come-back
^Should stop bieng so repetetive, unoriginal, and wanting to be involved in everything
<Cynical, arrogant, rude, bored and I havent got the most posts ever on flyordie
v Moderator locking this topic

^ dont no u
< also dont no herself (searching)
v is a person asking wat we talking about :p
^dont know you 
<i dont know me :p
v maybe i know you ?:|
^ neva played u 
< Neva played my self
V never played eaither

p.s u all stink :p
^ u stink
< i just suk
v will say things :p
^ thinks i was suit
< not suit and suks at this game :p
v is a good player
^newb trynna get his posts up
<still tryin to get my posts up :p
v suit sayin he has more posts than any1 on FOD :|